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    I'm off.... 29th Sept :)

    Not been on for a while. Booked my flights and Land in Sydney on my own with two suitcase on 3rd Oct Nervous but very excited!! Spoken to agencies and although I don't have a job yet they have all been very positive, and I had a telephone interview yesterday. Jobs wise, for me, it seems OK.... (I'm an IT Engineer) BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has helped me, this site is awesome (See I'm getting the lingo already!!) Colin
  2. techcs

    Nice affordable area in Sydney

    House share is the way to go for me... Just for the fact I might get to know more people.. I don't know anyone over there! I'll be heading for Surrey Hills... Seems like the place to be...
  3. techcs

    Coming out alone and quite scared.

    Well, I'm coming out alone in Sept/Oct this year. I'm excited most days but others I'm scared too..... I did think about buying a two way flight in case but that is definitely the wrong thing to do for me... I've joined an outdoor club from over here in the UK and started to talk to some of the people in there. Got quite a few people I could possibly ask to go for a drink with already... Lots of clubs about and all really friendly. I know deep down I'll be OK but none the less its scary..... Col
  4. techcs

    8 Weeks in Sydney and loving it!

    ha ha ha.... sorry didn't see that...
  5. techcs

    8 Weeks in Sydney and loving it!

    Arrgghhh it really grates on me that Bridget put all that effort into a decent post and a gets a comment about her grammar... WTF.... The sorry doesn't wash.
  6. I'm going without ever visited... Don't even have a job!! Its an adventure
  7. techcs

    Liverpool, England

    Born and bred Scouse here... I'd say no worse than any other city in England... we all have good and bad parts... I love the fact that we are friendly and have a sense of community, some people like it others don't... Love the quote 'Is it safe to take children there?' do people think there are no children in Liverpool? Anyway thats just me being defensive of a city that is a treat to live in.. however I am going to OZ very soon I'd say to anyone to make a visit at least once.... Lots to do...
  8. techcs

    Having doubts!!!!!

    This is a good thread... I'm feeling the same since my grant. I have a good job here and am in the process of splitting up with my partner of 10 years.... So I will be going alone with no job. Its a big step, but I have accepted that I will take any job when I get there and then find the job I really need/want as and when.... I too have read the negative posts and while you do have to take them on board, I do think that people post negative stuff more than the positive things.... That's what I'm clinging onto anyway!! Col
  9. techcs

    Anyone moving/has moved to Australia alone?

    Hey, I'm going on my own.. Just going to pack a suitcase or two and go... I'll house share for a month or so then get place... I'm having good days where I can't wait and bad days when I think I'm crazy for even thinking about.... So I guess we'll see if I actually make it or not Col
  10. techcs

    IELTS Result

    Just to add, they will automatically remark if your scores differ by a certain amount of points. i.e if you scored 7.5 in speaking you have a total difference of 2. They will remark for this to make sure the examiners have done it right. Col
  11. techcs

    IELTS Result

    That score means its getting remarked. I had the same. This is not your final mark. Mine got remarked three times!!!!
  12. techcs

    Starting from nothing?

    I've not done it yet but I will be doing exactly the same (Except I will have no Job or anyone coming with me) Good Luck, I'm sure it will be fine... Col
  13. techcs

    Do I send passport off?

    Great... I think I will just print off my letters etc... I read in the documentation that you can check a Visa status here https://www.ecom.immi.gov.au/evo/start.do?actionType=thirdPartyRegister so I suspect this is what the authorities and others use... Thanks all.... much appreciated.
  14. techcs

    Do I send passport off?

    Thanks for that info. Have people actually been turned away at the airports? Col
  15. techcs

    Do I send passport off?

    Hi All, I've had my visa granted but no where in the documentation does it say to send my passport off? It does mention that some passports are electronically tagged with the Visa but it still does not say if it is mine or not. I'm from the UK with an old style passport... if that helps.. Thanks Col