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  1. DaveD


    That was correct - i was talking about her test. I was hoping it was british humour at first.
  2. DaveD


    My wife passed in March and still waiting.
  3. DaveD

    Visa Status Update After Test

    Hi everyone. I took my test in February and the update on my immi account status was within a week and I received the letter a few days later. My wife took (and passed) the test in March and her account is still at the Received status. We tried calling immigration but the robots simply told us that the expected time frame for completion had not expired so nothing they can do. My question is simply is this common? Was I lucky? Or could the election have had something to do with it and they will be working through a backlog? Anyone else had this happen to them?
  4. DaveD

    457 to PR through sponsorship

    Hi, just after a bit of advice. What exactly does an employer have to do in order to nominate you for a PR visa from an existing 457. We are a small company and don't really have the in house knowledge to answer and the websites are slightly confusing at best. I want to try and go in with all the facts before I see my boss to ask about it. We have just hired someone else on a 457 so had to re register the proof of training requirements if that is needed. My boss has also been told he needs to submit a set of accounts too? Is that correct? Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Hi Everyone, My Wife and I have been here just over a year with a 2 and a half year old daughter and 3 month old son. We would be happy to join in with any meet ups and get togethers to try and make some new friends. We are just up from you Nic in Pacific Pines. Cheers Dave
  6. DaveD

    Looking to meet up Gold Coast

    Hi Wokos, Sounds like you have been enjoying yourselves so far.... We have been on the Gold Coast now for 14 months, in our mid 30's with 2 nippers - a 2 and half year old girl and a 3 month old boy. We would be happy to meet up as we understand how hard it can be when you first come out. PM any details and we can get in touch.
  7. Hi, I dont know if it is me just missing the obvious, but does anyone have the actual account details for the new local account in Australia for Moneycorp? Please PM me if you feel this should not be a public topic. thanks Dave
  8. DaveD

    Postage Costs

    Hi Everyone, Just a quick question regarding the costs of postage. Has anyone found any couriers/shipping companies that are cheaper than the post offices for both sending stuff back to the uk and them sending stuff here. thanks
  9. We have used crown as well. As previously said it is the same company from door to door and within a week of leaving the uk we had the full contact details of the person here in Aus who would be dealing with us. The guys who packed us up were brilliant. i would highly recommend them.
  10. DaveD

    457 english requirement and health cover

    I recently came over on a 457 and if you do not want to pay out for medical cover now then you can use travel insurance. I think i got mine for about 40 pounds. Once over here you can then get the appropriate cover you need.