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  1. I thought it was about time i got back on here, and add a missive! Sadly all my stories, and insights to the first few years of living in Australia has gone, well that is a shame, but move one I say. So whats happened? Well me and wife are due to celebrate our 1st year in our own home (we arrived in OZ Nov 2012). And still much to do, but funds as they are, we have done lots, to make our forever home. So why the Title? Well the one reason, like Barry Sheen, I hate the cold, and the long winters, and going to work in the dark and going home in the dark from Oct to May, and the recent snow did remind me of it, and just going though my photos taken in 2009 of my cars and road where we lived covered in snow, and saying to myself, "I do not miss the snow"! So some may ask, why are you living in Melbourne where you can have four seasons in one day? The answer is a compromise, MDW does not like the heat, and cannot cope if it goes over 25c. So living in the hills of Gembrook is ideal for us, as it tends to be 5c cooler than on the flats and CBD. So I hope to contribute more on here, as it has been a journey, and do I miss UK, some things like family and friends, but with the power of social media, most contact is taken care off, except for the human touch. Yes have visited back to the UK, and felt that everyone had moved on, and why we left the issues are still apparent, so do no regret the upheaval and the hard yards to be where we are, happy!
  2. Futureinoz

    Grass is Greener Syndrome?

    It has been a long time since I have been on the forum, and would respond to MaisieK by say grass is different, and Australia is big enough to find a spot that gives you the right work/life balance, not sure if its luck, but have been in the right place right time, and being a social butterfly (my wife calls me that), it has enabled me to establish long term friendships, and network connections, that have landed the job I was aiming for when left the UK. We visited UK back at Easter and we took some good weather over with us, and that was well received. We visited, as many of friends and family as we could, so great to catch up, but with social media so instant, it would take allot of reasons, for us to move back to UK. Yes agree about the hop over to Europe for the weekend (done it many times), but still find plenty to keep us focused on project OZ, with planning to build our home, and with prospect of a ever expanding four legged family, we never have a dull moment!
  3. Futureinoz

    Your thoughts on Bristol?

    Hey you are welcome, also mention Chepstow, just over the River Severn, the cost of the bridge is around £110 per month, but homes are much cheaper, and you could get into Aztec West etc in 20mins
  4. Futureinoz

    Your thoughts on Bristol?

    Hey I born,lived,work in Bristol until moved in 2012, so that's my background, and best part of Bristol, depends on work location, due to the commute, as found it getting more difficult with traffic to get about, as the M32 and River Avon cut a slice through the city, so bottle necks form on the crossing points, also if you choose to get on the bike, you have access to the bike routes and Bristol is home to Sustrans and the Bristol to Bath Cycle Path! It also depends on the style of house, as this does limit the location, Newer builds, in Patchway,Bradly Stoke,Emersons Green,Warmley, have a look at rightmove,zoopla for ideas.
  5. Futureinoz

    Where to live: Point Cook or Cranbourne?

    PC or Cranbourne? My answer well, PC, if you are driving, then you have tackle the Yarra River, to get into the CBD, and I witness regularly, the stationary traffic on the west gate bridge in the morning as I travel west. Traveling from Cranbourne is much easier, as you have more "routes" to choose from, if your regular way is blocked by a fender bender. Also another observation is PC is much drier than Cranbourne, as I notice the surrounding paddocks are not as green in the west as they are in the east, not sure if the is a factor, just thought I would mention it. Also as with any new estate, they have no real provision for local service industry, so need to travel to other older suburbs to find the established industrial estates, for your spare parts, and retail needs.
  6. Futureinoz

    What have you done today to get yourself to OZ?

    Good luck to all who are heading to OZ. We are 8 months in, and taking each day at it comes, its the best advice I can give.
  7. Futureinoz

    Internet Speed

    Some useful info http://www.itnews.com.au/News/288122,greenfields-residents-gain-terabyte-quotas.aspx it depends on the estate, but the hint is if the development is less than 18 months old, then more than likely to be fibre..
  8. It also depends on if you are going to Field or Office based, as already mentioned check seek and my career for suggestions, as this will help on the required qualifications, and Licences too.
  9. Futureinoz

    Buying a car when we arrive.

    Well my advice don’t buy a Holden Zafira unless you have a no quibble warranty, due to timing chain and oil issues, so whatever you choose, ensure you do research, as already mentioned $5 to $6K will not buy you much. So my suggestion is HONDA ODYSSEY, and as for rules, it varies between states, so make sure you look at the GOV website of your area, and if you buy interstate, you need to factor in extra cost into the deal, and of course insurance and recovery, and ambulance insurance too.
  10. Yes we had to pay extra for the container when it arrived, so cheapest is never the best, and ensure you get shippers to pack, and keep them well supplied with refreshments, as it sure helps with some difficult items that need wrapping.
  11. Futureinoz

    A happy thread for anyone who loves life here!

    What I love about Australia,well too much to mention, and some of it, are in a way simple pleasures, for example the pace of life, is so much more relaxed, it has reduced the stress of the move to a more relaxed managable level, and helped to appreciate what Australia has to offer, and its very much the undiscovered country, and for me also the further afield and beyond.
  12. Futureinoz

    vaya mobile

    If you want the best all round coverage its Telstra, as very few drops in service..
  13. Just got back from seeing the latest edition of the Bond series, and yes great one liners and many feeds into the next film, sadly it was let down with the tech, that my geek in me loves to see what Q and the team have to offer...
  14. Futureinoz

    Lots of questions about job market!

    Have you tried the usual sites like my career,indeed,byron,seek? I know not all jobs are advertised on jobsites, but it will give you a good indication, hope it helps and good luck:jiggy:
  15. Futureinoz

    motorcycle racing on TV

    If you got internet try googling for blog type sites, they do change, the catch is timezones so would need to watch it live..