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    Violent dogs V Violent people??

    Haven't any of you watched Ceasar?? The Dog Whisperer? lol.. Its ace, Its how the dogs are trainned !!, Ceasar ownes Pitbulls that he takes with him when he goes round to help owners with there problem or aggressive dogs & he's the best ever!! very famous for it, & his pitbulls are the softest best trainned ever, all is dogs are, he is very good at explainning why dogs are aggressive ..., I'd say 95% of the time its the owner!, most people haven't got a clue how to train a puppy/dog any type never mind the massive/strong dogs that need the most decent trainning to prevent anything ever happening, any dog can be aggressive!!.. its just the bigger the dog the more dangerous it can turn out in the wrong hands (always had dogs big or medium size all my life & my parents life) Ellen x
  2. Robo234

    how much sleep do you get at night?

    Good job your a light sleeper then, nothing more scary than thinking something might happen to kids while were asleep & especially with him having Asthma (i have it too, but not too bad) hate the thought of not been able to shout out as can't breath!, well what a story & lucky all round in end Ellen x
  3. Robo234

    Brisbane/ Sydney brief reccie report

    Nice post sounds like you've done so much & all really enjoying it, nice to hear how much you fell in love with Brissy too... Ellen x
  4. Robo234

    Melbourne is not cold!

    Nicely put & good to hear, it sounds a good option if people moving to oz don't want it too hot or hot all the time, we always like the idea of Brisbane but got to admit i do worry it may be too humid & hot for us, so were looking at all places really... keeping an open mind & all that Ellen x
  5. Robo234

    Life in Sydney one year on

    What a lovely post, glad its all working out for you & how quick was your visa, very lucky for you both Ellen x
  6. Robo234

    Sydney -- First impressions

    Great post very honest nice, enjoyed reading, glad your enjoying, keep us updated Ellen x
  7. Robo234

    how much sleep do you get at night?

    I always say i'm an 8hr girl cos thats how long i prefer but don't always get it then i feel tired (or sometimes mardy lol!) until i try & catch up, maybe try & go bed a bit earlier. Yeah my OH is same too he usually goes straight off dead to world all night barely moving then he'll say "couldn't get to sleep last night & was awake turning about!!" i'm a light sleeper any movement or sound (outside or kids) & i'm up, he doesn't hear a thing!! Ellen x
  8. Great post, apart from your knee &=job front for you it sounds like your enjoying & settling well Ellen
  9. Robo234

    Back over 9 months

    Good post & i think good advice Quoll Ellen x
  10. Haha funny but interesting... will any tell us.. they must do surely, Ellen x
  11. Robo234

    Cost of living in mackay; Tax etc

    Good Thread, enjoying all info Ellen x
  12. Robo234

    Brisbane one year in!

    Thanks for posting a great honest post, glad your enjoying Ellen x
  13. Robo234

    Time to say goodbye to PIO

    Ahh i can't believe your going thought u were part of the furniture around here, sad to c u go :no: Wishing u luck with your dream, Ellen x
  14. Robo234

    I must have been insane?

    Thanks for the post hopefully it will make 'some people 'think' alot more before rushing back to UK.. or hopefully just go home to UK for a few wks holiday first! Before what 'some seem' to rush into moving back to uk usually because of 'home sickness' & Then either wks or months down line regret comin back & wish they hadn't !! (& some even move back to Oz again! ..All that money..& regret) i feel for u, i think its some peoples fear (& mine) that one will love Australia & the OH of the couple will not!! Scary!!.. but even thou u may have some regrets for u or rest of you family it sounds like you've decided to stay for whatever reasons & thats upto you, good luck hope everything turns out for best Ellen x
  15. Robo234

    How Australia has changed my mind :D

    Yeah i think he did plug his business the other day, forgot what it was called but he put the same thing Then followed by all about his business too!! cos i thought this sounds a bit... unreal.. yeah like an advert!! then he went on to say what business he's setting up..
  16. Hi were from Doncaster in Yorkshire, hoping to start the ball rolling in about 12 months time when partner has finished his NVQ level 3 in his trade lift engineer (maintenance), looking at most places in oz really as tryin to keep an open mind to were we might end up job wise of course! & where we like & decide to settle in end..., Brisbane, Gold Coast or maybe north of NSW, excited but tryin to be realistic too, but as i always say we could always come back to UK if OZ turns out not to be for us, but secretly confident we'll love it & so is OH, meanwhile enjoying PIO with great interest Ellen x
  17. Robo234

    6 months in Melbourne and it is breaking us

    Really good update post a year on, luckily u didn't find out to delete the post lol !! i'm sure it will help lots of people, i defo love reading before & after stories, a nice happy ending :cool: Ellen x
  18. Robo234

    Accidentaly breached visa restrictions

    I think you only pay for the advice you need at the moment from the RMA, i'm sure if you want to save your money & apply for the visa yourself you can do, hope this helps or maybe someone else knows more on PIO, good luck & :ssign18:to PIO Ellen x
  19. Robo234

    Our dream Oz move might be over.

    ment 'Speedy Recovery' my phone wouldn't let me edit it.
  20. Robo234

    Our dream Oz move might be over.

    Ahh so sorry to hear that Ropey HOFF, bad luck for u, hope u wife is ok & has a speady recover, got to say i don't agree with 'Wendee post at all, do u realise how horrible that sounds.., Nowt like kicking someone when there down is there..!
  21. Congratulations & good luck Ellen x
  22. Robo234

    Leaving London

    What a nice relaxed, refreshing post that is, well good luck in your new life down under ! Ellen x
  23. Robo234

    A dilemma!

    I know this may not be something that you'd normally do Andy but next time they short change u stick up for yourselve & make a bit of a scene making sure other shoppers hear u sayin "i've had enough of u short changing me for wks & sayin quite loudly god knows how many other people u do this too!!".... pointing out that its no mistake when its happenin everyday & telling him/them that its states clearly on the till what change to give me back!!!! also tell him you'll report it if it carries on, then say loudly to a few other people "check your change cos they can't count in here!! & you'll probably find they've short changed u like they usually do!!" hopefully they'll be embarrassed & to scared to do it again, good luck
  24. Robo234

    Head over Heels

    What a lovely post, yes please do keep these lovely stories coming, nice reminder of why we want to come & live in Oz!!
  25. Hi Iron Chef ours is Toyota Avensis 2l td aircon 2004 54 plate, £2,300 can't find similar in your red book sorry, thanks