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  1. Tysonian

    Buying in oz when in UK

    Better, I have a passport. I hold duel citizenship with both the UK and Australia.
  2. Hi everyone, My wife and I are thinking of the possibility of buying a place in Adelaide prior to our arrival. We intend to travel in her native Spain for anywhere up to a year before arrival; we would like to buy now and rent the property until we are ready to move in. Anyone know of a good broker able to arrange mortgages in Australia for UK residents abroad? Cheers, Tyson
  3. Tysonian

    Obtaining Travel History

    Hi everyone, A little conundrum here.... I am australian and my wife is Spanish having lived in the UK for 9 years. We are preparing a spouse visa for moving to Australia. Through this process, we have discovered that she will have to detail the past 10 years of her international travel... This would be fine, but she has travelled a lot, mostly between the UK and Spain, she cannot recall much of her travel. We have searched her email for past tickets (mine also), but are not sure if this constitutes all of her international travel. How can we obtain a complete list? Can the Home Office provide such information, or do we need to contact the equivalent in Spain? Thanks for your help, Tyson
  4. Tysonian

    Importing a car with PSS

    My wife and I are doing the same. After researching it seemed viable to take our car with us, but it has been the help of Kristian at Iron Lady Imports that has made it clear enough for us to decide to actually go ahead. I highly recommend you contact him about it: http://ironladyimports.com/
  5. Tysonian

    Naturism good or bad?

    I'm all for naturism and am lucky enough to have a wife who shares my enthusiasm. Would certainly be interested to hear about your experiences of clubs and beaches in SA.
  6. Tysonian

    Anyone moving to Adelaide?

    Hi, I am originally from Adelaide having lived in the UK since 2004. Now my wife and I are planning to move to Adelaide in the near future, following an extended break in Spain (my wife is Spanish). My wife visited with me just the once and loved it, hope you all do too, Adelaide is a great city to live in! Tyson