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  1. Hi, I am breaking lease on my 4 x 2 house in Secret Harbour, WA on 2nd August 2013. Its in a nice location right by Comet Bay Primary School, which has a lovely reputation. If you are interested in the details, please let me know. Thanks!!
  2. debbk

    Returning to uk education?

    Hi, Just been reading all the replies! My situation is probably slightly worse... I hope to return to the UK this year with a child who will be going into year 9 in september after missing nearly 2 years of UK education, plus twins who left after a term of starting their A levels only to do a year of Aussie year 12 which sadly was no comparison.... I do hope that kids adapt!!
  3. debbk

    When did you know you wanted to go back to Uk?

    Hi, Ive been south of Perth since January this year with my family and I have wanted to go home from the moment we rented our first house. Its not got any easier being here, I still feel as isolated and alone as I did in the beginning. I sympathise with your daughter, one of mine has struggled here too, she did manage to make friends, but never felt they replaced the ones back home. I regret every day ever coming here and to be honest have no idea when or even how we will get back, but I know in my heart if we end up staying, it will destroy me. Hope everything works out better for you. I wish you well x
  4. debbk

    Anyone feel they moved to the wrong state?

    We too feel WA is lacking something... can't put our finger on it, but understand how you are feeling
  5. debbk

    Just feel really fed-up

    Thank you so much for your honesty!! It means a lot
  6. debbk

    Just feel really fed-up

    Thanks Emma x
  7. debbk

    Just feel really fed-up

    Thanks Soozan, what a shame youre not local to me, we could drown our sorrows together! Yes I too keep getting told to wait 2 years, but the thought alone fills me with total despair. All I know is that the life I had in England was so much better than the one I have right now. Hugs to you too xx
  8. debbk

    Just feel really fed-up

    Thanks for your replies, its nice to know that others have felt or feel the same
  9. debbk

    Just feel really fed-up

    Hi, I'm new to Poms in Oz, so sorry to join with a sad face, but I have only been here since January, (Secret Harbour, WA) and I feel so incredibly low. I struggle to find anything to do and feel so lonely. I have met some lovely people, but it just doesn't feel right, whatever 'right' is anymore!! Before coming here, I sold my house, gave up my job and now just regret it completely and just don't know how on earth I will get back. Do any of you feel 'trapped' here too? x
  10. debbk

    Back to the UK after 5 months.

    Hi, Know exactly how you feel!! Have been here less than you, since January 2012 and can't wait to book a ticket back to UK!! :biggrin:
  11. debbk

    Moving back to UK in six to nine months

    Hi, Like you I've been in Perth, well Secret Harbour, since January this year and as much as I've tried to like it, I don't! It just doesn't 'feel' like home and I'm not sure it ever will either. Already thinking about returning to the UK, although with no house or job to go back to, not sure how easy this will be!! Good luck with whatever you decide to do :wink: