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  1. liddell92

    question about flying one world (qantas/ba)

    Hello, i have flown with Qantas twice to Australia and New Zealand and back, i found them generally very good. your baggage will be transferred automatically and if it wasn't nobody would fly with them. i found the Qantas aircraft very good, if your lucky you'll be on the airbus A380 to Hong Kong, service is good too and i found more leg room than Singapore airlines! Have a good flight
  2. liddell92

    Commonwealth Bank taking a fair bit of time?

    'well i lived and worked in NZ for almost two years so if you ever need to ask anyone anything.... i'm your man! good luck
  3. liddell92

    Commonwealth Bank taking a fair bit of time?

    yes i have just got in contact with them.... they forgot to send it or something! thanks for your help.. quick question...... are you moving to NZ soon?
  4. i have applied for a commonwealth bank account online, so that i have an account when over in aus soon, although they said they would have got back to me within 2 weeks and its now week 4.......... anyone else had this problem?
  5. liddell92

    The HOFFS UK summer weather forecast.

    ahah that is funny:biglaugh: beginning of November is the norm or whenever there is a prolonged cold snap
  6. liddell92

    The HOFFS UK summer weather forecast.

    Keep cutting the lawn lower and lower until its at its lowest, then wait for a scorcher of a day and then it burns the grass off and it stops growing for ages! thats what i do
  7. liddell92

    Is 91k (+ super) good enough to live on??

    i think that the Melbourne Victoria Market is good for buying food and groceries too although it is a wee trek depending on where you live. :cool:
  8. liddell92

    Why are so many Britons leaving Australia?

    Ok, in economics the world over, traditionally MEDC's usually have a recession every 30 or so years and that has been proven. i just see this moment in time in the UK as something which is supposed to happen, its just a cycle as there is a balance of jobs and wages being over turned to slowly once again in 10 years time to Boom again. i just wanted to point out, ok the UK is struggling with unemployment at the moment but things will change just like Australia at the moment, that change is beginning to happen.:yes:
  9. liddell92

    Why are so many Britons leaving Australia?

    In my opinion, it doesn't really matter that the average temperatures are lower this summer. to be me if its a nice sunny warm day thats brilliant, because i found when i went to Australia and New Zealand first time it was so hot that it was extremely uncomfortable to work or even sit out, it was 27 degrees the other day in Suffolk and it was bl**dy hot! if anything i would have compared that to the 37degrees i felt in NZ, sometimes its a different kind of heat. Its not always the high temperatures which make a good summer :cute:
  10. liddell92

    Why are so many Britons leaving Australia?

    Actually ive heard that from alot people, my girlfriend whon is a kiwi and also works for Virgin Australia airlines says to me Australians are some of the most rude and arrogant people you can meet and says that australians whinge more than brits which i found quite funny. but thats just what i heard, i doubt that is fact! aha
  11. liddell92

    Why are so many Britons leaving Australia?

    well to that UK correspondent for the ABC, to be quite honest the weather hasnt actually been bad at all in my area. i cant even remember the last day it rained! even though we are out of summer september has been very hot! 27 degrees yesterday and we are now in Autumn! people love to jump on the stereotypical band-wagon of RAIN, RAIN,RAIN!
  12. liddell92

    Why are so many Britons leaving Australia?

    yep i can agree with that,
  13. liddell92

    Why are so many Britons leaving Australia?

    To be Honest i think the difference between rick and poor is larger in the UK. our problem is that we have such a deep rooted class system there is always going to be extreme ends of the spectrum over here, unlike Australia, New Zealand and other new world countries. you can really become and millionaire in New Zealand and still they are treated like a layman.
  14. Thanks for the reply, i saw this article and wondered if it was actually having an effect on Australia. not just numbers which have been brought out by the government which Australians haven't actually felt yet. I'm looking to head over to Victoria very soon and i jolly hope there is some work about
  15. Just keeping people updated with interesting articles feel free to comment http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-19485406