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    457/186 processing times

    Hi there, Would anyone be able to provide insight into typically how long it can take to process an application for a 457/186 visa from the point of initial submission to receipt of valid visa? I have received an offer of employment from an employer in Sydney but they would need for me to start on the 8th January 2017, I am a little nervous that it will be incredibly ambitious to try and get everything organized in time. Do you think it would be appropriate to head out on a Working Holiday Visa until the application for the 457/186 had been processed? Or would there be some kind of temporary bridging visa that I could hold maybe until the 457/186 visa was successfully issued? Any advice would be much appreciated!
  2. michaelbenson

    Working in higher education professional services

    Thanks for getting in touch Annette - really appreciate it! I actually work in the Careers Service for a university here in the UK, although I manage the strategic/operational delivery of the service - it is still great to meet someone who works in the careers field who managed to make their way down under Sounds like it was quite an intense experience getting the job to go through so many applications - just so I understand you secured the independent skilled migration visa before you arrived in Australia and also applied for these jobs in ACT while you were still in the UK (hence the Skype interviews?) Thanks Annette
  3. michaelbenson

    Working in higher education professional services

    Hi Bungo, Apologies for being too vague! By professional services I mean any non-academic role within higher education (mainly universities) from reviewing the CSOL I feel like the Education Manager nec might be the most suitable option. Thanks for giving advice about the interview process. So you mean that I would need to have a visa obtained before applying for a job? For some of the visas that require employer nomination (i.e. 457/186) are you suggesting that they are only issued to candidates who are already in Australia and already have a different visa with work rights issued alright at the point of application? Any help you could offer would be much appreciated!
  4. michaelbenson

    Working in higher education professional services

    Thanks for your reply I really appreciate it, sorry for not providing enough specific information - didn't want to go overboard with my first message! Yes the occupation I would seek to apply for is on the CSOL, under Education Managers. I am aware that the 457 is more suitable for temporary migration (and that it also offers a Direct Entry stream to the 186 after working with the employer for two or more years in the same position) hoping that I can arrive on the temporary visa and then transition over to a permanent visa afterwards (I figure it is pretty hard to convince an employer to sponsor you for a 186 outright. I've found quite a few jobs that I would like to apply for, I guess for me I was hoping to get a sense of whether recruiters in the higher education (mainly universities) are open to the idea of sponsoring candidates from overseas. I know they would do this for academic positions due to the specialist nature of the roles, I wasn't sure whether they would be open to this for non-academic vacancies within a university. Any help you can provide would be much appreciated!
  5. Hi all, I am currently looking to relocate from the UK to Sydney and was hoping to work within the same industry (professional services within higher education). I wanted to check if firstly there are any other fellow Brits who have made their way over to Australia and managed to find employment in this industry? I am a little concerned about the recruitment process since I can imagine there is intense competition for university vacancies. Did you find it necessary to travel to Australia first before securing employment? Or were you able to progress through the interview process while still being in the UK using virtual/electronic communication? Any help or advice you could offer would be amazing! Cheers, Michael
  6. Hi all, Not entirely sure if this is the best place to post this, so apologies in advance! Essentially I was hoping for some advice on the following: - In your opinion are employers willing and able to interview and select candidates based overseas throughout the entire recruitment process (i.e., all communications/interviews are conducted electronically with no face-to-face engagement). I am a little dubious that candidates based physically on location wouldn't be preferenced over those who apply overseas. - I was considering moving to Sydney first before securing a job, this way I would come out on say a Tourist Visa which could then be transferred across to a 457/186 Visa - however I wasn't sure of the implications of applying for a 457/186 Visa in Australia would be, as opposed to processing the application overseas (i.e., are their differences in processing times, in documentation requirements?) Any help you can offer would be much appreciated! Cheers, Michael
  7. michaelbenson

    820 Partner Visa clarification

    Hi guys, I am considering applying for the 820 Partner Temporary Visa with a view to having this become a Permanent Visa 801 after two years time. I was going through the criteria for this Visa. I am a little concerned though because one of the criteria stipulates that I must live together with my partner. In my current situation I have been with my current partner for two years here in Sydney, however because he is still a student and not earning an income he is currently living at home with his parents. But he effectively spends alot of time here in my place, but on my income I couldn't really afford to find something that would be sufficient for the both of us. We are happy with the arrangement as is but would obviously want to move in together when the time is right financially, that is the only reason holding us back. For reference he is 27 and I am 26. Do you think this is going to have any impact on our application, ... I'm really hoping not! Just thought I would ask for your opinions first. Thanks!
  8. My company is in the process of applying to be a nominated employer, and to nominate me under the Employer Nomination Scheme (186). I wanted to check what the law, and general procedure is regarding who should pay for what relating to the Visa process. For example, who should pay for the employer nomination application, the candidate application, and then all the associate costs related to the application - such as police checks and health assessment for example. Thanks for your help, I look forward to hearing back from you.