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  1. Perthsunshine

    Visa label at DIAC office?

    Yes - they will do it on the spot and you will need the label to get your Ozzi driver licence! I don't know about the rest of your questions, but just bring all the passports and see if you can sweet talk them :-)
  2. Perthsunshine

    Visa Medical for 190 Visa application

    Isn't it the same health check regardless of visa type?
  3. Perthsunshine

    Engineering Australia - Competency Demonstration Report (CDR)

    I would not mind sharing it, but it's a bit to personal (company names etc) and I don't have the time now to clean it up and make it anonymous. The best advice I can give you (I know you'll hate my answer... sorry) it to read EA guidelines over and over again. You might have to change your CDR to fit your summary. Have a look at the date of this tread. My CDR & summary are done and dusted long time ago. AND I had a successful assessment from EA a few weeks ago. That is one of those letters that makes you smile :-) I do understand where he is coming from, as I had a difficult time knowing if I was on the right track with my CDR and summary. It didn't make it any easier that EA changed the requirement the 1st of July. That's when I wrote my CDR. My biggest concern when I wrote my CDR & summary, was to make any format mistake, that potentially could delay the assessment process. 15+ weeks for an outcome is a long time, and it would not be fun if I had redo and wait another ?? weeks to get my Engineering skills approved. That was the reason for my original question when starting this tread. Anyway - the best of luck to anyone who has to make the CDR & summary for EA.
  4. Perthsunshine

    WA SS any news?

    @plutology - how long time did it take you to get WA SS granted?
  5. Perthsunshine

    RSMS timeline

    Only immi knows the answer, but I know a lot of people who lodged their visa before May has been allocated a CO in Perth within the last few weeks. I don't want to put your hopes up, but hopefully will you hear from them by the end of the month. Depending if you are from a HR or LR country.
  6. Perthsunshine

    RSMS timeline

    @blossom79 - you are just stating facts and that is not the same as looking at the glass as half empty. Officially does RSMS visa's have the highest priority, but they are being processed slower than the old 175 & 176 skilled visa's. Even the new 189 & 190 are being processed faster than old 857's at the moment. Only immigration know the answer, but my guess is that the individual skilled visa applications are easier to reference check, as they require a skilled assessment, IELTS test with a high score & prof of work experience. These criteria's does most assessing authorities check, and that minimize immigration's work with making a secondary reference check. Fact is that immigration was flooded with RSMS visa's in June, because the reference check in the past has been low and rare. You are unfortunately feeling the consequences as a "honest" applicant and so are "KK SANDHU" (he's a chef/cook). Being aware of facts makes it easier to understand that the processing time is long, hence avoiding setting up false expectations that a RSMS visa will be processed within a few weeks. I'm however surprised to read that your rcb was denied in your first attempt, as they used to approve almost everything that landed on their table. But perhaps they have been forced to tighten up their procedures.
  7. Perthsunshine

    Western Australia state sponsorship

    Congrats with the good news. When did you apply for your State sponsorship?
  8. Perthsunshine

    WA SS any news?

    How is it with SS for WA (190). Do you need to get SS approval from WA before making an EOI or the other way around?
  9. Perthsunshine

    Pre-grant notification

    Getting a visa label at a DIAC office in Australia is free.
  10. Perthsunshine

    Academic Vs. General IELTS Confusion

    They are both valid in relation to DIAC.
  11. Perthsunshine

    Migration agency *******

    A company without a ABN number, direct phone number and email contact information on their website! I would not set my expectation to high if I was you :-)
  12. Perthsunshine


  13. Perthsunshine

    DRC ( RSMS/ENS ) Timeline

    Really? Wish I knew about that back in January. I was told by a MA that I had to advertise in wajobs, seek and regular newspapers before contacting RCB in Perth. I think that you are spot on with your comment. Particular hairdressers and cooks has been raising the red flags at DIAC and for the same reason do I believe that DIAC are spending more time at the moment to verify information. Looking at the big picture do I find it great that they sort out the dishonest people, but off course it's sad for all the honest people (and business owners) who suddenly have to wait for a longer processing time. @blossom79 - thanks for taking your time to share your knowledge and experience with DIAC. It's highly appreciated :-) Hehe - great sense of humor :-)
  14. Perthsunshine

    TFN Application Time Frame

    Nope - you are able to apply for a TFN when you hold a valid work visa. You can even apply when you are outside Australia - Just make sure to use an Australian postal address as ATO will use this address in the future.
  15. Perthsunshine

    DRC ( RSMS/ENS ) Timeline

    I think there is two issues: 1) Un-processed applications from 2011-12: Let's assume that there are roughly 13,000 RSMS un-processed applications and 1,000 will be refused (fictive number). DIAC has in average processed approx. 1500 RSMS visa's / month. 12.000 divided with 1500 = 8 month (if they only focus on their backlog). They have already said that the expected process time has been extended with a few month from the originally 5-8 month. Furthermore does DIAC state that only 75% of all applications are processed within the timeframe given. Personally don't I think the time frame will change that much. But the time where you could get at visa granted in a few weeks will be rare. 2) Applications lodged in 2012-13: I don't see that the total numbers granted will change and the goal will maintain the target around 16500 RSMS visa's. But they might change the requirement to control the future amount of applications. Re-introducing the job advertising requirement, raise the English requirement, require all applicants to have their skills assets etc. Remember DIAC have the power to modify the criteria to meet the demand. The 189 visa is a good example, as they can chose not to invite anyone with points less than 70 (fictive example) if they get to many applicant. Keep in mind that the overall goal for DIAC is to attract the best and most qualified people around the world. That's why English skills, Educational background and relevant job experience is essential for the point tested visa's. Please see my comment above. I think that most applications will be processed within 6-10 month. People just have to get used to the idea that visa's wont be processed overnight, as it was the case in 2011-12. Hehe - I don't think you should put much into that document. When have you seen DIAC answer the phone within 2 min or severed you within 10 min at their offices? I can't tell what's going on inside DIAC. But it seems like they are doing a good effort to clear the 175 & 176 backlog. The huge amount of RSMS applications in June has been unexpected and I reckon they are in a process of analyzing what to do with the new application under skillselect (increase the bar for new applicants etc.). They can't do much about the backlog - it's just a waiting game. But I do believe that they will use more time to control that all information are correct and this might lead to a higher rate of refused applications. I don't see the total number will be changed and nor do I see a change in the process time.