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  1. Hi members, I am an Australian citizen and need a help for my friend.He is an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer meeting 70 points as per online calculator(inc. VIC nomination) . 42yrs, degree in Aircraft Maintenance with 10+ years experience in India & Overseas. My question is - is 70 points enough?! He want to crack on with booking the IELTS or PTE & skills assessments needed for the 190 VISA... Any lead would be much appreciated if anyone know at what point invitation is expected for code: 323112 (Aircraft Maintenance Engineer). Thanks in advance.
  2. SAPcrmboyindia

    List of things to do on arrival

    I hope u r travelling from India ..to get Aussi Driving liscence that U & Ur Spouse whoever want DL here..shuld have same name in Indian DL and in Ur passport .. other if thr is any Name difference .. 1.get the Notary done that Passport name and DL name is SAME . 2. and Get letter from RTO authority that Ur Dl is Valid and issued by the Authority (( India Drivers Licence Verification(IDLV) - IHC Visa Information )) A confirmation letter must contain: Name and location of issuing agency : (Licencing Authority M.V Deptt) Applicant's full name : () Date of birth : ( Licence number : Class of licence issued : For M/cycle + Light Motor Vehicle + Heavy Motor Vehicle Date of first issue : Conditions on licence : N/A Expiry date : Additional Licences held : N/A and u r valid to drive for 3 month so pls GET ur DL witing 3 month it is V.Imp
  3. SAPcrmboyindia

    Proof for Medicare

    I went with my wife and they just Look in to my nd My wife Passport and PR document. That's all nothing more than this . Hope it will help u .
  4. SAPcrmboyindia

    IT jobs in Australia

    I am planning to travel SYDNEY in SEPT and I was wondering how the market would be for SAP CRM functional consultant .... here you guys who have experience in IT market of OZ.. If u don't mind can I get your view....and feel free to suggest any thing which I could consider before moving. Thanks in advance ...
  5. SAPcrmboyindia

    VISA Granted!!!! :):):)

    Congrates a lot ..nd Wish u great Journey ahead ...Party time Begin :wink:
  6. SAPcrmboyindia

    Whoooooo hooooooo

    Great News. PARTY Time now .. Wish U Sweet Dreams If u could get sleep tonight ....... Great Journy Ahead .. Thanks for sharing ur Joy :wink:
  7. Be Patience, I hope u will be hearing Soon... Waiting really kills.. .....bythwy which team is allocated for ur case . Wish U Good luck.
  8. I applied on DEC and I got CO in FEB and VISA in March .... ( I have done my Medical and PCC in advance )... Wish U shuld also be getting soon ..
  9. so happy to know about ur success .. Congrates a lot ..wish u good luck ahead
  10. Good morning Tink ..I m SOOooooooooooo Thanks full to u .. Wish u Good day ahead :-) ..
  11. Thanks a lot Ken .. I will be trying this ..
  12. Thanks for reply .. Yeah..same situation..I can understand ..but things will me more clear when we r thr .... anyway I will be reaching thr B4 YOU ..so u can be in touch and I can inform u what ever i feel I faced ..U should not face .. In fact i would be preferring shared accommodation rather of HOSTEL.. .. .. Requesting guys here ..if anyone here could give suitable suggestion ..except gumtree.com .. furnishedproperty.com.. we would be so pleased ..if get any guidence...
  13. Hi everyone , I m from India having PR 189 , would like plan to land in SYDNEY around APRIL end- MAY 1st week . looking here take ur suggestion on few doubts. 1. Is MAY -JUNE the demanding time nd for JOB hunting in I.T Market of OZ ( I work in SAP technology ..FUNCTIONAL consultant). OR What is the right time in OZ when JOBS would float more in I.T companies. 2. Where to accommodate in first entry , How to approach..since this is the first time I would be travelling to OZ. , Can I book accommodation from India. ( I would be looking in reasonable price ... Rented / Sharing basis ? Hostel ) ... 3. Can I open Bank account from India to AUS bank ...Since I would not prefer to carry much CASH ? 4. Is there any specific things which I need to carry , in term of DRESS CODE , FOOD ,DOCUMENTS when I m as single and would be trying to find out JOB in I.T company. Thanks in advance for any information you would share.
  14. SAPcrmboyindia

    Whoooop Di DOooooooo Visa Granted!! :D

    Congrates a lot.. Happy for u ..
  15. SAPcrmboyindia

    I m So Thanks ful to Everyone here ....VISA GRANTED ..

    I m so pleased to have such great friends here .It makes me to feel like family sharing my Joy with u all... Thanks again for ur wishes .. i m trying to share most of details which is asked to me .. Wishing Good luck to every one in waiting period...soon they wil hear GRANT from CO. I m trying to look job s in Sydney as 1st Priority , Melbourne ....... I could not forget C.O .... S.B from Team 2 ..So quick in responce . I have applied for 189 . Yes it is a feeling which I could not express at that moment..and I just tried to keep myself busy in office even though it was not possible since i was like ohh My GOD ... Really I got it so quickly ...and now what s NEXT .... ohh fear of Leaving alll ours and Dream of being in Dreamland , otherway around that too thinking of struggle for finding JOB .. so MIXED feelings .. Nice to see all ur wishes ... .. pls keep in touch ..take care ... Now days all time in plan of How to go ahead ..... with safe plan for JOB hunting....whether i shuld go alone or shuld take my family with me ... so many question I have ..... Where and How to accommodate in reasonable cost with access to good transport in sydney ..... and list goes on.. Anyway ..I will be posting all my queries ..once I m sure about my date of travelll.....