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  1. Hi, my husband and I are just into our 4th week in Perth, we like to think of ourselves as "young" still, 31 and 39! We are entering a transition though from work hard play hard to a more sensible living situation...Perth is not a real party town so to speak. However, like other posters have mentioned, there are some quirky and cool spots around, Freo deffo is one of them. Subiaco is a great town but it's something of a Sloane Street area with housewives driving dangerously about in their Land Rovers. We are up in Hillarys and it's a great spot, not much nightlife but we've got everything we need within a couple mins walk, the marina is close by with a great Sunday Sesh type bar, beaches 5 mins away and fast ferry to Rottnest. I'd suggest anywhere within a 30 min commute to the City with buses nearby straight to the train stations, and with the exception of Freo, I'd suggest sticking to the northern suburbs. Scarborough, mt Crawley, Mt Lawley, West Perth. The rental market is very very competitive and if you only listen to this one thing of all the other cr@p I've written, is to rent via owners. Agents are rats. Gumtree is the best for this. Don't dismiss ads without photos either. We didn't and we ended up in a fantastic place with fantastic landlords. And, when responding to ads, do tell them about yourselves and your situation. And if you are in a position to do so, offer to pay 1,2,3 months in advance. Our landlady said we were shoe ins once she read our email, as every other respondent was very brash, asking more about what was on offer, when they could view, where were the photos, etc than actually being friendly, selling themselves and putting the owner at ease. Best of luck with the house hunt! Let us know how you get on.
  2. mellamoamo

    Form 80 Question Anxiety

    Thanks for this Chardy, I'll show my husband your reply. Having gone through visa applications before (to UK), I know the last thing you should do is worry incessantly about every little bit. The rest of our application is rock solid so I'm fairly confident that this info should suffice. It's just appeasing my very anxious husband that is the worry!
  3. mellamoamo

    Form 80 Question Anxiety

    Hi all We are in the process of filling out this rather time-consuming and anxiety-causing Form 80. We are stuck on Question 21:- Do you have personal contacts in Australia? Include DOB and phone number. Well, we do. A female friend we met whilst travelling about 6 months ago who we have kept in good contact with via email. Problem is, she's out travelling again at the moment (lucky thing!) and not on emails...and we don't have a phone number and DEFINITELY don't have a DOB for her (not something you ask a new female friend, right?!). My partner seems to think we should leave the question blank but I say deffo put her name and email in, and explain on the last page the situation above and that she is contactable via email, soon-ish. What to do? :unsure:
  4. Hi DecisionTime I believe he has to be RICS accredited and/or have taken an RICS accredited quantity surveying university course to go through AIQS. Otherwise your husband will need to go through a different assessing agency, not sure which, but possibly VETASSESS or Engineers Australia? Might be worth asking your husband to get a hold of his university - this is what mine did and he was informed that at the time he was enrolled, it was an RICS accredited programme.
  5. mellamoamo

    ONLY 90 EOIS being invited for July for 190 Visas

    2 of us have made it - ourselves and Steve GB!
  6. mellamoamo

    Invitation to Apply for 189???? Maybe tonight?

    We actually received 75 points. Eek, I’m so sorry guys! After a long day travelling yesterday our heads weren’t working right. All caught up in the shock and excitement and then logging on to PIO to see if anyone else on here got picked, it didn’t compute in our heads. However, it would appear that 75 is the minimum for this month. We will let you guys know how the process goes once we apply on 11 Aug. Perthsunshine - QS is Quantity Surveyor. Congrats SteveGB!!
  7. mellamoamo

    Invitation to Apply for 189???? Maybe tonight?

    Hi obxer7 My husband received an invitation this afternoon. He too has 70 points and IELTS scores as yourself; however we did not lodge the EOI until 13th July. I'm not sure how the process works then as we assumed it was by date lodged. Perhaps by occupation? He is a QS. We are thrilled, but can completely empathize with everyone waiting because we've come from the same waiting place! I hope you find this promising news then as it would appear 70 points may be the minimum for this month?! Best of luck to you!
  8. mellamoamo

    USAer and UKer to OZ (one day)!

    Hi y’all My husband (UKer) and I (USAer) have been married for 3 years now and are increasingly frustrated with the situation in the UK – we just don’t feel we will ever have the opportunities for a ‘good’ life in the UK. Plus, we long for warm weather! We’d been toying with the idea of Oz for about a year now but it’s just hit us like a bolt of lightning this past month. Have been stalking this forum for about a week now, but not sure where to start really, especially with 1 July Skillselect looming! My husband is a Quantity Surveyor, just about 8 years of experience. I work as a PA and 'should' be able to get a transfer job within my company which luckily has many many offices in Oz. We are leaning towards the Independent Skilled Migrant (175) and the Skilled Sponsored Migrant (176), but not sure whether it is worth busting our @sses to get an application in before the 1 July deadline or to just wait for Skillselect? Well, looking forward to meeting new folks on here and many thanks in advance for your advice and support. (I appreciate the support you get on these migrant forums as when I was applying for my spousal visa from USA to UK I found the forums a great help!!) Amo :cute: