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  1. Well no other government agency needs to see a visa label. Medicare, Centrelink, ATO etc all them check electronically. However, according to The Post Office, this is a new requirement by the Passport Office (that they've introduced in the last few months). This seems like a backwards step and one that baffles me. Surely, if Australia want to be an electronic visa country then passports should jump on board???
  2. Unfortunately, you aren't given the option when your visa is issued anymore (been here since March 13). In fact, it clearly states that you do not need them and should not apply for one! It's crazy!!
  3. OK, big deep breath........ count to 10!!! My PR visa is electronic, all I've got is a notice of grant letter. However, In order to get my Aussie baby her first passport, the passport office want to see proof of my residency. They do not accept the grant letter, they want me to get a label in my passport or a certificate of residency. The label costs $70 and the certificate $100. According to the immigration website, all government agencies should verify my visa using the VIVO system. However, the passport office will not do this. Has anyone else had this same problem. Do I need to bite the bullet and pay the $70 (plus $9 postage), or is there a way round this???? I can not believe that government departments don't communicate with each other!!!!!!! Arrrrgggghhhhhh!!!!!! I am so frustrated!!!!!
  4. Hi, I am a stay at home mum with a 16month old and a baby due end of May, we live in Brighton. Only been here for about 7weeks and I don't know anyone here, so would love to meet up, Kath
  5. I am up for bounce and play, any day bar Tues is good for me, Kath
  6. Hi, sorry not replied, been diagnosed with gestational diabetes and seem to spend all my time going from one appt to another! Claire, I am in Brighton Qld, but good luck with your move. Alaska I've requested to join the fb group so hopefully meet you soon, as long as its on a bus/train route as my husband takes the car to work. We've been here a month now and only just moved into our rental this week, I hope to start meeting people now. Its really hard when your a stay at home mum as you don't get the ready made set of friends like you do when your working. Didn't realise it would be this lonely! X
  7. I live in Brighton, I have a 15month old and nearly ready to give birth to another. I would love to meet up with both of you as we've only been here a month and know no one yet, Kath x
  8. khm1981

    Mobile Phone Provider?

    We ended up buying a virgin sim and going with a prepay simplicity plan as its only 15c to call and text anywhere in Oz and to the UK with no connection charges and free voicemail. We found no contracts that could beat that.
  9. Hi are there any playgroups in Brighton or any mums who want to meet for coffee. We've been here for 3 weeks now and would like something to do during the day whilst hubby's at work. I am 31, 30 weeks pregnant and have a 15 month old son. Anyone fancy meeting for a chat, feel like I need adult conversation before I go crazy! Hope to hear from anyone at all soon, Kath
  10. khm1981

    Advice needed, flying with a 15 month old.

    Thanks for all the advice. We are flying with Singapore Air from Manchester. I am hoping the flight won't be full and we can get an extra seat between us. I am taking his pj's and have got lot's of snacks, instant porridge pots and some new things to play with. We have a quick change over in Singapore so I am hoping we will know what to do by then, for the 2nd leg. It will be all over in 4 weeks time, wish us luck! Kath.
  11. khm1981

    Pregnant applying for PR visa

    Hi, I was pregnant when we completed the forms and you do need to let them know. You need to complete form 1022 both to inform them of the pregnancy and then again to add the baby to the visa. You will need to wait till the baby is born before you have the medicals, as the baby will also need a medical, plus your wife will be able to have her chest xray then as no doctor will xray her whilst pregnant. Please see the link below, good luck, Kath http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/pdf/1022.pdf
  12. Hi, any advice, hints or tips to pass on. We are flying on the 4th March from Manchester to Brisbane with our 15 month old baby. I will also be 27 weeks pregnant. Have any of you done this and what did you find invaluable on the flight to keep sane. Thanks, Kath
  13. khm1981

    Having babies in Oz?

    Thank you for starting this thread, I will be 5/6 months pregnant when we arrive and now I don't have a worry at all about giving birth in Oz. I had my first baby at home here in the UK, so I was worried about having to have Obs led care but feel so relieved I can opt for midwife led. :xmas23:
  14. Hey, me, my husband and 1 year old are also moving to the area in Jan '13, looks like there will be a few of us arriving at the same time. We should meet up and swap relocation stories? See you soon, Kath :biggrin:
  15. We are moving out there before the end of the year too, and fancy Mountain Creek/ Brightwater area as it is 10 mins to Mooloolaba and it looks to have a great community feel. It is still being developed/built though. http://www.stockland.com.au/residential/qld/brightwater-living-at-brightwater.aspx :biggrin: