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  1. Were thinking already that this is more than likely like our family may get very rare few year visit of my parents & maybe one other friend of relative once in 4or 5 years too, it'll be us that will go back every other year or so.., so think were been realistic, which will hopefully save us some heartache. I always think it's good to know & good to be realistic x
  2. Upppss! Sorry I did include my mortgage in that, so not including mortgage & extra's = £1200 a month
  3. These's 5 of us in 4 bed house & all bills including food - shop around for best deals!, & fuel for me ( but i don't travel far) = roughly 1700 a month at least & this does not include eating out, nights out, savings for xmas, hols, mortgage, clothes etc, hope this helps
  4. Robo234

    TRA Fee Increases

    That's horrible! ! Putting it up that much!!! Great we'll never get much savings together at this rate! Thanks for posting Alan to let us know
  5. Do you have to be so negative when you don't even know me, I have a feeling about you & the famous Wendee on here but do I post nasty or negative things about you's two.
  6. That's ace, there's so many weird & wonderful creatures in Aus, can't wait to see them all myself x
  7. This is sooo funny me & Oh was laughing at this, & totally agree!x
  8. Thanks everyone that's posted on here some fab stories it's given me a good insight to how it'll probably be for us too .. = not that many visitors at all lol but were quite prepared for this anyway & its not like we visit or have visitors all the time here too busy getting on with our own life, our own little family, the five of us x
  9. Hopefully that'll be me saying that as my daughter has always said she's not coming, I'm ok with that she's got her Dad here & rest of family too, & maybe just maybe she might make her own way there in a few years
  10. Haha I was just messing!! I know quite a few parrots.. & they could take your finger off lol & there supposed to be tame, I do know there all wild'! Thanks everyone else for posting your all so nice & funny, apart from odd few!! Oh & Wendee well we'll just av to wait & see might just prove you wrong !! Seen as you don't know me at all, no wonder most of your posts have to be edited!!
  11. Robo234

    Update on current 2wk reccie in Sydney!

    Great update, glad your enjoyin it so much, this is why I feel we won't need a recci & Oh agrees as I just know I will Love Oz! & deffo fall in love with Sydney, it's just making sure I get my head round everything else.. research research research lol, keep updates coming when you get the chance
  12. Hummm wonder what you said Wendee before it was edited... well maybe oneday I'll find out if it is the best place to be... Ghostgirl that's one of many reasons why I want to go too... love animals. .. sounds amazing even interested in the ones that bite... like crocodile etc too, even thou prefer the soft & cuddly like parrots & wallabies etc
  13. Robo234

    Roast Dinner?

    I'd love to say both because we all love both in this household but only mostly have mash as try to be bit healthy for kids & me a lot harder over 30 to loose a few pounds when I feel a muffin top coming on haha
  14. Yes ghostgirl think I need to do some extra research myself! I'll google statistics for insects etc over here & there, there's probably a lot more chance of getting run over here compared to oz for example! Lol, I've got my head screwed on right haha my Dad used to say when I was younger 'When your times up it's up!' So pretty open minded & can just laugh about some things but... getting your leg bitten off by a Shark I'm quite sure is no laughing matter... x
  15. Really???? Haha Hello Wendee! Well yep I was thinking same, are you all insane living there lol,
  16. Right... really isn't that often is it, but I'm sure it takes a lot of saving just to come then, do you think time flies before you see like..say your Dad again?
  17. Yeah totally understand Northshorepom that most have there own life, you seem to have done pretty well on the visitors front like. Yeah Flathead that's what I was thinking even if we managed to get the odd friends or relative to visit I bet it'd be like there 'once in a life time hol'.. still be nice thou, maybe I wouldn't be as bothered as some may think, I've always been independent & don't mind my own company, & I'm sure we'll go back every so often.. so maybe it wouldn't matter as much as I first thought!?..
  18. Yes this is what I'm thinking, a friend not too close mind, emigrated a good 4 yrs ago & I remember sayin yep we'll come & visit.. to be fair she's been back here herself a few times, but over last few years were sayin if we emigrate it's doubtful we'll visit.. to expensive well just go! Nice that her parents go every year thou
  19. Robo234

    Poms driving like Australians

    Deffo sounds well scary & dangerous!! x
  20. Me & OH would be well pleased & proud if this was us in a few years time... we can only hope & yep go with an open mind x
  21. It's a shame there's so many dishonest, unrealiable or just horrible people cos it gives the rest of us PIO or migrants a bad name, I & my family are very honest & realiable & would be totally thankful & grateful if we ever get any help when we move to Australia, it's just horrible & rude the people that are not!!!
  22. Robo234

    8 Weeks in Sydney and loving it!

    Great post loads of info, sounds like everything working out brilliant for you's & friends so soon too, very good, hope everything carries on goin as good as it has been for you's, hope everything goes as good for us when the time come for us to emigrate to Oz
  23. Robo234

    VISA Granted!!!! :):):)

    Congratulations how quick, good luck for the future in oz x
  24. Totally agree with Melza, also sounds like you get quite good money back, over there from selling your things as well as helping out people over there wanting a bargain, good luck in your move back
  25. Great post! So funny, & sounds like you've learnt eventually haha, all good fun & adventure mostly I'm sure, hope it all works out for you in end ...