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    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    hello guys! I just want to share my timeline. I was on a 457 visa and applied through the direct entry stream. 05/02/14- Nomination lodged by employer 01/04/14- Nomination approval 14/06/14- Visa lodged without MA, received by parramatta office 18/06/14- Medicals done 18/08/14- Visa granted at 6 pm.. haven't heard from CO until the approval and was processed at WA office hope this helps... good luck to those who are still waiting! it is worth the wait.
  2. yerrik

    ANMAC professional reference - advice please

    hello! just got my letter of determination from ANMAC last week. Based on experience, they asked me to provide a reference that would cover a total of 36 months international experience or 12 months Australian experience. If you could provide them with a reference with a minimum of 36 months experience from one employer then I think you would be fine. But of course just send send as many as you can as long as it conforms with their standard. I provided two references and they just add up the number months of the two. hope this helps.
  3. yerrik

    186 Direct Entry Stream.. Do I need IELTS?

    Thanks Tickled Pink! I might as well sit for the IELTS then. :arghh:
  4. yerrik

    186 Direct Entry Stream.. Do I need IELTS?

    thanks for your reply guys but I'm not a UK passport holder. I worked in the UK for 3 years that's why I was able to get my AHPRA registration without it and completed my my ANMAC.
  5. Hi everyone! Hope somebody could enlighten me cause I'm just confused. I'm a nurse and I'm on the process of applying for 186 visa thru the direct entry stream employer-nominated. I didn't do IELTS in my AHPRA registration and ANMAC skills assessment. Now, that I'm applying for PR do I need to sit for IELTS or providing evidence that I was taught and assessed in English in primary, secondary and tertiary education is enough already? Thanks!
  6. yerrik

    Springfield lake & North Lakes

    Hi! We live in Augustine Heights for 8 months now and loving it. My daughter goes to Augusta State School and it's a very good school. Its a private public school and they are just in their 3rd year I guess so their facilities are new. It only takes us 30-40 mins drive to city. I work at the city sometimes I drive sometimes I use the train. Shops are lovely so as the parks. More shops and cinemas are being constructed already at Orion Shopping center.
  7. yerrik

    nurses 457 processing times

    hi all! just an update.. Application 457 Business Nomination 28/09/2012 Application received - processing commenced 28/09/2012 Application fee received 04/10/2012 Nomination approved Application 457 Business Long Stay 05/10/2012 Application received - processing commenced 05/10/2012 Application fee received 05/10/2012 Health requirements outstanding 05/10/2012 Medical examination required 05/10/2012 Chest X-Ray report required 05/10/2012 Chest X-Ray film required 05/10/2012 HIV blood test required 05/10/2012 Hepatitis B antigen blood test required 05/10/2012 Hepatitis C antibody blood test required
  8. yerrik

    Private Health Insurance 457

    got ours from IMAN much cheaper..
  9. yerrik

    AHPRA May 2012 Applications....

    so far in my experience, Sydney is fine. if not for the additional documents that they asked I would have my eligibility letter after 12 days.
  10. yerrik

    nurses 457 processing times

    i know that there is a thread on 457 processing times but i started this thread specifically for nurses so as to compare timelines. might as well be helpful to those who are still waiting and who are about to start with the process. nurses please post your 457 timelines :biggrin: thank you :wink:
  11. yerrik

    457 and healthcare

    got ours from IMAN.. much cheaper than the others..
  12. somebody posted it here in PIO but can't find it anymore.. anyway, good thing thing I have copied and saved it and wanna share it with you guys.. hope this helps.. big credits to the one who originally posted it.. When presenting at an AHPRA office to activate your registration you will need to bring: ID (I brought an EU passport and UK driving licence) The original letter posted to you stating you were eligible to register Proof of Australian Visa (a printout of visa grant email is acceptable) Proof of Address (bank statements,council tax bills THEY STRONGLY PREFER AN OZ ADDRESS-I GOT MY EMPLOYER TO WRITE ME A LETTER STATING I WOULD BE STAYING AT HOSPITAL ACCOMMODATION) Proof of Australian Employment(Job Offer Letter) If you are missing any of these things they will NOT activate your registration. Lastly, be warned. It takes up to 10 days before they actually activate your registration. Additionally, if you present at an office other than where you applied they will post off the documents you present to your application office (I presented at Brisbane, they had to post to Sydney).
  13. yerrik

    457 visa insurance

    just got a budget visitor insurance from IMAN and you just have to pay for a month upfront and will commence when you arrive in OZ. ours is family and paid $173. got the policy after 2 days. hope this helps. when you arrive in Oz, you can cancel anytime.
  14. yerrik

    457 eVisa Application Documents

    thanks for the info. may i know which bank provided you with a free health insurance? is this an australian bank?