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    Please stop this now

    Pablo i don't want to fight with you mate especially this time of year, good will to all men and that! The money aspect i was talking about was mechanisms, and agencies that are in our respected country's to deal with the welfare of animals and how they are slaughtered and that costs money! Also yes you are right sharp knives don't cost much in our respected countries, but that country I'm not so sure, don't think they have Aldi & Lidel on every street corner like we have and IMO i don't think they much care whether the Knives are sharp to make the whole process quick and clean! Its just are western ideas that we seem to impose on every other nation for centuries that this sort of issue should be a concern for them when they have lots of other problems! I am with you Pablo i saw the story on the news and had to turn it off, it disgusts me to the core and i would kick off big time with no regard for my safety if i were there seeing this! We seem to both be very passionate about this and we might both have valid points, my comment about money was taken very literally by you! Pablo by all means disagree with me but to highlight my text in red just tells me you are trying to prove your comment is far more valid than mine, and animal welfare had dropped off our radar because we are jousting with words rather than getting off our backsides and do something about it!
  2. scary canary

    Please stop this now

    That's right Pablo you chill out and smoke a fat one! Money has to do with everything! If you cant work that out i totally misjudged you or maybe you just like randomely having a pop at people because their opinion differs from yours! Maybe As was said earlier if Australia stops exporting beef (money that Australia needs to keep cattle stations going) FYI this isn't the first incident is it? why did we start exporting again= MONEY! They will be bought elsewhere and could possibly be treated the same again. If you feel that strongly about it put down the rizzla get off the computer and do something about it! I was just giving mp opinion ok? I think a much better story would be if the cameraman put down the camera and tried to stop what he saw in front of his/her eyes! I agree with you Pablo it is very confronting and immoral but it will carry on, having a pop at me because of my opinion doesn't solve anything or help any creatures at all!
  3. scary canary

    Please stop this now

    What like fishermen? Do they inflict deliberate cruelty? Every time you turn the tv on there is a fishing show, but because it fits in nicely with the Australian lifestyle the cruelty issue doesn't exist. I love all creatures to bits pardon the pun! but cant understand how people put more emphasis on certain creatures, how is canned hunting any different to fishing? I eat meat but do not want to know the process of how it arrived on my plate, i don't know what that makes me - no doubt a lot of people on here will tell me what they think of me and what they think i am. I agree these images are truly disgusting, but this happens all around us on a daily basis throughout the world, you just don't see it all the time. IMO i think there is very little news out here and these story's and many others gets sensationalized to attract such emotions from people. The bottom line is not every culture has the time and money to invest in animal welfare! Everything these days is governed by money and the greed of us all, and because we are top of the food chain, creatures suffer!
  4. scary canary

    Driving in australia !

    I bet you have a list of people and know where they come from so you can attack at will. ha ha only joking mate put your lazor away and stop splitting atoms. Oh thats right we are all immigrants apart from indigenous population, i stand corrected, you see simple i made a mistake and can admit it! So what are you now a two faced fence sitter? Anyway all i was trying to point out was that where i live, Qld a big state with no where near enough police patrolling thats the sort of thing that happens and you wouldn't be able to do that in the UK because its small island with approx 66 million people and couldn't get away with that unless death was your wish, its human nature rather than attack on Australians. Humans will always take the path of least resistance if they can get away with it.
  5. scary canary

    Driving in australia !

    I thought this site was for Poms in Oz hence the name, isn't there a site that Aussies can use to s***bag English things, or do a lot of you(not all) just lurk and take offence when anybody says anything negative about Australia. In the UK there is a place, speakers corner Hyde Park, where people are face to face (not gutless on a computer somewhere), where people can go and rant about anything without fear of being shouted down, where people just generally gather have laugh and move on. Why cant Aussies take any criticism without getting personal and nasty? Don't you think that discussion whether it be negative is how improvements and change happen? Or are you all so insecure about your identity and the only thing that floats your boat is to sit on here waiting for an Englishman/woman to dare say anything against your so so perfect country? I can now see why the Aussie cricketers are aiming to break bones in such a gentlemanly game of sport. The Aussies are portrayed as laid back and easy going who ever came up with that notion? P.s A lot of Aussie drivers - We are well aware you know where you are going, indicators are not just for show, they actually give other drivers some idea as to where you are going! Where i live its side Rd divers that make me laugh, people on main Rds be prepared for drivers who have done it so many times to just come out of nowhere and pull out just so they can be first (even if the car is cold and they cant get up to speed), i think they think that driving is a sport also and have to be in front as they like to be in CONTROL of you! ha ha that should get a few Aussies seething! Remember take a deep breath and learn to laugh at one self and observations of others.
  6. scary canary

    Has anyone moved back for a year to see how they felt??

