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  1. Rich in Perth

    Getting a UK mortgage while living in Oz - help!

    Thanks Fisher I think I've found a broker who will do this. There are some products out there but very few which is irritating!
  2. Hi guys In short it will take me until about about age 239 to save enough for a house in Perth, so I'm looking to buy in the UK as an investment for now. Trying to get a mortgage is proving an absolute nightmare, just because there seem to be no products at all available. Can anyone recommend any building society or bank who do a mortgage for UK properties on a buy to let basis for people living in Australia (in particular if you've done it yourself)? Cheers Rich
  3. Rich in Perth

    Five a side football in Perth

    Hi mate We always need players - we just post the games out on the Facebook group and it's first come first served on spots - just reply to the post if you can make the date and time then turn up and play. This is the link to join - so just keep an eye out and sign up - it's a friendly group with mixed levels and we all just chip in for the pitch (it's usually $5). http://www.facebook.com/groups/378617368860455/ Cheers Rich
  4. Rich in Perth

    Boxing or muay thai in Perth CBD?

    Hi everyone Probably slightly off topic of moving out here so for that I apologise, but does anyone know of a boxing or thai boxing gym in Perth CBD or within realistic walking distance? I know there are some in Northbridge but too far to walk to make a class after work or on lunch. Any help would be very gratefully received. Cheers Rich
  5. Rich in Perth

    Social in Perth for couples or blokes

    Hi Harvey I'm working in an office at the mo - you been in Perth long?
  6. Rich in Perth

    Social in Perth for couples or blokes

    Hi neepops Always up for that - could you drop me an e-mail next time you've got a session planned? richardmorris84.rm@googlemail.com Cheers Rich
  7. Rich in Perth

    Social in Perth for couples or blokes

    Hi Wendy That sounds like a good plan to me - Saturday sesh sounds like a winner. If hubby is interested me and a group of lads play five a side every Sunday - always looking out for players. Saturday sesh sounds good - my e-mail is richardmorris84.rm@googlemail.com (I don't check this forum very often so that's best to get me on). We're booked up this weekend and the missus is in Bali next weekend but could do something the weekend after if you're about? I'm from Huddersfield and the missus is from Birmingham - how about you guys? Rich
  8. Rich in Perth

    friday club

    Me an the lass would be game - have you sorted something out? Cheers Rich
  9. Rich in Perth

    beers in Perth?

    Howdy Similar situation over here - count me in - beer, pool, etc etc always good. I'm in East Perth, I like long walks in the country and romantic novels - looking for a caring guy... haha, only messin, normal bloke honest. Rich
  10. Hi everyone Me and the missus moved to Perth a few months ago and have made a few friends but know how difficult it can be moving somewhere and not knowing anyone. We're late twenties / early thirties lad and lass, no kids and generally happy to meet up with couples for the usual drinks, food etc. Also, I'm a bloke working in the city centre and am always up for a pint after work if you're needing a bit of bloke time to talk about the footy / boxing etc. Interests include boxing, thai boxing (currently looking for a gym close to the city centre for either if you know of one in walking distance), footy, basketball etc. Cheers Rich
  11. Rich in Perth

    Five a side football in Perth

    Hi everyone I moved here a few months ago from the UK and couldn't find a five a side footy game so have set a group up on Facebook for people to get together and set games up. If you are interested please feel free to join - it's largely made up of recent migrants and is a good bunch. The link is here - http://www.facebook.com/groups/378617368860455/ We have a regular Sunday game going, and are trying to set up a weekday game but can't find any available courts close to the city so if anyone knows of one please let us know. Cheers Rich