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  1. walvia

    Almost a month in Perth - story so far

    Excellent post! I wish you the best of luck with your future and the new business venture. S.
  2. walvia

    176 Lodged June 2012

    I'm just seeing this. Congrats, Maruska! That was a tidy long wait for you. What state are you moving to?
  3. walvia

    176 Lodged June 2012

    I can imagine! re: walking into a pub as a middle eastern, everybody immediately starts to shift in their seats. Lol. Yesterday, I was quite depressed but now, I realize that the situation is out of my control. I've tried and will keep trying to secure employment. Otherwise, whatever happens happens. Where do you suggest I look in terms of work in the regional areas? I'd do anything to get work at this rate.
  4. walvia

    176 Lodged June 2012

    Of course there are successful black people here, most of them just happen to be in the health industry. In the clinic where I used to work, people would make racial remarks at me and then go in to get taken care of by the Black/Indian GP's. It was quite amusing, the ignorance of some of these people. I'll send you a DM as per coffee meet :-)
  5. walvia

    176 Lodged June 2012

    Thank you for your kind words, they are well appreciated :-)
  6. walvia

    Asylum boat sinks - Guess who is at fault?

    A lot are ignorant because they have never or probably will never experience persecution first hand. If you were in a position where you will most likely be killed because of the things you believe, the way you look, talk or just the area you were born in, I doubt if your opinion will still be as strong regarding seeking asylum. And Sarah is right, seeking asylum/being a refugee is not illegal. I suppose it's much easier to travel by boat to safety than use the airport where travelling processes are more stringent.
  7. walvia

    176 Lodged June 2012

    As I read your responses and varying degrees of success in Australia, I weep. Things haven't been so good to me, I'm afraid. Bear in mind that I'm probably one of the most optimistic people you could ever meet and I approached this whole thing with naive exuberance but I have been beaten and fatigued by the system. Got here at the tail end of April and was able to secure a part time job (3 days a week) within the first 2 weeks. Unfortunately, that role ended and I have tried to no avail to secure a job since then. I'm qualified in Human Resources but that market has been hit quite badly since the beginning of the year so I tailored my CV to be more administration inclined. Funny thing is, I get called for interviews a lot but I just can't seem to get a job! I did manage to get a job in August (a temp to perm role that would have seen me working for at least 3 months) but was told after 2 weeks on the job that they were re-thinking the position and I had to leave. I've gone for interviews where I've been told that "you have work experience and qualifications that are too strong"?!!! This is after I've even toned down my CV! I have exhausted all my finances and if I don't get a job in 2 weeks, I'm surely going to be homeless. I don't think I've had a wink of sleep in the last month or so. Socially, things are just as bad. I've tried to make friends and get out more but I usually get burned. Someone actually opened his gob and told me he thought I should bleach my skin as I'm too "black". What that means, I'd never really know. Some, in an attempt to pay a compliment just end up insulting. I hear things like "You speak good English". As opposed to what? Sign language? Animal wails? I'd stand on the street (this has happened way too many times) and I'll get splashed with puddles by yobs who just speed off laughing. I've never felt so demoralized in my life. It's all quite depressing. I guess what I'm trying to say (the big elephant in the room when it comes to race issues) is that I don't think some parts of Australia are well prepared for the diversity they are trying to imbibe. I try to approach things/people with an open mind but its very hard to do especially in a place like this where you walk into a bar/restaurant and you get side glances from people because you're the only black person in a room full of people. It shows in their attitude to you as well, some people are just so uncomfortable and don't know how to relate to you. I wish I could go back to London but I can't even afford to. I am so so so tired
  8. walvia

    Asylum boat sinks - Guess who is at fault?

    In addition, when they seek asylum, their family members and community pool together all their money to get them to safety.
  9. walvia

    Asylum boat sinks - Guess who is at fault?

    Where are you getting this from? Oh. Wait. Are you being sarcastic?!
  10. walvia

    190 Visa - Two year requirement

    From the state point of view, I reckon it's OK as the requirement is that you spend at least two years living in the said state.
  11. walvia

    Accommodation Needed In Perth Area

    Thamks Jules, you have been very kind. I am registered with the WA State Gov site and also with some local governments as there have been some vacancies recently that fit my profile. No feedback from them yet but I understand that can take up to 3 weeks. I also took a look at the Fiona Stanley Hospital you mentioned by going to their careers site. Looks like they are only recruiting medical positions at this time. I do appreciate your feedback but I am getting very desperate now. I paid for professional CV writing and that's what I've been sending out but I don't even have any calls for interviews, after one week! Phew!:mad:
  12. walvia

    Accommodation Needed In Perth Area

    Thanks for all your kind responses, guys. I'm in Perth now and decided to stay in a bed and breakfast on Hay street. It was cheap about $35/night and my hosts were lovely. I got a shared flat 3 days later in Rivervale and I moved in immediately. Next step is to get a job which as I hear is almost impossible, these days.
  13. *Also posted in PerthPoms* Hi, I'll be arriving Perth on the 1st of May and it's been an absolute nightmare securing house share from London. I've had a look at gum tree but haven't had any feedback from all of the people I've written. I don't know why but I can't view numbers on gumtree Australia, hence can't call ad owners. Could this be because I'm new on there or maybe because I have a UK IP address? I've also tried homebound, realestate, easyroomate (I've especially stalked this site for months and not got any favourable feedback) and everywhere else I can look on the internet. I'm trying to be as frugal as possible with money, and since I'm coming alone, I don't want to spend any money staying in a hotel when I might as well move straight into a rental with people around to talk to. All I want is a room close enough to the CBD (Canningvale, Bentley, Joondaloop etc. Anywhere, really as I've never been to WA and I'm just basing my knowledge on the area on google maps) on a budget of 150-200 per week. I'm female, 28, HR professional, neat, quiet, shy and a rare social drinker. I read a lot, a huge movie buff (a nerd sort of) and will be needing a mid-long term lease. Help, please! Thank you. Kay.
  14. walvia

    state sponsorship -but no conditions on visa

    Wow! I never knew this. So one can't be penalized in anyway for not sticking to sponsorship agreements?
  15. walvia

    176 Lodged June 2012

    Yes! That's the one although I also like the list lambsy posted. Thank you!