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  1. gaia

    Asperger’s son

    We used George and were successful. The initial conversation with him he gave us an honest appraisal of our chances and the best visa strategy. The whole process was long and not cheap but his fees were definitely money well spent.
  2. gaia


    Don't panic, speak to george Lombard. In the mean time it's probably useful to get school reports, statement from school principal etc. an iq test to show normal iq etc.
  3. gaia


    We were successful in obtaining our visas. Applying for a visa when there are potential medical issues is something that I think really needs specialist advice.
  4. gaia


    I would suggest that you wait to hear back from George Lombard. We used his agency with our application under similar circumstances and highly recommend him.
  5. gaia

    Nurse assistant

    Unfortunately there isn't any sponsorship for assistants in nursing. You could certainly access the working holiday visa, but to work as an assistant in nursing here you generally have to have done the Australian courses. Certificate 1 and 2 in aged care etc.
  6. Hi Sharry, Nz registration has worked for a fair few nurses on the Facebook page mentioned above. The only other thing to bear in mind is that you may get registered with the notation solely qualified in disability nursing. I'm adult trained myself so not sure of the impact that has on nurses in the other branches.
  7. gaia

    Health waiver for 186 visa application

    I would also recommend George Lombard.
  8. Hi Emma, I have to say that if you are finding Nz too quiet Mackay may not be the ideal place either, it's regional Queensland. And speaking from experience disability services once you're out of the metropolitan area of Brisbane are really not all that great. Queensland and Mackay are nice enough but you may be in a situation where you are facing the same problems but in a hotter country. And to reiterate what another poster said above the visa process with a child with a disability of any sort is not straightforward. Whereabouts in Nz are you at the moment and what sort of visa would you be coming over on?
  9. Hi Katy, fellow nurse here and mum to teenagers as well. Welcome to the sunny coast. Have you both got work up here? Pm me if you fancy coffee and we can swap mobile numbers. gaia
  10. gaia

    Nursing conversion courses

    Hi Paige, as far as I'm aware Australia doesn't offer conversion courses because they don't have separate branches of nursing, all nurses qualify as rn, and specialise post grad. All nurses can apply for jobs in psych, paeds etc and I know nurses who have gone from psych to paeds and vice versa. I think the issue may be that if your degree is in children's nursing Ahpra will register you with the notation that you can only work in the paediatric environment. There is a real demand for nurses in the psychiatric area though, any chance you could convert in the uk?
  11. gaia

    AHPRA & ANMAC update

    Jac if you registered with Ahpra in 2009 you don't need to go through the overseas nurse registration rigmarole you simply need to renew your registration. On Ahpra website form agn-40 I think, for registrants who have lapsed registration has sections for those who have been working overseas. Will be much simpler and cheaper
  12. Hi Apnea21 just wanted to say we are in what sounds like a very similar situation, and were given similar advice. I'm not sure who your agent is but we took advice from George Lombard. We are already in Australia. Feel free to pm me if you want to.
  13. gaia

    Job prospects for nurseand plasterer

    A years experience will be needed I think. All the agencies require a minimum of a year to register. The new Sunshine Coast hospital is a general hospital not a childrens hospital. A new childrens hospital is opening in a couple of weeks but they are closing 2 childrens hospitals to do this. If you go on the Queensland health work for us website you can do a job search also seek.com.au is a good website to give you an idea of vacancies. There are some nursing specialties that are in real demand at he moment, mental health and theatres for example, but paediatrics not as much.
  14. gaia

