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  1. I Love Oz

    Visa granted..................

    Congrats are you having a celebratory drink tonight? we are heading to mandurah in September to activate out visas, getting excited now, good luck with the next steps
  2. I do like the apprentice and like a good cringe with some of their one liners, good on them though I wouldn't put myself through that
  3. I Love Oz

    Moving to Melbourne Apologises

    I totally agree with the others, delete, block and forget about ​get well soon x
  4. I Love Oz


    We used go Matilda they were very good
  5. I Love Oz

    Reccie/Activation trip in Sept

    Thanks, I saw someone else do it so copied them to see if i could get more responses from both sites, here it is Hi all We got our visas in Dec 2012 and have booked flights for sept to activate it and do a reccie trip. we are going for 3 weeks and will be staying in mandurah as we have a regional visa so cannot stay in central Perth. I could stay with my family in Joondalup but we won't be able to live there so wanted to do a more realistic trip. we plan on trying to email companies a few months before we go out to try and make some contacts maybe see if anyone will be willing to meet up with my husband to discuss any work opportunities or even better an interview. has anyone else done similar to this, when you did your reccie trip did you manage to speak to anyone in regards to work? Did you get offered a job? As well as looking at work we will be renting a house instead of staying with family so we can get a feel for what it's like to live here, doing the normal things like food shopping and cleaning instead of having someone cook and clean for you. We also plan on looking around different areas we are allowed to stay within our visa requirements. Did anyone look round schools if they have children? Our daughter will be two this year and we have to start thinking ahead. any advice would be welcome thanks christine
  6. Also posted on Perth Poms any advice would be welcome http://www.perthpoms.com/forum/news-gossip/11404-reccie-activation-trip-sept.html#post61098 Thanks, Christine
  7. I Love Oz

    Not been on here for a while because....

    Thanks again for your replies, anyone who would be free to meet up in sept for a chat would appreciate it, me and my husband and daughter will be coming (she will be 21 mo when we come) A few months before we come plan to email some companies to see what works like if they would like cv or to meet up when were out there and try and make some contacts re work, any tips would be welcome, my hubby is a site manager (residential not civil construction)
  8. I Love Oz

    Weird Addictions?

    I know it's not weird but it my addiction
  9. I Love Oz

    Weird Addictions?

    Easy.... CHOCOLATE come on ladies like If this it you too :biggrin:
  10. I Love Oz

    Not been on here for a while because....

    Thanks for all the advice guys, we are not planning on selling the house due to house prices atm so will be renting it so at least we will have some security here. I am over thinking it but can help it, that's why I've not been on here for a bit just wanted to push it to the back of my mind until sept is here. glad it's not just us who felt underwhelmed when the visa came, this is why this PIO helps so much when people can relate and have already been through the same things and on the other hand you can have family members who just don't get it! I don't want to ever have to say what if.....
  11. I Love Oz

    Perth Reccie Trip

    We are also doing a reccie trip in sept and I hope we can make the decision on this trip like you did, 3 weeks won't be long enough as it won't be like living there and working but at least you know now before you made the move so your lucky really good luck
  12. I Love Oz

    Not been on here for a while because....

    Hi adonna, thanks i think that is what I am going to try and do, like you said takes the pressure off and I want to start coming back on PIO more often i mean where else would someone ask how the get their goat to oz and try and sound serious, ha ha fun times on here when you get a wind up on
  13. I Love Oz

    Not been on here for a while because....

    Thanks I just think I'm worrying as we both have to want to same thing and what if we don't? I guess only time will tell
  14. I Love Oz

    Not been on here for a while because....

    haha says it all them mind made up
  15. I Love Oz

    Not been on here for a while because....

    I think this trip should help, yes I have been perth twice and our last trip we also visited Sydney, I know what you mean about Perth being slow but we have been drawn there for some reason apart from some of my family living there. I'd say I'm 70/30 at the moment, I am just probably having the same worries everyone has but like I said I think the trip out there will help, I also think its that fact it's so much different talking about it like should we give oz a go to getting the visa and having to make that life changing decision. How did you feel when you got your visa and then had to book flights? Did lots of doubts start creeping in? I also think this is why I havent been on here for a while to post or to read any posts as i didn't want to start over thinking things again and just thought will just wait till sept and see what happens.