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  1. Advice/speculations please folks?
  2. Hey, Yes, I've deeply researched the different types of surveying because I am genuinely interested in getting into the field regardless, so I know what they involve. But I think it's pretty sound advice to choose the type that think I will enjoy most On that note, can anyone speculate as what field of surveying has the most job vacancies open at the moment? I can only get so much of an idea by looking at Australian jobsearching websites, and I've heard that most of those are pretty unreliable at the best of times anyway. If anyone already in the surveying field can offer their opinion, it'd really help out. Many thanks for your advice so far folks!
  3. Hi, Thanks, I am aware that the skilled migration list will change year on year, but it's a risk that I've already considered. Thanks for the advice on the experience time also. More suggestions/advice is still welcome folks
  4. Hi all, I've decided to emigrate to Oz in three years time, and I've decided to go as a skilled worker, in the form of a surveyor. I already have an idea of what *I* think would be the type of surveying where most jobs will be available come the time I get over there, But right now I'm in the lucky position where I have the option of choosing what type of surveying I want to start learning via a degree here in the UK. If anyone can offer any thoughts or advice on what type of surveying work is most in demand over in Australia at the moment, and what they predict will be most in demand 3 years down the line, I'd really appreciate it. I only really get one shot at this, and I need to do it right, so I need as much advice as I can get If you're in Australia and know about this sort of thing, or are based elsewhere and have done some really serious homework on this matter, I'd really really be thankful for any wisdom you can share Thanks in advance folks!