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    5 months in..........BE positive!!

    Hi Laura, Just wondering how you found your rental property that takes 2 dogs - although we'll be heading for Brisbane I wondered if you used a specific website etc as that is one of our main concerns. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I already have permanent residency so my husband got his with a partner visa and because we had been together for 3 years when he applied, he was granted permanent residency straight away.
  3. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone knows of any accommodation available for 6 nights from 16th-22nd June. We are visiting Brisbane as my husband has got a job interview and are wanting somewhere self contained with facilities for cooking etc, rather than a hotel. There are just the 2 of us, no kids. I would be grateful for any pointers/websites etc anyone could offer. We want to be somewhere not a million miles away (within 20 mins drive) from Oxley. Thanks in advance for any help! Fiona
  4. staffyfee

    Aged Parent (Residence) Visa (Subclass 804)

    Hi, My father in law is diabetic, is this likely to lead to his refusal even if he is not the main visa applicant? Thanks.
  5. Hi all, My husband has just submitted an application for South Australia Police. He has been a cop in the UK for the past 12 years and is already a Permanent Resident. It is not through international recruitment or anything, just an ordinary application (except we are still in the UK currently!) Would anybody be able to shed any light on some of these things we are wondering about? Would his entire prior service be recognised? Is he likely to be able to do a reduced length academy course? How long is the probationary period once his academy course is completed, and what pay level could he expect to be on during this probationary period? Where we he have to serve this probation? When would he be eligible to progress to constable, senior constable, or apply for a specialist post? I don't know how likely it is that anyone has applied in the same manner as I guess a lot of cops went over with the international recruitment and I would assume things would be slightly different if they were catering for a large intake of UK cops. Anyway all help is gratefully received. I have emailed SAPOL too but they have not been great with the answers to our previous questions! 2nd application is going to be to Queensland police just to hedge our bets and keep our options open, so we have all the same questions for them too if anyone has any answers. Can't wait to get to Oz! :policeman:
  6. Wonder if anyone can offer any advice or help at all. I am currently retraining to be an accountant but have no experience in this field as I currently work as a veterinary nurse. I am studying for the ACCA qualification and have been applying for jobs here for the past year or so with no luck.:no: Firstly, does anyone know what my chances are of getting into a trainee accountant position in Oz? Ideally I would like to start applying from the UK now and be able to line something up for when we emigrate in about 6 months time. With this in mind does anyone know if there are any agencies or similar who could help me get in contact with the right people in order to get myself in to this job? Trouble is at this stage we are not sure where we are headed, maybe Adelaide, Brisbane or even (least likely) Perth. Thanks to anyone for help.
  7. staffyfee

    Aged Parent (Residence) Visa (Subclass 804)

    Hi, Can anybody tell me if it acceptable for my oh's parents to visit us in Australia on a tourist or visitor visa, and then to apply for an 804 aged parent visa while there? Are there any special circumstances that they would have to prove to justify why they applied while in Australia rather than from the UK? We are a bit confused as if it is possible to do this, and stay in Oz on a bridging visa while waiting for your 804 then why isn't everyone doing it this way?
  8. I emailed Joondalup council a few weeks ago and got this reply: "Thank you for your enquiry regarding multiple dog ownership within the City of Joondalup. Whilst we acknowledge the difficulty and potential expense of relocating your dogs to W.A. we are required by State Legislation to follow a set process in order to assess any application for the keeping of more than two dogs prior to providing an exemption (permit). (WA Dog Act 1976 and the City of Joondalup Animal Local 1999) In order to assess an application to keep more than two dogs you would need to be living in a residence so that the following criteria can be assessed: · Property inspection is carried out by a Ranger to assess the size and suitability of the premises · All adjoining neighbours are advised that the applicant wishes to keep more than two dogs at the residence. Adjoining neighbours have the opportunity to lodge an objection to the keeping of more than two dogs based on issues such as excessive noise, barking, howling, yapping, smells etc · Adjoining neighbours are provided with diaries to record any of the above noise issues (if they occur). This will allow us time to substantiate or refute any claims made prior to a decision · Ranger Services collate all information received and make a determination based on all factors presented · Owners and neighbours are then notified of the decision. If the application is not approved the owners have 28 days to appeal the decision with the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) · If the appeal with SAT is unsuccessful the additional dogs will need to be re-homed within 28 days. If the appeal is upheld the dogs will be permitted to reside at the property under conditions set out by SAT. It must be noted also that the exemption to keep more than two dogs only relates to the property you reside at when the application is made. If you relocate within the City of Joondalup you would be required to apply for exemption again for the new residence. We acknowledge that this is a difficult decision for you to make but there is no alternative way of providing permission to house 4 dogs within the City of Joondalup without first having a residence for assessment. Our only other suggestion is that you consider purchasing a larger property further along the coastal strip that would accommodate keeping 4 dogs. Within the City of Joondalup there are very few properties that would fit this criteria." Not very encouraging I didn't think!
  9. staffyfee

    Staffordshire Bull Terrier

    Hi Jill, I lived in Oz for 7 years and actually got my staffy while I was there, he has since come back and lived in the UK with me and now we will be returning next year. Staffies certainly don't seem to have the negative associations over there that they have here, and they are not given the same bad press. I think it boils down to the fact that they don't have the same type of 'people' over there who are the type that tend to own them here, if you know what I mean. Awesome dogs aren't they? Excellent too that they have nice short coats for sunshine living!! (Just be sure to use sunscreen if she's got pinky bits - and the mozzies used to bite mine too!) Good luck!
  10. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has any firsthand experience of keeping more than the allowed number of dogs in suburbs around Perth? I have read that if you have between 2.5 and 5 acres you can keep 3 but this is not a likely possibility straight away. We want to bring 3 dogs but obviously want to try and avoid having to rehome one of them with 28 days notice if the council denies us permission to keep them all. Has anyone done this, and is the application merely a formality; in other words will we more than likely get permission to keep 3? Or is it highly unlikely that this is the case? I have also read something about 'kennel zones'. Again if anyone could shed any light or share experience I would be most grateful, thanks.
  11. staffyfee

    Afraid of Making A Mistake

    Thanks for all your replies, I think I have been in denial about the obvious fact that if I felt that way before it will be the same again this time. Lots to think about.:dull:
  12. staffyfee

    Afraid of Making A Mistake

    Just wondering, what is the primary reason for people's moving back to the UK? My partner and I are applying for our visa to move over in a year or so but this will be a one way decision for us. He has worked in the police for 10 years and if we were to go over there and subsequently move back, he would not be able to pick up where he left off and all that prior service would go to waste. We are terrified that if we give it all up and go over there and then decide it's a huge mistake that we will have to come back and basically start all over again with nothing and no careers to come back to. To make matters worse I spent 7 years living over there and have been back in the UK 5 years now. I can completely identify with the feelings of emptiness and isolation, and of everything feeling superficial and 'like some bizzare coma' to quote one post I have just read! Except now I have a new partner and different priorities to those I had when I was in my 20's. Any enlightenment?:frown: