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  1. Britbabe

    Moving Back To The UK

    Hi Lady Rainicorn Could you let me know who you used to move your goods. Thanks
  2. Britbabe


    Thanks Verystormy My kids are wanting to go to college not Uni. Oh my word this does put a spanner in the works............................. I have replied to the college stating which courses they wish to do let wait and see the costs........
  3. Britbabe


    Thanks for that but why would they be considered to be international students? It was through no fault of theirs that we decided to move to Aus or to move back to the UK.
  4. Britbabe


    Hi My husband and I are returning back to the UK early 2016. My daughter is in year 11 at the moment and my son is completing year 12. I have been asked by the local college where I wish to enroll my kids how long have we been out of the UK. What is the relevance of this question? Is there something I should be concerned about, in terms of fees or being allowed to attend college? Regards Britbabe
  5. Britbabe

    Pre Grant Notification going to Auckland

    Hi Andy Thanks for that. Last stage now regards Britbabe
  6. Hi Has anyone recently been to New Zealand to have their permanent residence stamped in thier passport? Do you need to book an apointment? Thanks Britbabe