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  1. Thanks Buzzy-Bee!!!! I'll send you an PM right away!
  2. Sorry that was car....less (no vehicle)....Stress is at it's max!!!
  3. Thanks Moving 2 Melbourne, but Mornington is a wee bit far out at this stage. We are carless too...
  4. Help my family and I are arriving in Melbourne on the 26th of January on Australia Day. The accommodation that we had planned has just fallen through. We are a family of 3 and in desperate need to find a roof over our heads. At the moment neither my wife and I have jobs and we are travelling with a 15 month son. Does anyone know of a two bed property for rent either at the end of this month or next??? Or does anyone know of a decent serviced apartment on the cheap that they can recommend???? Thank you in advance for your help!!!!!!!!!:unsure:
  5. mtb1979

    Travel Insurance - one way cover

    Thanks Kaoticturle for the help. I'll give Insure and Go a call today. I have a feeling we may have used them in the past but that was a long time ago. I'll reply to this post to let you know how I got on. Cheers!!!!!
  6. mtb1979

    Travel Insurance - one way cover

    Hi all! Does anyone have a recommendation for one way travel insurance cover. We're leaving the UK at the end of the month and travelling via Thailand and NZ before landing in OZ. We initially thought our bank would cover us in the UK as we hold a policy with them, but it turns out we were wrong as we are not returning to the UK.:arghh: So if anyone who has previous experience please advise. Another issue is valuable items i.e. engagement rings. Thanks for your help in advance!!!
  7. mtb1979

    Tassimo Coffee Maker

    Hi guys I know this link is fairly old now but I wanted to find out if there has been a change with the Tassimo pods at all in Australia. We're departing for Australia in 5 weeks time and we were eyeing up a new machine but wanted to find out if the pods are now on the market? I understand they take a T-pod. Thanks!!!!
  8. mtb1979

    TVs to Australia

    Hi everybody, thank you very much for the input about the TV situation! Going with what everybody says, I think we will hold out till we arrive in OZ. Once again thank you for every ones help!!! I see JB Hi-Fi looks like the business!
  9. mtb1979

    TVs to Australia

    Hi all, I need some advice. We will be emigrating to Melbourne come the 1st of December this year, however our TV (older tube TV) has just packed up- all very nice timing! Would people recommend buying a new TV set prior to arriving in Australia and are the UK digital boxes compatible with the signals in Australia? for picking up all the channels? Thanks in advance!
  10. mtb1979

    Melbourne suburb help - Williamstown & Newport

    Thanks guys! I'm actually a Kiwi who has lived in London for a number of years. Thank you for your honest responses, if that is the case can you recommend an area of Melbourne which is close to the beaches which is still affordable to live. To start with we will be renting then looking at houses to buy hopefully sooner than later!
  11. Hi all, we're relocating to Melbourne come January next year. Does anyone know anything about the Williamstown/Newport (Melbourne) area and if it's a decent area to relocate to for a family (toddler) in terms of daycares, schools and lifestyle. We're a family of three and as the move is only a few months away the old pressure is starting to build.... Thanks for you help in advance!
  12. Hi all, I know this post is more about purchasing car seats, however can anyone advise of a decent company in Melbourne area that can hire child's seats. We have a 18 month old and will be arriving in early January 2013. Thanks!
  13. mtb1979

    Day care/nursery's in Melbourne

    Brilliant! Thank you very much for the information.
  14. mtb1979

    Day care/nursery's in Melbourne

    Hi I'm new to Poms in Oz and would like to seek out advise from people who have actually relocated to Melbourne and gone through or going through something similar. We will be arriving in Melbourne early January, still unsure of the exact area we will live however we have a family member based in the Mont Albert area. Does anyone have an idea about child care costs for daycares/nursery's, we will have a 17 month old with us and are really unsure what to do. Are the waiting lists times the same as over here in the UK? And does anyone know what the rough costs per day are. Thank you in advance Hayden