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  1. shoebox20

    Parent Visiting lengths?

    That really helps thanks so much :) Absolutely would get her some insurance, and its just reassuring she can stay for periods of time (I don't think she would ever be able to live here permanently anyway, but knowing she could stay for 6+ months at a time - thats great) Appreciate the thorough reply, and experience. Lisa
  2. Hi all! after a little advice (and I’m sure it’s in here somewhere but we have a LOT of posts) I’ve recently moved back to Sydney (worked in the UK for two years, missed it so much, and decided here is where I belong) and although I am originally British, I now have dual citizenship (thank goodness I got that after 8 years here) my question is - my mum (only remaining relative - 69, healthy enough, retired, but without a pension, she owns her house and has no debt though) is in England. I miss her so so much. I realise visa wise it would take forever, or involve lots of money (once I’ve been back here 2 years) for her to move here. however...the dream is I could spend a couple months in the UK each year (I’m freelance, well starting my own business, so long term will be possible) and she could come stay with/visit me for terms. how long is she allowed to stay here, each year or at a time? And if (I doubt it but you never know) she ever needed a doctor, or severed a limb...would we/Australia leave or help!? i know slightly silly/obvious questions but I’m keen not to be all excited about her coming here for a few months at a time, if it’s really impossible. thanks so much lisa
  3. shoebox20

    Can I take ......

    fab thanks! I can obviously get toiletries in Sydney, and some fab Aus brand ones too - just keen to stock a few ready of my faves while they're a decent price. And the Syrup...I may bubblewrap a bottle, my stuff is all in plastic containers too. Thanks all!
  4. shoebox20

    Can I take ......

    Hiya, I'm moving back to Sydney (Having been back in the UK for two years - I just miss Aus so much, which surprised even me, huge phew I got the citizenship before I left, sad to be going so far away from my amazing mum, but excited to finally feel I belong somewhere again) Anyway I digress, doing a few boxes to ship, can I take (yes this is random) Starbucks Sealed Peppermint Syrup? Its a strange addiction but the stuff is just so good and also toiletries - shampoo, etc as a rescue pack of beauty stuff to add to the 'boxes have arrived' excitement? Thanks in advance :)
  5. shoebox20

    MOVING FORWARD...Any advice?

    I agree, I was back in England last July, and 27c felt incredibly warm (not humid but just nice!) in Sydney I would be saying that was just a 'nice' day and grabbing a jacket for the evening...ha! So, the new work contract agreed, and decision made, super thrilled if apprehensive about the adapting, new job, new city, but I'm ready to launch back to UK life (though I say forward to the UK, never back ;-) and see how it rolls, somehow having the Australian Citizenship is the biggest reassurance that if I really can't love life there I have the option to return to Australia, if you don't try...you never know. Thanks for all the tips, time to tackle the practice (and most daunting) part next, shipping boxes planning, selling things and the list of paperwork/tax to tie up. This forum has been a HUGE help, and I'll be checking it even when I move for sure, I'll no doubt be more than a regular over the next few weeks before I leave. Thanks! Lisa
  6. shoebox20

    MOVING FORWARD...Any advice?

    Thanks for the tips, and the reassurance. Been back to England most years and always felt one day it would be time to get back, sure the cold, etc isn't ideal...but there are, as you say, LOADS of benefits, nothing quite beats a british summertime with light nights and long days. The t-shirts in Scotland however...rather you than me! ha, I think its cool in Sydney now at 19c. I'll check out the mini move cube...
  7. shoebox20

    MOVING FORWARD...Any advice?

    Hiya All, Having been in Sydney 5 years, got my citizenship. and just got back in January after 4 months working in China, I've climbed to a suitably global ranking from just a designer to Creative Design Director in Branding & Packaging...I LOVE Australia, and Sydney, but feeling a bit static, and weirdly isolated (so many around me are settled, sorted and happy whereas, sure I love life but am a little 'ok what next' so instead of plugging away with freelance contracts while the next big chance comes along I'm heading back to the UK in May. I say moving forward to the UK though, sounds more positive! I've been offered my dream role/challenge and it feels excitedly right. Sure I'm afraid I will hate the cold/dark/lack of paleo foods! but...I'm ready. China prepared me for anything, ha! What I'd really like, as at the moment its all so overwhelming to pick my life up and move again...solo. I've dated on and off here but never really found a true reason to stay, especially with work being quite transient in the current economic climate, I only rent my apartment (rolling lease) and I'm still fairly young with no commitments. Most posts here seem to have done the move back with someone, do any of you have a quick fire guide to how to make it quick and painless? I will only move 3/4 boxes of stuff plus an iMac back, sell the rest. Am I CRAZY to move back? Recommendations on small item shipping, or essential tick list of what I need to do in the next 5 weeks before I leave, loose ends to sort, etc? I'm sure I'll be back here in no time, I've got the dual passport now so can, and somehow telling myself that made the decision easier. Thanks soooo much in advance! Lisa
  8. shoebox20

    Creative Industry Ping Pong Pom

    Hey Northern, Sydney is definitely more 'clicky' than other Australian places I've visited, but thats just my experience and I'm sure it depends where a bouts you are, where are you based? I'm in Crows Nest and met most of my friends either locally just generally chatting in coffee shops (amazing what wearing a Liverpool FC shirt on my way to the gym does to get people commenting, let alone being a girl who even likes football, or should I say soccer! and theres a website called meetup, thats pretty good for meeting people as they organise get togethers or events. I'm guessing you're Bondi way from the previous chipshop mention, and while I might be heading home later in the year if you're ever north side and want a coffee/moan let me know...I'm normally around and about in the city with friends or solo on weekends too so happy to catch up sometime, meeting new people here really depends what you like doing, as a creative I love movies/live music/comedy/galleries which aren't exactly places to make new mates, even after 4 years I've got few, but really good friends...mostly as I said out and about and from flatting with people. I'll pm you my email/deets and if you fancy a chat/moan/football banter catch up we can sort something out....even if I leave Aus I've friends who are sticking around Lisa
  9. shoebox20

    Creative Industry Ping Pong Pom

    You're totally right, and nice to hear of someone around the same age (might be 34 but mentally, as a creative about 15 with the same dilemma, I really do love Aus, made some amazing friends here (mainly traveller or non sydneysiders too...Sydney is quite clicky I find) and spending New Years on my apartment rooftop with random neighbours and watching fireworks, it just often gets quite isolated despite being surrounded by people doesn't it...do you find Sydney very different to Perth? As Lady Rainicorn suggested, I know I'm ready for some UK time again, be nearer to family, and European Culture, and architecture/arts....but deep down I know I'll be back on that return flight (probably in Nov as its booked for) to stay here again, and celebrate the citizenship ceremony, but need to get the UK allure out my system first, I'm glad I'm holding out for Citizenship, it would be crazy not to with my plan to return. Auckland...is a great idea, I haven't been but some fantastic design agencies in NZ, I can see myself moving to melbourne too, definitely more European and feels like I'm less far from home, if only I could move my mum across there too. New Bondi Chippy, not really a Bondi fan (I know I'm British whats wrong with me ;-) but will definitely have to check that out, and the new small bars popping up city wide, even over the north side near me in Crows Nest are another addition to the 'bits I love about living here' side of the list, I'l be back, but first I have to get at least one English summer in Thanks everyone, keep those opinions, experiences and tips coming :-)
  10. shoebox20

    Creative Industry Ping Pong Pom

    Thanks so much for the feedback and advice, you're right about the month thing obviously it was very much a whirlwind of activity, also about the seeing how it goes. I came here originally on the WHV to give it a shot, always wanted to try it and things sort of all worked out real well, after a bit of a rut in England this was a fresh challenge, that now I think I'm ready for a new challenge nearer to family. I'm 34 so not really young, but don't have mega responsibility (no kids or mortgages) at the moment, 6 months more in my job I'm hoping might give me time to make a super impact in such that they might have me back...if ping pong-ing was the answer and I do have the UK (-2c...brrrrr) Oh heck on the citizenship though, I can apply 17 Feb, figured it would take a couple of months, and can I not come back for the ceremony? At the moment my flights are 31st May, and I got a return for end Nov, just incase but can change the return date for a small fee (one way flights were saving hardly anything and I'm sure I'll come back at some point, be it a year, two years...hence citizenship, in a dream world I could ship my mum back here with me Thanks for the support, and experiences...alll helps knowing I'm not the only one doing stuff like this, feeling like you 'belong' is something I may have strived for all my life, I'm not sure I ever will...but while I love Aus and 'fitted' here the last few years, I felt that I could settle back in London or England, for a bit longer...not forever, but so many things I didn't do or see when there I'm keen to tick off my list before I settle or kick back at least here in Aus, so I probably owe it to myself, and my family to have a try. L
  11. shoebox20

    Creative Industry Ping Pong Pom

    Hi all....and HAPPY NEW YEAR! So this is my first post here, Having been in Aus 4 years, on the cusp of citizenship (applying in feb) and I'm a few months into a new job (not totally my dream role but a good senior brand/packaging designer job, great team, decent agency and so far enjoying the work and challenges, learning lots and earning much more than my last role...BUT...I went 'home' for a month last year and somehow felt like I belonged again, realised how much I miss being close to my mum and the buzz of london (as a creative the European culture seems much more in touch there than here in Sydney) and so I've booked flights to move back ...now they're booked (for June) I'm all unsure, have I made the wrong decision, I'll miss my life here, but then I felt so happy there after being away so long, and surely I owe it to myself to go back and see how it goes and pans out...it feels right to try. I will get my citizenship first, but with all going well (on paper at least...but just because the boxes are ticked, good job, good lifestyle, nice apartment, etc doesn't mean we're happy, and despite having friends I often have such solitary moments) am I MAD to give it all up for a stint back in the UK? What if I don't get work there, and what if should I choose to come back here in 6 months theres no work here then...eek panic alert :-/ Advice, reassurance, experience, tips all welcome, I know you guys here are the experts Thanks Lisa