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  1. Hi, I'm moving to Sydney for 6 months in December this year. The first few weeks I will be spending with family friends in Chifley and Bondi, but after that I'll have to look for my own place. I was just wondering if anyone could recommend any suburbs that are particularly reasonable for renting? I won't be looking for a one bed place, probably more likely to be a 4 or 5 bed. I'm a 23 yr old guy, too, so I want to be in and around where it's busy or where there's stuff going on. Obviously, I realise I'll have to pay top dollar to live near the beach or near the town centre but equally, although it would be considerably cheaper, I don't want to be living way out of the way either. So what I'm looking for is a compromise. Thanks! Joe
  2. reasonstobecheerful

    The Job Situation in Queensland

    Hi everyone I'm thinking of moving to Sydney early next year. My uncle lives 20 mins away from the city centre and has kindly said I can stay with him, which is great. I'm just wondering about the job market though? I won't be looking for a career -and I don't think- so I'm not interested in graduate schemes or anything like that, though by next year I should have graduated, hopefully with a 2:1. I'm a good writer so a staff writing job in a magazine or newspaper would be ideal. But I just don't know how I'd go about finding something. Would it be best to search online before I arrive? Or to see what's what when I get there? Are there even any jobs in Australia? It's not good in the UK, as you probably know. Lastly, I was born in Australia so don't have to apply for a visa or anything. So that obviously makes things a bit easier. Thanks! Joe
  3. reasonstobecheerful

    Thinking of Moving Out January 2013. Questions!

    I've just spoken to my dad. He says my uncle phil moved to within 20 mins of sydney, which will probably be a lot better for me. I'm sure at the minute about what career to go into. I can write well so I could probably find some sort of journalistic job. Other than that I don't want to start climbing a ladder I don't really want to climb so I'd just be looking for simple jobs like shelf-stacking, bar work etc. What's the economy like at the moment? Are these sort of jobs available?
  4. reasonstobecheerful

    Thinking of Moving Out January 2013. Questions!

    Hi everyone My name's Joe, I'm 21 and 3 weeks away from finishing University. My mum and dad are from Nottingham but moved to Oz in '89 and had me a year later. They moved back in 1993 but as I was born in Sydney (st mary's hospital, springfield if anyone knows it?), I've got dual nationality and so have an Australian passport, as well as citizenship. Obviously, now I've finished uni I'm kind of free to do what I want (money-permitting) so I've been thinking about moving back to Sydney early next year. My dad's oldest mate phil lives in gosford and he's kindly said he'll put me up until I get on my feet. I just have a few questions about the lifestyle. It would be great if someone could answer them! Firstly, I'm a confident guy but I'm not massively outgoing. I like socialising and drinking but I don't go in for that binge culture we have over here. So I was wondering what the social life is like in Australia? Are drinks expensive? What's the mood like in bars etc? I find over here it's all a bit intense and I can't be arsed with it a lot of the time. Also, I'm 21. So I only really have one thing on my mind atm! I've heard aussie girls love the brits but I duno if that's just a myth or what. I've also heard they're more forward than girls over here? Secondly, I'm pretty good at football so would definitely be looking to join a team. Do they have pub teams like they do over here? And finally, what are the aussies like? My dad says they're really laid back and take you as they find you. But I've also heard they can be quite cold and up-front? To be honest, the answers to these questions probably won't affect my decision to move out there. I'd just like to get an idea of the sort of culture I'll be getting involved with. In my mind it's amazing and thinking of being in australia in 6 or 7 months' time is helping me get through my finals. Thanks a lot Joe