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  1. plutology

    Has Anyone Applied for Tasmania Sponsorship Recently?

    Congratulates mate! happy for you!
  2. plutology

    September 190 visa lodged gang

    All the best with your settlements
  3. plutology

    A good news stories out there???

    my partner and I landed in Sydney 4 weeks ago. my partner got a Manager job in pharmaceutical before our arrival. His employer sponsored us free airticket to fly in and 3 initial days free hotel stay for us to settle-in. honestly, that was a very good deal. While for myself, I got a job offer on 2nd week of arrival after 4 job-interviews and was told to start work on the following Monday! and Now, I'm writing this message from my workdesk ! cheers This journey has been way too easy than we expected. Never ever under-estimate Sydney ! It's full of opportunity !!
  4. plutology

    visa waiting times

  5. plutology

    Meds & PCC in advance for 190 Visa

    medical only can be done if you have the e-health link issued by your CO. if your country doesnt require you to present evidence or letter from you CO to request for PCC, I would highly recommmend you to get it done even before your got your CO assigned.
  6. GOod luck everyone !
  7. If you have time, i would recommend you to do it yourself. For me, Migration Agent is just extra and can cost you arm and leg.
  8. plutology

    Visa 190 November Lodged Group

    congratulates... woowwowow New Year Present !! Journey to the SOuth Begins..
  9. plutology

    Unemployment Benefits for 190 PR holder with famil in SA

    window period of 2 years of staying in australia. too bad your intention cant work. dont go to australia if you are only eyeing for australia social benefits . wasting australian tax payer money.
  10. plutology

    October 190 Visa Thread

    congratesss naseef... finally u have co allocated.
  11. plutology

    The same old state sponsorship question

    yes. please ask your CO and share with us the outcome.
  12. plutology

    Help with 190 visa and partner

    I think I can help you on this. I've very hassle-free/smooth application for my visa 190 with my partner included. see all needed evidence for your defactor relationship http://www.immi.gov.au/skills/skillselect/index/including-family-members/
  13. plutology

    WA SS any news?

    I called them after 4 days waiting. They said queue clearing. Then i received agreement email. so i believe it will be the same for you.
  14. plutology

    wooohooo!!! Visa 190 Granted today!!! Merry Christmas

    hahaha.. no more jealous.. In Oct 2012, we visited Perth, Mandurah, Margaret river then drove 3 hours to Albany.. totally love Mandurah and its beaches... but i missed Dunsborough and Busselton .. should have chance cant wait to move over soon.. now waiting for my partner's discussion with his company. hope he can get a job transfer. :xmas31:
  15. plutology

    WA SS any news?

    Bluerose, They are clearing the queue. not rejecting you. no worry. as you know, oz visa application is all about waiting game.