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  1. Arabidopsis

    Citizenship Timeline for Years 2013/2014

    *UPDATE* Ceremony 15th May. So 5 months from application to ceremony...not as long as I thought.
  2. Arabidopsis

    Citizenship Timeline for Years 2013/2014

    Yes whtzau, as my post says, applied to DIAC in Adelaide on 14th, got email response with test date on 16th.
  3. Arabidopsis

    Citizenship Timeline for Years 2013/2014

    Hi jmartin8010 Date applied...14/1/14 City/Council area...Unley (SA) Online / Paper...Paper Date received the acknowledgement email...16/1/14 Date of the Citizenship Test...4/2/14 Date of ceremony............... Type of ceremony (Urgent/Normal)................... 6 months wait for ceremony?dayyum!!hopefully mine will be quicker. Does anyone have a clue as to how long it takes to get an OZ passport once you've attended the ceremony?Cheers!
  4. Arabidopsis

    11th August - not long now

    Woohoo!!190 granted.To the pub!!!!
  5. Arabidopsis

    Travelling on a BVA while on a substantive visa

    Thanks RockDr. Does that mean that my BVA doesn't come into effect until Oct 2013?If that's the case and I'm back before my 485 expires,why the need for re-instating it?Is there a cost associated/anything I need to submit/prove to DIAC?
  6. Hi everyone, Hope you can help as my CO hasn't responded to my e-mails regarding this: I'm on a 485 visa that allows multiple entry that expires in Oct 2013.I'm also on a bridging visa A for a 190 visa.I'm going O/S in a few weeks and was wondering whether I need to apply for a BVB despite having a valid 485?I'll only be away for 3 weeks. Thanks.
  7. Arabidopsis

    Top 20 - Most Dangerous Places for a Holiday

    What's up with the Kenya hateration????I mean the petty crime is pretty high and carjackings/kidnappings etc have been on the rise in the last couple of years but I doubt it'd be top 20...maybe 21:)
  8. Arabidopsis

    190 Visa lodged August 2012

    Gah!Shoulda been clearer with that statement...it is on the list but it's availability is under "Special conditions apply",essentially there aren't many jobs.But I asked my CO and he said there are external checks being done,which could take a while so fingers crossed they go ok!
  9. Arabidopsis

    190 Visa lodged August 2012

    Like a Points test advisory letter from VETASSESS?A little birdy told me DIAC doesn't really consider them so shame she's asking you for something like that. Question:Anyone applied for a 190 for a skill that's NOT on their nominating state's SMP and gotten their visa?I'm hoping that's what the hold up in my case is.
  10. Arabidopsis

    190 Visa lodged August 2012

    Actually tired of waiting.Meds done ages ago,visa applied nearly 2 months ago,I've applied for 3 visas before this so they definitely have some kind of file on me,no clue what's taking so long.Congrats everyone who's got their visa granted,you give me hope:)
  11. Arabidopsis

    190 Visa lodged August 2012

    Really don't know if everyone is asked for it but the people who've been granted a 190 on expat forum had to fill it in.Heads up...it's an absolute pain,19 pages long.
  12. Arabidopsis

    190 Visa lodged August 2012

    Did you manage to upload all your docs?If yes,I'd say you already have one that's just behind the scenes.I think you'll hear very soon,very nerve-wracking but just a bit more patience and we'll all be there.
  13. Arabidopsis

    190 Visa lodged August 2012

    Lodged application 13/8,CO apeared and requested first batch of docs (English,health,skills etc) 6/9,CO requested Form 80 on 21/9.If you have already submitted all your docs,the CO won't contact you.I was only contacted because I couldn't attach any of mine.
  14. Arabidopsis

    190 Visa lodged August 2012

    Still waiting...Co requested form 80 on Friday,sent it through...tired of waiting!