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  1. Mayonaise

    Prospective Marriage Visa

    I applied for mine in 1st AUGUST 2012 - was GRANTED OFFICIALLY on 6th MARCH 2013 ...... it is said about 8 months in total xxxxx ​
  2. Mayonaise


    Hey Future in Oz ... thanks for the reply .... what month did you apply for yours and when did you get it granted? ... Mine is just for me (no kids etc) so I thought would be incredibly straight forward as I sent EVERYTHING (including Medical and police check along within 2 weeks of the application) Do you think they say 8-9 months to be on the safe side (incase there are any queries with documents ets) Also - how did they inform you of your successful application (email / letter / phone?) P.S Congratulations in you move xxx you must be so happy :-) :cute:
  3. Mayonaise

    Visa update

    Hi There carol x We have also set our wedding for 14th April 2013 and are hoping and praying that we get the "YES" before this time! We have had an email saying that we have sent all the required documents and that all criteria has been "met" .... there is nothing further that we are to do except wait! It was also a HUGE shock for me as we too thought that the timeline is approx 5 months. It is a very stressful time for us and because of this he is visiting me in 2 weeks time (just for 2 weeks) .. I CANNOT WAIT!!! Hey .. Add me on Facebook Carol as we could keep in touch and up to date with developments ... Gillian Nacey Mayo! :-)
  4. Hi All .. SUBCLASS 300 Prospective marriage visa Has anyone any information on the timeline for applying for the above? My application went in on the 1st August and the Medical sent 17th August ... All documents and letters were submitted. We have not received ANY questions or been asked for futher evidence / documents .... Just ANXIOUS as hell and need to be with my Fiance!!!!! xxxxxxxxx:arghh:
  5. Mayonaise

    What have you sacrificed to move to Australia?

    Wow .. you scared me now! :-) x
  6. Mayonaise

    Visa update

    Hi there xx My name is Gill (Mayonaise on here) .... I am currently waiting for my SUBCLASS 300 (prospective marriage visa) to be granted. We have applied, paid and sent ALL documents that were required including my MEDICAL requirements examination which has now been lodged since the 17th August 2012. I am so, so anxious and nervous all the time since applying as I am now not the one in control .... my life is in THEIR hands. My Fiance is living in Australia and I am from the UK .. We met 17months ago online and we have both made trips to each others places to visit and spend time together. <3 Advice and Information totally welcome ... has anyone or IS anyone going through the same thing? xx
  7. Hi All ....:wub: My Name is Gill (from Wigan (UK) and i am currently awaiting a reply for my Subclass 300 Visa Application. We have booked our wedding for the 14th April 2013. I spent a full 3 months collecting all our documents and data (statements, police check and evidence of our ongoing relationship) before sending the completed application on the 1st August 2012. Within 1 week we were asked for me to complete my MEDICAL examination to which we did immediately (they received the results on the 17th August 2012). We have had no requests for further information and are under the impression that the immigration are happy with all the documents sent. I am just wondering if anyone knows the approximate timescale from the MEDICAL to getting an answer? ANXIOUS is an underestimation!!! :twitcy: