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  1. Sometimes people don't know what they need until it's needed. Yes, you are right, getting professional advice might have been wise, but unfortunately we didn't think we could afford the cost. Thank you for your input though.
  2. Hi. I have a couple of questions please and would appreciate any advice from anyone with experience in this area. I came to OZ on a Tourist Visa, subclass 676 to visit my fiancé to see Australia and decide if this is where we wanted to live. My 676 Visa was granted for 12 months and expires at the end of February 2013. We were married in May have decided to stay here so I need to apply for a Temporary and Permanent Visa for myself, as my husband is an Australian citizen. My question is, should we apply for the Visa while I'm in Australia or should I travel back to the United States of America and apply from there? My fear is that if I apply for it while I'm in OZ, it won't get approved before my tourist Visa runs out. I've tried to find answers as to timelines on approvals but what I've read seems very confusing. Seems there are many different situations and so many different experiences on the time it has taken others. Some recommend that I go back to the USA and apply from there as the wait time could be shortened??? Also, since the information I've read indicates you must stay in the country where you apply until you receive the approval, being in the USA would not cause me worry on it not getting approved in a limited amount of time. Applying in Australia would create a window of time it would have to be approved, since my Visa expires in February 2012. Unless there is something I'm not understanding correctly? Any comments or advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.
  3. Thank you for the great information and for being willing to share it with me.
  4. Thank you, that is good to know!
  5. Hi Again Everyone! First of all let me say THANK YOU so very much for all that have replied and tried to help me. Apparently there was some information I didn't originally provide that perhaps is pertinent to getting my questions answered so...to clarify my situation. Yes, my Visa does have the the 8503 condition - No Further Stay - past my February 2013 expiration. We dated for just over 3 years before our May 2012 wedding. Most of that time has been with us living in two different countries. I do have family I can stay with in the United States while I wait for my Partnership Visa to be approved if necessary. Our fear about applying now, while I'm still in Australia, is that it will not be approved before the end of February and then what??? My understanding is there isn't a bridging Visa available in this situation. Our thoughts are it would be best for me to return to the US soon and apply as soon as I get there and hope it gets approved within a few months. Any further thoughts or advice based on these other factors? Thank you again for your help. I did try calling the local office to ask questions but I only have a mobile phone and after being on hold for 30 minutes I had to hang up as I don't have unlimited phone usage. Cheers!