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  1. chethoo

    The IT field Thread

    PW1, it's my bad. After running thru all these 21 pages at one go, I believe went out of context Since this thread provides good info even for all those who are willing to migrate in near future, I believe we shouldn't restrict it. It's a great initiative by the way. And regarding my plan to migrate, I'm planning to move to either Sydney/Melbourne, but I'm keeping my options open. Cheers!!! C
  2. chethoo

    The IT field Thread

    Hey folks, This thread looks quite interesting. Kudos to all you guys who are keeping it alive. It helps a lot of people who are in a dilemma. Just to mention about myself, I am a S/W developer with ASP .Net, C#, SQL Server background with 6+yrs of experience. Got my 189 PR visa Oct'13 and Planning to migrate with my wife who is S/w test engineer with 5yrs exp in Manual Testing. Plan is to migrate in Jun'14. I have started looking out for jobs from India, but as many ppl mentioned in this thread, haven't got any luck getting a call yet, as I am not on ground!!! Well, that's the reason consultants gave me when I called them. Beebs, please let me know any job opportunities matching mine or my wife's profile that you are aware of. Happy job hunting guyz Cheers!!!

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    <p><p>Hey amandineFR, </p></p>

    <p><p>First of all I apologize you for responding to this very late. I am not sure whether it's helpful now, but still would like to share. I am S/w engineer with 6+ yrs exp now, but when I applied it was 5+yrs exp. </p></p>

    <p><p>As of now, the status is, I got my PR visa under 189 - skilled independent. </p></p>

    <p><p>Let me know if you need any info.</p></p>

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  4. <p><p>Hi. I saw your post saying that you received a positive assessment. Can you let me know what your occupation is? Also, were all your years of experience recognized?</p></p>

  5. chethoo

    Help Required!!! ACS skills assessment

    Guyz Im done with my Assessment... I got positive results... I was able to Detailed experience reference letter from 2 companies and I added Stat Declaration for 2 comp, As mentioned by amandineFR, the reference letter given in ACS website is generic and it is more thn sufficient. I used the same format to get the reference letter from 2 companies. Regarding the Roles and Responsibilities be more descriptive, and make sure it aligns with the Job designation you selected from SOL. I got the result in just 1mnth. Make sure to include all the points mentioned by bubbe2005 in the reference letter. All the best for everyone out here trying for assessment !!!:biggrin:
  6. I got a mail from ACS regarding the Family Name issue i was facing. They mailed me saying If you do not have Family Name/Surname you can mention your Given name present in Passport only in Family name.
  7. Hi Westly, Can you please elaborate on it... I didn't understand what u hv commented.
  8. Hi MancGeek, Thanks for the information, it is very useful. I have not prepared my CV to upload, is it really required? Can you please give me a format of it if possible? or can you please tell me what all things to include in the CV?
  9. Can Some one please reply to this post... It's urgent...!!!! Thanks
  10. Hi Guyz, I am stuck up in 2 things while filling ACS skill assessment online application. I do not have SurName/Family Name mentioned in my Passport, it is empty. So while filling personal details, what should I enter in Family Name which is a mandatory field. Should I enter Family Name Unknown? I have done Microsoft Certification - MCTS. It is said in guidlines document, that we can add this details, and we need to give TranscriptId and access code. But, in online application process, I did not find any place where I can enter these details. I just uploaded the transcript in Qualifications section, Saying Microsoft as university and MCTS as course. Is this correct? Where to enter Transcript Id and Access code? Please help me to go ahead in the process and applying for ACS skills assessment ASAP. Thanks in advance. Chethoo
  11. HI Guyz, Did any one out here applied for or got their Skilled - Nominated or Sponsored (Provisional) (subclass 489) visa by getting sponsored by their blood relative. If so, can anyone tell me is it required for the sponsor to deposit some money for some years? If so how much AUD per person?, because we are two, myself and my wife. I have got some blood relatives in Melbourne, citizens of Oz, but they are bit reluctant to sponsor because they had to deposit money and can't take it for years. Please provide me with this information, it will be very helpful for our visa. I am asking these questions because, there is nothing given about these in the http://www.immi.gov.au/skills/skillselect/index/visas/subclass-489/ website. And also I want any important information which is not given in the immigration wesite. Thanks in advance.
  12. chethoo

    Help Required!!! ACS skills assessment

    thank you guyz for giving me some very useful info. I worked in an unregistered company for 6mnths, im going to put this experience also, will it have any prob during the assessment? I have offer and experience letter from this company. Please suggest me.
  13. chethoo

    Help Required!!! ACS skills assessment

    Clear in the sense, Mentioning Involved in requirement gathering process or Involved in Design and Implementation of modules is not enough? Do we need to detail, how we were doing requirement gathering/ how we were doing designing and Implementation??
  14. Hi Guyz... If my relative need to sponsor me and my spouse, is there anything like thy need to keep some security deposit for us? if so how much? Basically what are the steps our sponsor need to follow. Thanks in advance.
  15. chethoo

    Help Required!!! ACS skills assessment

    Thank you guyz for such an early response and the info is very useful. I have one more query, I have 4.7yrs of experience currently and I want to have atleast 5yrs to get 65 points for skilled independent visa. Is it ok to apply for assessment now? does the points test consider the experience at the time of assessment or while applying for Visa?