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  1. akmirror

    Telecom Jobs in Australia

    Hi Guys, I am a telecom engineer with 3 years of experience looking for work in Perth. Can anyone please tell me the scenario of Telco here or if any one has got contacts please let me know......Thank you.....
  2. akmirror

    189 May Lodge...Any others out there?

    Applied for my girlfriend's 189 visa on 6th May...Waiting for CO...rest all documents uploaded except medicals....gud luck guys!!!
  3. akmirror

    176 visa lodged March 2012

    Congrats Pradip. I am sure it is quite late but was reading through the posts and felt so good when you wrote this down. Cheers and wish you a good career here in Perth!! ​
  4. akmirror

    176 visa lodged March 2012

    I too have heard that the job market is pretty slow and can only improve after the September election. Having said that, for you since you are an electrical engineer with good experience, you might be able to secure an offer, I am sure of that ! I am from Telco background and it is quite depressing here for new people coming in like me. Just trying to be positive and hoping for things to change. Gud luck !!
  5. akmirror

    176 lodged May 2012

    Welcome to Perth and all the best.
  6. akmirror

    176 visa lodged March 2012

    Nice to hear about your baby, Indikaya. So you moved to Sydney. I am a Telco Engineer myself and the job market is pretty worst for us. Hope you are doing good over there. ​
  7. akmirror

    176 visa lodged March 2012

    Hi Guys, Anyone in Perth ? I like in Highgate...How are things going so far ? Just thought of passing by and asking how things are!! ​Cheers,
  8. Hi Can anyone please let me know what is the situation of nursing in Perth regarding job opportunities for a registered nurse who has finished her graduate program ? Can she get Level 1 jobs at Public Hospital there ? Thank you ​
  9. akmirror

    Visa 475 to 189

    Nope. That is wrong thinking mate!!
  10. akmirror

    189 Visa Lodged February........Am I alone?

    Hi Guys, Can you tell me how the medical test works in the new rules for 189 ? I know we can do our medicals before CO is assigned, right? Please share me what you did for medicals...downloaded application form ? or !! Thanks
  11. akmirror

    Official nurses thread!

    Hi to all, I am just trying to get some information regarding the job situation for registered nurses especially in Perth. My girlfriend is a registered nurse doing her graduate nursing program in a Sydney Hospital. She is wanting to relocate to Perth where I am currently working. I am a permanent resident myself and we are looking to get married in near future. I just want to know, what should we expect regarding the nursing situation in Perth ? Ideally she would like to do a Level 1 Position as a Registered Nurse. Since she only is a graduate registered nurse, how high or less are the chances of her getting a job in a Hospital here in Perth ? I just thought to post this query here to you all. Please do provide me some feedbacks in what to expect !!!! Thank you Cheers,
  12. Hi all, I have been in Perth for 3 months now and working. I am single, 26 years old and an easy going guy I think. I live in HighGate near Hyde Park. If anyone's up for a chat, please feel free to write to me. Thanks.
  13. akmirror

    Need some help from you guys!!

    Hi rammygirl, Many thanks for your comment. I too hope it is the case. I dont' want to be considered as an applicant in her visa application as I already m on a PR. She will apply for PR as we are not living together until we get married.
  14. akmirror

    Need some help from you guys!!

    Hmm...Does this mean, I will also be included in her visa application(which I dont want to as I already am a PR). I just want her to apply for her PR, add the information that I am her husband and that's it. Is this allowed?
  15. akmirror

    Need some help from you guys!!

    Please suggest me. I need your kind help. :smile: