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  1. Hi, Hope you don't mind, but what was the outcome of this conversation? It's just the link doesn't work (anymore)?! Thanks! Chris
  2. Specialboy

    Finally!! Visa 309 submitted!

    YEY finally have finished putting everything together and sent to Austrtalia House on Friday!! Its such a relief to have it put in! And wow it was a thick wad of paper!!! So - how long does it normally take to receive confirmation of receipt and then be asked to take your medicals? Thanks folks!!! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  3. Hi all, Thanks so much for the responses so far! I think we will probably go with just submitting the originals of invites and bills etc, as we will include a pre-paid envelope for return. I'm just disappointed that the processing time has increased as it has. Good luck to you all who are awaiting your visa being processed, and best wishes to Jo and Jon for your newly expected family member! I will let you all know how we get on! Thanks, Chris
  4. Hi all, This is my first post! My partner and I have found this site extremely useful for other things, so first of all a big thank you and congratulations to anyone who's recently received their visa! My questions is regarding getting documents certified. I have photocopies of both our passports certified, and we both have certified copies of our birth certificates. Do other documents, such as tenancy agreements, utility bills, invitations, cards and any other supporting evidence have to be certified copies as well? Or can they just be colour photocopies? If anyone could please share with me their experience with this part of the application, I would really appreciate it. We are applying for a 309 de facto visa, and have lived together for approximately 22 months. We are submitting the application without an agent and are almost ready to send it off. Thanks very much! :biggrin: Chris