    Woolfie Smith - Power to the People!
  7. scary canary

    Ozzy Food/Drink

    I'm sure Tim Tams are much the same as Penguin Biscuits back in the UK minus the individual wrapper and the high price for just a few biscuits! - there OK nothing to shout about, i much prefer Mc Vities dark chocolate digestives which cost $3.89 a pack out here - expensive but worth it.
  8. scary canary

    Am happy Jan!

    Just got a job. Yay am such a happy camper now. I can put me whinging head away for a while! It took six months of countless applications without any acknowledgment what so ever, then yesterday a guy rings me and says can i get to his office in 40 mins for an interview. Wow was still sitting in me pjs and had no idea where place was, turns out it was a 40 min drive so did the three S's and was on it!........................ Made it with 1 minute to spare and interview went well. So as i have felt pretty down lately and was anxious as to what the future held, like the old saying says "things do change eventually" Everyone out there looking for work, just keep at it guys and things will get better soon. :smile:
  9. scary canary

    Is Australian TV that bad ?

    Australian TV is like...........................................................slow torture! The other day was watching something and there was a crucial part of the sentence just cut to go to the same c**p ads i had just seen about 3mins ago and will see again in another 3 mins. THIS POST WAS PROUDLY SPONSORED BY Clarks Rubber and performed by the most wooden actor/actress i have ever seen. thank god for the internet
  10. scary canary

    The Curry Report

    Never heard of a Tikka Chasni, would love to have a try, oh who am i kidding every time i go for a decent Indian i have the same every time and i have been eating curries for years. I myself like Onoin Bhaji to start, Chilli Chicken Tikka Masalla with pilau rice and garlic nan! yum yum i am salivating and its only 11.20am. I must admit i have been on a quest myself to find a decent indian meal having sampled from all over the UK and yes its a totally different experience here. Chicken tikka masalla over here is very tomatoey and no almonds and has peppers/caps in it??? and the onion bhajis over here are like large crispys you used to ask and get given for free in our local chippy!
  11. scary canary

    Finding Work

    Tell me about it Sean, i have been back in Oz since Nov 2011 after a trip back to the UK and am finding it very difficult finding any work. I have applied for countless jobs with not one reply. I even sent a test email to my sister to make sure mail was getting out! A lot of jobs on websites stay on there too long and don't always get removed, i have wasted a lot of time before i found out job has gone. I'm a welder, labourer, forklift driver on the sunshine coast Qld. I think its difficult at the mo because Oz interest rates are so high. The thing i find hard is you feel down because of your situation and to make matters worse get no acknowledgement (reply from employer) thanking you for the interest you have shown in the job, nothing! P.s i know where they should have a few jobs, thats answering the phone at Centrelink, 45mins the other day, i was so into the classical music they were playing i forgot what i had rung for when i finally got through!
  12. scary canary

    Tips for recipe trip?

    My number 1 on the list would be have a cold beer on arrival! Buy or borrow a sat nav so you can find your way around in a new city, my understanding is that Melbourne can be tricky to drive in. have a great trip
  13. scary canary

    Im so excited about moving to Oz

    good for you, yeah don't pay attention to all that, life is what you make it! have a great trip
  14. Mate have a fantastic time. I came out a boy and quickly turned into a man. Traveling is def the thing to do, if you can! Yes it is expensive here in Oz but no different to the UK. You will quickly pick it up, learn to adjust, and decide whats for you and suchlike. All i can say abt things for young people to do is, it will be completely different than Reading! but thats the beauty, broaden your horizons, get out of your comfort zone. safe travels & have a good one!
  15. scary canary

    Info on regional work help

    Sorry it may be coz its early in the morn but i have read this post a couple of times and dont understand it. Not sure what is meant by the 88days under belt!