    Job prospects for nurseand plasterer

    Just to clarify, when you say newly qualified but working in an hdu do you mean she has just started working in the last couple of months? If she has less than 1 years experience then I think it will be a real struggle to find a position. Unemployment amongst newly qualified nurses is a real issue at the moment. If you look on seek.com.au and the Queensland health work for us website you will be able to see vacancies for paediatric nurses. I can't comment on plastering but there is certainly a lot of house building going on.
  15. Chester university let you do single modules online, I thought I might need to do a pharmacology module so contacted them. They were very helpful, Maureen Benbow is the main contact. Also birmingham city university I think although I didn't contact them directly. If you only need 1 module degree would seem the way to go.
  16. Lorna, Ahpra like the geniuses they are seem to have changed the goalposts again for nurses with mental health, paeds or ld qualifications and are now saying you can register but with a supervision condition as bridging courses aren't set up for these specialties. It doesn't say yet what form the supervision will take, midwives from the uk will have to be supervised for 12 months. I'm guessing it would rule out agency work and no idea what Aussie hospitals will make of it either. Get back in touch with your case officer and point out that the rules have changed again. http://www.nursingmidwiferyboard.gov.au/Codes-Guidelines-Statements/FAQ/FAQ-IQNM-migration.aspx Hopefully the link above works, it's question 9 in the faqs for international applicants in the migration subsection.
  17. Look into Chester university. They do degree top up online and are very helpful when contacted. there is a pharmacology module which looks good. Modules £580 each I think. Courses start in next few days though.
  18. That's great news, congratulations. Any idea where you're going to move to in Oz? Mine arrived today as well, I even checked the online register on the ahpra site in case it was a spoof. Seems things are moving for those with top up degrees at least
  19. Now this is where it gets pedantic. I was told I met criteria 4, equivalent to an Australian bachelors degree very quickly once Ahpra started reassessing.I spoke to someone at the NMC and then told my case officer that the NMC would write a letter, all uk trained nurses are assessed in pharmacology etc but this wasn't satisfactory. I was told it must come from my training institution. And they want lots of detail, how many hours clinical medicines admin, how many theoretical etc. However I really do think a nurse prescribers course would cover it. As part of the prescribing course did she have a medical or senior nurse mentor/assessor? Lecture notes from the course, info from lecturers, assessors, any supervision she had will be useful.
  20. I'm sure being a nurse prescriber will help! If it doesn't then Ahpra have officially lost the plot. I qualified in 1996 as well and it's only the difficulties in obtaining specific info from so long ago that have held things up.
  21. I have a Bsc hons and have been waiting since December last year, issues with criteria 8. Hopefully it will be less problematic for your wife, especially if she trained more recently.
  22. Page 91 on this thread Jac2011 very helpfully posted a link
  23. I have also been trying to register since December last year without success although I'm already out here sadly. Did you get a positive skills assessment from Anmac? If so there is a press release on the nursing midwifery board website, they are apparently going to have transitional arrangements for these nurses although no indication of just what yet.
  24. Hi just to answer some questions. For those with top up degrees my degree is a top up degree done a couple of years ago so well after my initial training and although it took longer it does meet their criteria according to my case officer. For criteria 8 I was told last month I needed more evidence to meet the criteria, they requested detail such as number of hours spent on pharmocology how many hours were theory how many hours were practical eg drug rounds. So fairly specific and unfortunately my old school of nursing just don't have that level of detail. I haven't been officially refused by the board however the information my case officer requested can't be provided. So conversation this afternoon goes me asking if I can't provide the evidence you've requested I will be refused right? Reply can't say, up to the board to make the final decision each case assessed individually. Okay if I do get refused will I be referred to a bridging course? Reply can't say, final decision up to the board, each case assessed individually. Next question what about all my years of CPD, ENB 100 etc which show I continued to study pharmocology. Answer was repeat of the above. However a band 8 equivalent I know here pointed out that the board is made up of nurses and CPD will have more meaning to them than to my case officer. So they are about to receive about 100 pages of every drug study day I have ever done, I even have the first drug calculation test I sat as a new d grade back in the 90s before they let me loose on the drug round. To anyone in the Uk I would really advise a university pharmocology module!
  25. In Oz, Queensland with 2 job offers! Despite the degree the initial qualification must meet all 8 criteria which is where I have come unstuck sine my initial training was late 90s.