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    Anyone In Brisbane????

    Hi my partner and I are 22 and both struggled to meet people. We live in Wellington Point and work in the city and are always keen to meet some new people!
  2. jessbrooks5

    need to meet people our age!!

    Hey! Me and My partner have been here since November 2011, we are both 22 and he has made friends fine but I have struggled. We are in Wellington Point! It's so hard to meet people our age because everyone I work with is a lot older!
  3. Hey, I've recently moved to Brisbane and looking to meet some girls to go shopping, coffee, clubbing etc. Look forward to hearing from someone ( hopefully)
  4. jessbrooks5

    Anyone around the Bribane area?

    Hey! I'm Jess, I moved to brisbanebefore christmas and have found it hard to find friends because of not being in work. I'm 21 and love going out, shopping and just chilling out! Would love to meet some new people. Jessica