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  1. Hi Guys, I found this forum is really helpful. I need to prepare three job reference letter for my three employers. From the following link I've found a very high level task included: http://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/abs@.nsf/Product+Lookup/1220.0~First+Edition,+Revision+1~Chapter~UNIT+GROUP+2613+Software+and+Applications+Programmers Should I repeat the same for all the three reference letters or I've to make different. Also need some guideline how to detailing them out. It would be very helpful I any one can share his/her reference letter with us. Cheers
  2. julkernine

    Sample Job reference letter of a ICT Business Analyst

    Thank you very much for the info...The document you shared really helped me. Still if I could get a sample reference letter then I would be more confirm how should I mention my tasks related with the ICT Business Analyst. Julker
  3. Hi UFO, Thanx for the information. I'm preparing my job reference letters for ICT Business Analyst to submit to ACS. It will be a great help if you can give me a complete job reference letter. Regards.
  4. Hi, So far I've found many useful information on this forum. I also found the members & moderators very helpful and proactive. No I want to share some of my confession with all, so that any one can help me out. I'm Software Project Manager, worked for three organizations so far. My job specifications matches closely with the job specifications of 261111-ICT Business Analyst. Now I want to apply for the Sub Cluss-190 with nomination form Western Australia. My Question is: 1. Does ICT Business Analyst accepted by Western Australia or not? 2. Does any one applied for this catagory "ICT Business Analyst" for assessment to ACS. Can I get a sample Job Reference Letter of ICT Business Analyst? Regards, Julker Nine