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  1. andyglendenning

    Free IELTS Books

    What were the names of the books? I also need 8's on the academic version. Andy
  2. Yogeshsv, did you find out the anser to your question regarding working in a profession which is different to what you state on your visa application?
  3. andyglendenning

    Rules of state sponsorship

    What are the conditions with the various visas regarding type of work? For example if you come in on a 189/190/489 visa and are a teacher but can't find a teaching job, are you allowed to find other work, i.e construction, while searching for a teaching job? If you can, are there any restrictions on how many hours you can work p/w etc?
  4. andyglendenning

    Visa eligibility confusion- teaching

    Thanks again for this info Sammy1. Our original intention and hope was to move to WA. We lived in Margs for 3 months, Perth for 5 and various places up the coast and loved the state. My issue is that; a) I would probably need to go for a state sponsored visa (for the points) b) WA doesn't sponsor secondary teachers according to the WA SOL list. I read one of your posts you made on another thread and you mentioned "I am a teacher in WA and there is no shortage of teachers here - both primary and secondary.It is not true at all that WA is desperate for secondary teachers or primary either. In fact over 600 new teaching graduates were without jobs at the beginning of the year. The latest batch of grads will be lookiing for jobs in February and the situation is pretty dire. However,if you are a maths or science teacher then you will be in demand". Is this the case for D&T teachers? So far I have been teaching engineering, product deign, resistant materials, a little bit of electronics and food. Are these subjects within DT needed in WA?
  5. andyglendenning

    Visa eligibility confusion- teaching

    With all due respect Maryrose, I have acknowledged my mistake and appreciate your feedback. I would also appreciate if my first thread on this forum could be kept on topic as I really would like support with my questions. P.s I am not sure what you meant by you're last sentence "...who can you blame if your letter is covered in mistake?"
  6. andyglendenning

    Visa eligibility confusion- teaching

    Thanks for your reply, I really do appreciate any feedback people are willing to give. It would really depend on how much your PGCE covered.It is also likely that with the extra year you have spent studying that area that you have fulfilled that requirement.The PGCE also has to be university based. With regards the PGCE having to be uni based, do you mean that I must spend the whole of the PGCE year in university based lectures? My course is both uni lectures and placements in 2 schools. I spend 2 days a week in uni and 3 in schools for the first 8 weeks of each semester, then full time in the placement school teaching 14 hours per week. In Western Australia ( where I teach), a two year Design and Technology teaching qualification is offered that enables graduates ( who already hold ANY degree) to study and become qualified as design and technology teachers within a two year time frame. I wondered why secondary teaching isn't on the WA SOL list as I thought due to the current boom, especially in the mining industry and generally, that more teachers would have been needed, esp. D&T!
  7. andyglendenning

    Visa eligibility confusion- teaching

    Thanks for the reply, Yes I have been looking through Google for some time but don't seem to get consistant answers. I was hoping that people who may have had similar experiences could share them with me. Thanks for the feedback regarding my mistake! I would rather people were critical as I may not have noticed my error. I wouldn't care, I have just passed the teaching skills tests as well! Thanks again,
  8. andyglendenning

    Visa eligibility confusion- teaching

    Hi everyone, I was hoping that with the wealth of experience and knowledge of all the members on this forum, I might be able to clear up some of my confusion. My partner and I attended the Down Under Live expo in Glasgow recently in the hopes that it would answer all of our questions. Although it did provide us with a lot of information, it through up a lot more questions which I couldn't get answered. A little about me; I am 34 and currently studying on a PGCE course in secondary education in Design Technology and will qualify in June. Previous to this I studied a Subject Knowledge Enhancement course at uni for a year in D&T due to my 3 year Bachelors degree being in History, so needed to gain the relevant experience in D&T before teaching it. I spent nearly 2 years in Oz on a WHV back in 2006. Some of the questions that I hoped to have answers for are; 1) if granted a PR visa (such as 190 or 489), can I work in any other type of employment whilst looking for teaching positions (due to the lack of teaching positions from what I hear). If so are there any time restrictions? 2) Who decides if the type of PGCE that I am studying is accepted? Also, will there be any issues of my degree being in a different subject to my PGCE? (by the end of the course I will have spent 5 years at uni) 3) Am I required to do the academic IELTS due to going into teaching? If so anyone have any experience with them? Obviously I hope to get 8's across the board for the extra points! 4) Is it possible to register with multiply teaching agencies in more than one state at a time (to have the option to teach in any state where I can find work) 5) Finally (for now!), what is the situation with NQT and teaching in OZ? is it required? Do I need teaching experience in the UK before I can submit the EOI? sorry for the long message and thanks in advance! Andy