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  1. I have got travel visa to family members to come visit Australia. But due to change in plans, they will not be able to come as planned, but slightly delayed. Is it possible to request extension to "Must Not Arrive After" date? Will there be any additional cost involved? Has anyone done this before? cheers, Indudhar
  2. indudhar

    Is it possible to not like our own kind!

    Thanks mates for re-assuring me. I now feel totally normal and inspired. I will continue to smile and talk to fellow mates, no matter what skin colour or nationality they might have come from. All are equal. But if anyone displays discontent to any other, then instead of cringing, I will have enough courage to remind them that such comments are unacceptable. You have given me enough courage to speak up. Thanks.:notworthy:
  3. I am from India. I look like one, so obviously other Indians in Australia do ask me that. Probably they are just checking to confirm. I could as well be Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan, Middle Eastern, or any one of those countries where people mostly have brown skin. When ever I meet someone who is from India, I do smile, say hi. Just like I smile to anyone who would say hi, no matter what they look like and where ever they are from. But when an Indian says hi, he wants to know these things - Which part of India I am from, when did I come to Australia, on what visa did I come, and how did I manage to get here! I don't want to blurt out my entire immigration experience to this stranger. And then they automatically start talking in Hindi. There are quite a lot of languages spoken in India, and Hindi is one of them. Just because it's an official language doesn't mean I am comfortable speaking in Hindi. Just a little courtesy asking if I am ok to converse in Hindi, would be nice. And while speaking in Hindi, they start talking about white people and the Chinese. Some of them even insult them, in Hindi! It's not nice, really. It makes me sick to my stomach. I remind them that I have good friends who are white, and Chinese. But they don't get it. And they pass judgement about racism. Ah for God's sake! There is lots more, and I can go on and on... but I guess you get the idea. Now, when ever I see another person of Indian origin, I tend to avoid them. And I think to myself, how can I do that. I belong to that kind. How can I hate my own kind. How can I avoid my own kind. And I feel guilty for that. Is there something wrong with me? Is it too much to ask from our friends to speak to us past our skin color? Do I really want to know what that guy/gal thinks about Australia, White Australians, Chinese Australians, etc.? Am I insane to not like my own kind?
  4. indudhar

    Frigging Indian call centres.

    I consider India to be an amazing country. Indians are amazing. That sounds self praising, but what the heck. Yoga and Ayurveda is something world admires. They have done amazing things on Tiger conservation. The list is big. But when it comes to Call Centers and Customer Service, the world got it so wrong. It's a shame that bad quality of service has to be tolerated just because, if you voice your concern, you could be called racist! It doesn't matter who or how the person looks or sounds, or in which country it is delivered from, bad service is bad service. And there is nothing wrong in saying it aloud! I don't think anyone was talking about Indians or their race. This discussion is about the shitty quality that has been delivered from Indian call centers. Its the "service" not the people. Improve the quality of service, then we will all be more than happy to recommend.
  5. I would suggest, try Skilled Independent 189 or Skilled Nominated 190 and get a migrant visa. 457 might also cost the same or more, and if your future employer wants to factor in the expense into your salary, then it's as if you are paying for it anyway. After you get your migrant visa sorted out, then take a trip to Australia. Contact companies and see if you can line up some interviews during that travel. I don't know who suggested you that the only option you have is 457, but clearly that is not the only option. 457 is not anyway cheaper than 189 or 190. Plus you have to get one of these anyway even if you come over with a 457. Don't try attend interviews on a travel visa though. The immigration officials don't like you looking for a job when you are on a travel visa. Probably see if you can come on a business visa for such a trip. If you are serious about migrating, then I would suggest you come with a migrant visa. Doors are actually quite wide open. Nearly 47,000 such visas were issued for Employer sponsored and nearly 74,000 visas were used for general skilled migration for the year 2012-2013. So there is almost twice the number of people migrating to Australia through general skilled migration.
  6. indudhar

    Frigging Indian call centres.

    I am Indian, and I have difficulty getting things done when it goes to an Indian Call center. At one time I called customer service of a Credit Card, and I was calling from US. It was sometime in July. I got through to a lady and I knew it was Indian call center. Everything was going fine, and she said she needs to put me on hold. I said fine. She put me on hold, and there was Jingle Bell Jingle Bell playing in the Background. When she came back, I told her that the background music was still playing the Christmas theme and it was already July. She might want to get that fixed. Guess what she did. She hung up! Have you ever had a customer service person hung up on you? I guess there is a first for everything!
  7. indudhar


    If you are looking for Barista classes in Cairns, then this might help - http://www.industryonecoffee.com.au/ They offer classes to help perfect your Barista skills. If it is a friend who lives in a different location, then google is your best friend. I have seen quite a few such centers in Melbourne. Some also offer job assistance. I don't know if the Cairns one offer job assistance, but it's worth to give them a call. Good luck.
  8. indudhar

    Asylum boat sinks - Guess who is at fault?

