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  1. I remember you, yes you were very determined alright lol, u were cheeky & funny, glad your back in Oz & sounds like you've got 'a plan' after that hope it all works out for you Jack
  2. Robo234

    Sydney Reccie

    Really enjoyed reading your adventure so far, enjoy & keep us posted x
  3. Robo234

    The beach every day ?

    I love this thread read it when it was first posted but decided to read all again as it was up on main pio board again, some nice interesting lifestyles & some great pics too, luv it x
  4. To the OP didn't see much pros, if I were you I would of moved East or somewhere else ages ago if it's that bad/boring where you are, no point in a good job/money if your unhappy where you are, interesting post, good luck anyway x
  5. Loved reading, loads of interesting info ace, lovely your both enjoying & nice to read things aren't quite as expensive as you braced yourself for keep em coming, thanks x
  6. Robo234

    Trip Report, Gold Coast! Here at last!

    Brill report made me realise my OH would be like you were I can sleep almost anywhere lol where he'll not sleep at all on any flights or be lucky if he got an hr... I'm going show him this hopefully he'll realise when we go Oz he'll have to try harder, never mind watching all films x
  7. Robo234

    Need somewhere to stay - urgent

    Ahh that's is sooo nice & decent of you & your OH Fifi & VERYSTORMY I too have been thinking & worried about Disillusionscot & his dog max, sat here crying at his situation that anyone could find themselves in & how kind everyone is trying to help, can't help it got a big heart myself, I really do hope everything works out for the u Alan & your Max x
  8. Robo234

    3 years ago today we arrived in Australia!

    That's good to know I could never get bored of hearing lovely happy stories of people's new life down under lol, especially after a few years hearing how settled you are, wayyyyy better than doom & gloom things about oz, but I read them too to get a rounded view hopefully... & just hope it works out for us like it has for you's x
  9. I'd say a 8 & half we've got 3 health beautiful kids between us (a daughter each & a son between us) no debts apart from my mortgage which is pretty low so been paying extra off while it is, partner earns enough that he can happily support me while I stay at home with 3 children also finished our lovely extention on house few bits to do inside but we'll get there, I'm doing a childcare course at moment at my son's nursery everyone is really nice there & at college too, it would be nice to have more money. .. but it would only get spent lol.. oh & saving up for Oz starting first lot of paperwork in next month or two we can't wait for something different. .. adventure before we get to old :-)
  10. Robo234

    Some great helpful links.

    I agree too! Very good info as usual Hoff x
  11. God that's so horrible for your daughter but even you's two too!, proper eye opener to everyone about Australia law! ...how old fashioned & cruel!!! X
  12. Robo234

    Back almost 2 years.......Our storey

    I enjoyed reading, very good glad your all happy & settled now x
  13. Robo234

    Welcome Back Hoff

    Hey welcome back I pop on here every now & then & yesterday I thought The Hoff... its gotta be you Jim, if not I thought someone has pinched your name lol cos most people called you Hoff anyway haha, just I knew you'd come back x
  14. Ahh do please carry on was enjoying reading about your recci, interesting lol x
  15. I'm not in Aus myself!!! & I've not said people in oz are stupid! I'm saying the way some people treat members on here who are asking for advice treat them like there stupid