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  1. patsmb

    Centrelink and residency

    I did find this online so it might be the case that the original date does not get changed as the pension was suspended not stopped as she didn’t have to reclaim after the holiday She actually rang Centrelink prior to going on holiday to ask if she had to inform them she going away and was told no There is no discretionary power to allow portability of Age or DSP during the 2-year period (note, some exceptions to the 2-year rule apply - see below). Payment may be suspended for short overseas absences during the 2-year period and does not have to be reclaimed on return to Australia. A short absence from Australia (as long as the person is still classed as an Australian resident) will not impact on the end date of the 2-year period (i.e. the absence still counts towards the person's 2-year period
  2. patsmb

    Centrelink and residency

    Thanks Marissa she is going to do that I was just trying to get some ideas -she wasnt though in Oz for 2 years before she claimed bit of a ping pom actually
  3. patsmb

    Centrelink and residency

    Not sure if this is the right forum but ! Asking for a friend re Centrelink pensions The friend who has been a citizen for years returned to Australia after living in the UK in December 2021 and claimed her Age pension from that date She recently went on holiday for 2 weeks Jan 29th to Feb 12th 2023 and her pension was stopped as was her Centrelink card ( she did think it would be stopped as she knows there is a 2 year rule ) She received a new card in the mail and its dated from her return date in February 23 But does that mean her residency period also has to start from that date again -so it would be another 2 years before she can leave the country ? I thought her residency start date would stay as December 2021 plus 2 weeks for the 2 she left the country on holiday Any ideas please as its very confusing
  4. patsmb

    New law for pet owners

    We brought our Shar Pei out in 2016 and even back then the UK was no longer classed as 'rabies free " it was something like rabies controlled ( That was because of open borders ) I do remember there had 2 be i think it was 6 months between the rabies vax and titre test but not sure how long the reults were valid for at that stage
  5. patsmb

    Renewing UK passports from Oz

    Well you asked we initially received 2 emails ( 2 seperate passports ) with tracking numbers for the return of the old passports New passports didn’t arrive so we emailed the passport office . We were eventually given the tracking numbers for the new items ( incorrect numbers first led us to Canada post ) Tried to track the Waybill numbers for the new passports to be told they had been delivered They had not it was the old passports we had delivered Eventually realised ( I had cut the labels off the envelopes with the old passports ) that the labels on the parcels delivered did not match the waybill numbers They must have been mixed up at source Went back to tracing Waybill numbers to find the courier had left the 2 new passports in bushes near out gate !! That had been 11 days prior to us locating them They we’re soaked through but seem to have dried out ok I have complained to DHL & Cochranes transport still waiting for answers
  6. Has anyone had their UK passport renewed lately and did it go without a hitch ? We just had a complete debacle and would like to formalise a complaint but where to start
  7. patsmb

    Do pets need to be neutered to emigrate

    No they don’t need a new chip just ensure you have all the details then register if in Oz If the boys are neutered there is one less test from the list that does not need to be done
  8. patsmb

    Returning citizens to Australia

    Friends now in Perth quarantine and yes it went to Darwin first despite what Qantas told them
  9. patsmb

    Returning citizens to Australia

    Our friends rang Qantas and we’re told no it’s still a direct flight to Perth from Heathrow But the direct flight out now goes from Darwin to Heathrow In some ways I think the left hand does not know what the right is doing Time will tell I suppose
  10. patsmb

    Returning citizens to Australia

    Thanks everyone -friends now have G2G pass confirmed and as far as i know it is the direct Heathrow -Perth flight they have booked They did i beleive upload the ticket to get the pass but nothing has been said as to the flight being diverted to Darwin Only time will tell I guess
  11. patsmb

    Returning citizens to Australia

    Not me but friends who are in the UK at the minute They plan to come back to Oz in December and have a direct16 hour flight to Perth booked with Quantas from Heathrow They recently applied for the G2G pass and were knocked back the reply stated they do not meet the criteria Both are double vacinated and had a booster Both are citizens too My thinking is should they have completed the Dept of Human Affairs travel form before the G2G ? Would appreciate any input thanks
  12. patsmb

    French bulldog flying form UK IM terrified

    We flew our Shar Pei a brachalyptic breed with no problems ( except our UK vet stuffed up on the last blood test ! Luckily we had a fantastic company moving him who sorted it all out We flew him mid May to avoid the Northern hemisphere heat As it was a direct flight via Dubai It’s never to early to start the process as the rabies shots need to be verified for 6 months prior to shipping In all honesty I would leave it in the hands of an experienced company though to save the worry of things going wrong
  13. patsmb

    Moving back to uk after 35 years

    We had a British friend pulled up at UK immigration when he entered Britain on a one way ticket on his Aussie passport ( It was an emergency and his UK passport had run out years before the trip ) He was 'detained ' for an hour and a half and then set free lol I would get your UK passport well before you leave
  14. patsmb

    Pet shipping from Manchester?

    We used Golden Arrow for our dog an they were brilliant ( last minute panic over lost blood test ) We lived in the North East and they took our boy to thier kennels without a hitch
  15. patsmb

    UK State Pensions

    Thanks for the answers everyone - I do think my friend is being paid incorrectly and she has contacted the International Service previously to no avail I cant understand why her pension though did not increase ( as mine did ) based on her hubbys contributions when he retired Must add this note as it was laughable We returned to live in Oz in 2016 after a couple of years in the UK - Wrote to and phoned International services giving them our new Aussie address prior to leaving the UK Two months later our UK pension was suddenly stopped no payments in the bank Then we received a letter addressed to our address in Oz ( which we had given them ) saying our pensions had been stopped as they did not know where we were !!! ( You could not make it up could you ) I rang them them and the poor bloke on the phone full of apologies but could not stop laughing -neither could i and it was sorted quickly but !