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  1. Desprado

    Timescales for bond return, service cancellation etc

    Try to negotiate with agent or land lady not to pay last months rent !! Get them to check the property before you leave might work
  2. Desprado

    Biggest Mistake of my Life!

    Hi Sorry to hear your missing home ! I was in the same situation 3 years ago & lived at the foot of the blue mountains for 2 years. Luckily I escaped before purchasing a property. I agree with the fog /rain cold houses. Expensive cost of living . I was lucky enough to jump on the plane with my daughter after leaving my British husband there. It was a constant battle with OH crying so desperate to leave . Lucky he followed me but had to work in the Middle East . Some one has to give somewhere down the line . I don't think you need to see a doctor this isn't a medical condition you follow your heart Good Luck
  3. Desprado

    Aus Highschool qualification in UK

    Hi Mike, My Son was in Oz for 2years he has a High School Certificate which he has been told is the equivalent to A-Levels here in the UK. He can go straight into Uni to study for a Degree. Hope this helps!
  4. Desprado

    Are you worried what your friends and family would say.

    I stayed for other people nagging! I wasn't true to myself at all' I did stay extra time for my sons education but any longer would have killed me! If I'd listened to such folks who influenced me I'd would have been a very sad person ! I'm pleased I found the inner strength to tell them what I thought & felt ! Thumbs up I'm home yippee UK never look back
  5. Desprado

    457 Visa - employer responsibilities

    Hi We couldn't afford to live there either! Plus didn't like the place! You do what your heart tells you! I'd rather be skint in my own Country than skint in a Country that I didn't like ! If that makes sense . ​Were very happy to be back home in the UK after 2 years in Australia.
  6. Desprado

    457 Visa - employer responsibilities

    Your Employer is responsible for you & your family's return flight to London. They are not responsible for shipping! We had to claim the flights back after we purchased the tickets. If you have not completed at least 2 years service you may be liable for the cost to ship your furniture out to Australia ? ​Goid Luck
  7. Desprado

    I am Home. !!!!!!!

    Glad your happy to be back home, I can relate to you as I left 8 months ago with my Daughter! My husband stayed on for 3 months think he would have stayed for ever ! It takes alot of courage to do it alone. I wasted 2 years in Australia and will never return! There's no place like home. Good luck
  8. Desprado

    Really want to go home!

    I feel for you and know what your going through! I was no use to my family out in OZ emotionally distressed to the point it was effecting everyone!i I found certain people very supporting to get me out to OZ! But as soonas I reslised I hated it they don't want to know! Go home you will be happy! Good luck
  9. Desprado

    Any recommendations on movers AUS to UK ?

    I had a bad experience with our movers ! Not allowed to say the Name but cost me a bomb! Plus furniture had to be fumigated because of a red back found in my container still alive! Then all my electrics were damaged also . So you do right leaving all the bulk furniture with your Son! Good Luck
  10. Desprado

    Back to Leeds?

    Hello, Your only young so do what your heart tells you the UK not a bad place ! You can always go back if you feel it was the wrong move. I would go for it plenty time in your life later to decide what you want ! Mind you even later in life PPL still chop and change! Good luck
  11. I advise keep plenty money aside, get will sorted and some sort of agreement with the OH if thing don't work out ! Just incase 1 person decides to stay, and the other person wants to go home. Especially if children involved in the move get it in writing that OH will let Children go home if necessary. Rent your house out, don't leave any debts in UK. Don't burn your bridges never say never !
  12. Desprado

    Shipping Insurance

    We had a bad experience with our shipping Company back to the UK. We had to have all the furniture fumigated once it arrived as they found a Redback in the Container! Which cost me another £2200 on top of the £9000 it cost us to ship 40ft container. Plus the downside all my electrical items were damaged by the gas they used. Personally I wished I'd sold everything and just bought new back in the UK, but I'm sure some People have had success !
  13. Desprado

    Want to go home so bad!

    We had 18 months left on our lease Car, tried selling it but no joy In the end we handed it back, couldn't stay any longer just because of a stupid car .I've heard some people leave cars at the Airport, not recommended but if needs must! Good Luck be happy !
  14. Hello Moonwalker. I do feel for you, as I have been in the same situation! I left NSW in August with my daughter after a painful 2 years. It was a very hard decision but I had to leave for my own sanity & my families.I Left my 17 year old Son to finish his HSC also My husband. My son is now back in the UK after 3 months apart, My husband left Australia but decided to get a job in the Middle East. He loved Australia but decided it was too far away to travel to see his family. It's a really hard crossroad not knowing what is the right thing to do, I believe keeping the family together , but I couldn't cope any more thinking I would never return home! It's hard coping and having to do thing here on my own but that's the path I decided to take. We are a lot happier now its not the ideal situation with OH working away. I hope everything turns out good for all of you .
  15. Desprado

    Beware of Fumigation costs in UK!!

    Sent emails to the Movers tried everything there not budging, they claim they don't need to fumigate their containers!!!! they not owning up. Someone's responsible and its not me. I paid for a professional service and got a bunch of Cowboys. I have to pay the Cost's to fumigate, I'm still going to seek advice. I've noticed PPL are still using the Movers I'm so annoyed.