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  1. doogan88

    Plumbing vetasses practical at north London college

    hey guys, im off to Perth in December and was wondering where you found out about taking this exam as it looks like i should have it if i want to work over there? cheers
  2. doogan88

    plumbing assessment

    are you two qualified plumbers in the uk? and have you just taken a Oz plumbing exam? im heading out december time and im in the same boat
  3. doogan88

    Mechanical and Electrical

    cheers Charlie, theres so many websites and so much to read up on just about if are stuff gets recognised out there! looks like im gonna have to wing it and just see whats happens when I get there!? the majority of my work here is site work so suits me down to the ground! Im not making it a permanent thing just gonna go for a year and see how i get on! will try my hand at most trades if need be! As your plumbing out there is it pretty much the same sorta work and same ways we do things back home? thinking of sending some tools out but as you know we have to carry alot for our job so whats prices like out there to buy tools etc?
  4. doogan88

    GAS and HEATING Engineer

    cheers ian is this Vetassess the body for gas and pluming in Oz and willi be able to send over my certs to see if they recognise them?
  5. hey all, I'm in the M+E trade back in the UK (Gas,water,fitting)and im looking to head out to Perth in Decemeber! Been pinging out loads of emails to M+E companies out there but have had no response at all! Does anyone know of any companies in this field of work, or could help point me in the right direction?? I'm going on a holiday work visa first just to see how I get on...So I dont mind if im working as a plumber etc and dont do Gas as i know the rules and regs will be different??? thanks Chris
  6. doogan88

    GAS and HEATING Engineer

    thanks very much for your replies
  7. hello folks, Thinking about making the big leap to Oz on a 1 year work visa to get a taste for it! Back in the UK I am a fully qualified commercial and domestic Gas and Heating engineer, and I am a Mechanical onsite foreman for my company. basically I was wondering if anyone knows anything about our qualifications being recognised out in Australia?? And if anyone is working out there with similar qualifactions? Cheers Chris