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  1. Jimmy P


    Update... Applied 29 June 2018 online, acknowledged same day Test/interview letter received 6 May 2019 Interview/ Test date 18 July 2019 Brisbane- re scheduled to 2 September so whole family could do on same day All approved 4 September (2 applicants on same day, rest 2 days later) Moreton Bay Regional Council UK applicant. Family of 5
  2. Jimmy P


    I've PM'd you shiveringpom
  3. Jimmy P


    I've been waiting a while to add to this thread.... Applied 29 June 2018 online, acknowledged same day Test/interview letter received 6 May 2019 Interview/ Test date 18 July 2019 Brisbane Moreton Bay Regional Council UK applicant. Family of 5 Just need to get fresh Police certs from UK as they are now over 12 months old...!
  4. Jimmy P

    Which subjects for secondary school teachers?

    Not sure about other states, but here in Qld Psychology is new this year at Senior level, and Sociology not available. Flexibility is the key, and the willingness to have a go at something else, perhaps in your case humanities subjects. I came over as a teacher of Business and Accounts, but got my foot in the door teaching maths to yrs 8,9 and now I am co-coordinator of Maths A/General Maths.
  5. Jimmy P

    Relocating with 16 year old daughter

    We came out with our 16 yo daughter, arriving in June. She should have slotted in to Y11, but didn't want to have missed half of that first senior year, so she had just over a term in Y10. She was one of the eldest in the year, but it really helped her to find her feet, and now has a great bunch of friends from both school and Tafe
  6. Jimmy P


    You get the TRN when you start the application. One person can use their immi account for everyone else's applications. You link the applications using the TRN
  7. Just got a cheque through from a PPI claim I put in before Christmas. Check out Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert website. Because my bank is still going I printed out their generic form, filled it in and posted it back. If you know who took over the building society you could look up their PPI department and give them a ring. I found these people very helpful. Didn't need claims company. Once they've received the form you will probably get a phone call to go over it. Payment took out tax for interest, so now have a form to claim that back as a non UK resident! Jim
  8. Jimmy P

    Teaching PR visa

    Make sure you double check that the PGCE course you do meets the current requirements for AITSL skills assessment. This is in terms of number of years degree/post grad studies (4 years when I applied, ie 3 yr degree + 1 year PGCE) and also number of days teaching practice on your course. The requirements could change though by the time you are ready to apply...
  9. Jimmy P


    One thing to remember, but it may not affect you...We were granted our visa, activated it then only emigrated twelve months later. Because we were out of the Australia for a certain length of time we had to get Police Clearance certificates again from UK. It flagged it as a requirement when you input all the times you are out of Australia
  10. Jimmy P


    When I did ours I started filling in the online application about 3 months before our eligibility would be reached. It allowed me to complete the whole application up to review and payment. It meant I was able to pay and submit on the 4 year anniversary of our arrival. It was a new application for all of us. I put my 13 yo on mine, and did my wife and 2 adult kids all on my IMMI account, linked together by TRN.
  11. We have found in our nearly 5 years here we pay less for rates, electricity, and transport than in U.K. Food about the same. The big mistake to make when you are planning is to convert AUD to GBP as a comparison. Look at what a gross annual salary converts into net fortnightly (ATO does one) and build an AUD budget from there.
  12. Can't help with how realistic $120k is for your line of work, but that sounds like more than enough to support 2 people comfortably in Brisbane. Obviously depending on how lavish your lifestyle is!
  13. Jimmy P

    Teach First UK PGCE

    A few years since I jumped through the AITSL hoops, but I recall them needing the specific evidence of teacher practice. If in doubt give them a ring. They might just say follow the directions and apply, bit it can't do any harm! How is your PGCE different?
  14. Jimmy P

    Singapore Airlines "not the cheapest" - Is this true?

    We've done both SIN to LHR and SIN to MAN. To London on the B777 and Manchester on a very new A350. The latter was considerably quieter, really noticeable, even down the back. Seats were "skinnier" by far but were comfortable. Armrests very narrow on the A350, but not a problem if you know the people around you! Only issue is MAN-SIN is only 5 times per week at the moment, and departs Singapore at 2.30 am
  15. Jimmy P

    Singapore Airlines "not the cheapest" - Is this true?

    We've done Etihad, Emirates, Malaysian, Cathay, Qantas/BA and Singapore. Singapore wins hands down for us (2 adults +13yo who isn't a keen flyer). Good choice of departures from Brisbane, choice of connections in Singapore. We've had a 2 day break in the city, but bags checked straight through without having to claim them at Changi. Good hotel to spend 24 hrs or more between flights, good inflight service and entertainment. Little things like hot towels, announcements only in English. Pricing seems competititve-particularly as we have to travel in school holidays. But if you get the child who cannot sit still in front/behind you for 14 hours, none of it really matters...!