    The issue is complicated - It is so complicated that we get confused and suddenly we bear all the responsibility for atrocities that happen in the entire world. How come there is not even an ounce of blame to the countries that they are fleeing. I don't see anyone blaming the countries they are fleeing. Nobody is asking how come they came to Indonesia, arrived safely and suddenly they put themselves in mortal danger when they started their journey on boat? I don't see Indonesians getting on a boat. Probably Indonesia is nice and safe place to live. But they are not satisfied with Indonesia either. Well, as you said, the situation is more complicated. Trust me, I am not judging them for their plight. I feel sorry for them. Its unfortunate that these people have to put their own lives and their children's lives in danger. It's extremely saddening to see their plight. But as soon as they start pointing fingers at Australia for their plight, my pity stops right there. Just because the situation is complicated does not mean it's Australia's fault.
  9. There are reports an asylum seeker boat sinks off of the coast of Indonesia. Guess whose fault is that? The people who made the decision to put their family, their own children into tragically constructed boats are facing the inevitable tragedy. But they blame Australia and not themselves. Isn't it ironic. The boat sinks in Indonesian waters. If Australia did get into rescue efforts, it means they would violate the Indonesian territorial integrity, violate the sovereignty of a neighboring country. Isn't that a breach of international law. How come the news agencies not questioning Indonesian rescue operations? Didn't the parents who put those little innocent children's lives at stake, and responsible for their deaths by taking them on the ill fated boat, go unpunished? Is there no law that will punish people who put those little children's lives at stake. Are international laws that bad in protecting children? It just surprises me how come they blame Australians for their own crimes...
  10. indudhar

    Suburbs close to Melbourne for a couple with no car

    I have many suburbs that fit the bill and realestate.com.au has been really helpful. We still have a month on our current lease. So we spend our weekends visiting various suburbs during daytime to see if we like the place. I think this is helping us make a decision. Also no rental place will rent their place 1 month in advance. So I will have to put my application a week or two before the lease ends. Some places do advertise in advance, and we follow those too. Its been a very rewarding experience. Thanks all for your advice. Yes we have St. Kilda and North Melbourne in our list too. Me being here in the forum makes me believe I am part of a family. Thanks for making me belong. cheers
  11. We are a couple, no kids (yet) and no car. We currently live in CBD in a studio. One of us work in Melbourne CBD. We would like to move out of CBD. Our max rent budget is $280pw and we are looking for a 1br apartment, but not a studio. I am looking for a safe suburb with either tram or bus connectivity to CBD. Bicycling to CBD is also an option. Any suggestions?
  12. Thanks for the head ups. How about studio apartments, can we rent those for short term, like 3 or 6 months?
  13. We are couple migrating to Australia. This is our first visit to Australia. We don't have a job yet, but we intend to look for job once we arrive. We will be arriving in Melbourne in April. We intend to stay in a Hotel for the first 3 days and search for an apartment in Melbourne CBD. Initially, we intend to arrive with about $6000 AUD. We will then move more money into Australia. When we go looking for small rental furnished 1 bed room accommodation, what do I need to get approved? Is a $6000 in bank make rental owners happy to let us rent? Thanks much, cheers.
  14. indudhar

    Oz experience to get a job in Oz

    If that's true, then I can surely handle the rejection, and keep looking. But if they say "no local experience", then we think that there's something we are lacking! And if you find more than one person repeating the same thing, we get the idea that we are not wanted here! That's hard for a person who left a lot of things behind to come to Oz. Not finding a job is hard, but being made to feel unwanted is harder! Thanks for sharing your opinion though. As we see that people do get a job eventually, it shows that there are the ones who will take us in, even with "no local experience".
  15. indudhar

    Oz experience to get a job in Oz

    hahaha thanks mate. That surely sounds a hard and tough life before we break in for that first job. I am very happy to see that people do eventually get their first job. So it's tough, but possible. Thank you for sharing your experience, mate. I will remember you every time I get a rejection, and keep the hope alive until I land my first one. Take care...