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  1. misspreschool

    Cheap flights?

    So this thread is for anyone with tips on finding cheap flights. Here's mine: It's cheaper to fly on Friday the 13th (Apparently) because of the bad luck etc etc Tuesdays are supposed to be a cheap day to fly not sure why this is but it's what I've heard and found when searching for holidays. Please share yours so we can all benefit
  2. misspreschool

    You only get one life,live it!

    I was thinking this last night, text my other half saying 'Screw it let's just go to oz for a year, see what happens and have an adventure' Although he's more sensible than me and came out with a load of reasons to why we should wait booooo
  3. misspreschool

    Pros and cons of living in Melb

    Thanks for the replies people! I don't have children yet, I'm 21 and my other half is 23 so we're looking for a bit of adventure but at the same time somewhere to enjoy our lives for a few years before we decide to have kids!
  4. misspreschool

    Pros and cons of living in Melb

    I have only been to Melbourne for a holiday but have been thinking about moving there. Can someone please tell me all the pros and cons of living there (I'm talking about living city center or pretty close) All things work, weather, lifestyle, people, shopping, beach, things to do, cleanliness, living costs, literally anything you can think of! Thanks
  5. misspreschool

    Moving back to uk after a lifetime away.

    Maybe you need to go back home for a holiday, see how it makes you feel being back. I would say go back in the winter, because if you still don't mind that it gets dark early and the weather is horrible then maybe you really do belong in the UK Good luck
  6. misspreschool


    My family moved to Aus when I was 11 and I loved it! Great school and always being outside. You will make loads of friends, don't worry! Good luck and keep us updated
  7. I personally don't think you NEED a reason. I'm going for the adventure, fun, lifestyle, just to try it and see if the grass really is greener on the other side and yes an outdoor lifestyle! If I'm indoors for too long I annoy everyone lol
  8. It is so true when you say 'Try not to push him' I am TERRIBLE at doing that. My whole family is. We are aussie mad! We watch all the aussie programmes, sing 'There's nothing like Australia' and talk in an Aussie accent. Plus it's pretty much all we talk about. My parents go out there every year for a holiday and would move back but issues with grandparents, aunty and very old dog! So I want to go on my own (with other half), we're young and have nothing to lose! I will keep you updated and thanks for the advice
  9. misspreschool

    who,what,where,when and why ???

    It's amazing how everyone is so different! I'm Amber, 21 years old. Pre-school teacher training to be Primary school teacher. Lived in Aus when I was 11 for 2 years, then moved back to UK with family. Now I want to move back again but this time to Melbourne (Used to live on Gold coast) I want a city lifestyle but not as crazy as Sydney, although I do love it there. Trying to convince other half, not married but been together 4 years. He is undecided loves his jobs and close with family so difficult one but I say lets go for one year and see if we like it. We're young nothing to lose kinda thing! Chose oz for the adventure, lifestyle, weather, better prospects, good for children to grow up there (when I have kids), living standards, beach, sun, city life (nicer than london in my opinion) less crowded and a beautiful place! No idea when we'll move but hoping within the next 2 years as my VISA runs out in 2years 6months Hopefully that didn't send you to sleep lol
  10. misspreschool

    heart say's home head says australia

    England is 'Home' and 'Home is where the heart is' The problem is, you may move back home and realise it's not what you thought it was and probably miss Australia and want to go back. No joke this is my Dad's life. Moved to Aus 10 years ago, my dad was home sick after 2 years, so we moved back. Now he regrets it and goes back every year for a holiday. Hoping to move back one day. I am now in the process of trying to move out and if I go I think my parents will come too. Good luck!
  11. Ok it's not as bad as it sounds. I was born in England, moved to aus when I was 11, moved back to UK at 13 now I'm 21 and want to move back to aus with my other half. Good news is I have a VISA, but it runs out in 2yrs 6 months. Bad news is I need to convince my BF. Any ideas what the online media industry is like over there? He claims it's far behind England so his job wouldn't be of use. He works for a company where big companies like ebay, La senza, Bentley cars etc etc go to him and say 'Our online sales are down, here is some money, now work your magic' Then my BF advertises them online and attempts to get their online sale up. I have no idea what his position is actually called but hopefully someone out there will understand what I mean. Sorry for the essay. Just introducing myself P.S Want to move to Melbourne
  12. misspreschool

    Advice on working with children in Oz!

    Thanks for the advice! I don't have citizenship but a visa that runs out in 2yrs 6mnths so need to get going before then. I am thinking of moving to Melbourne would love to live in a city as I have lived in the middle of no where for most my life. I was on the Gold coast before but I want something different. I will have a look at the Education Department. Thanks.
  13. Hi, I am new to this website but hopefully can find some good advice. I currently live in England (lived in Oz for 2 years when I was 11) and want to move back to Australia. I am 21, have GCSEs, A-levels, NVQ3 (teaching assistant) and currently doing a degree to become a primary school teacher, all I have ever done as a job is teaching assistant and pre-school teacher (I have done the odd shop assistant, office job etc) but working with children is ALL I want to do. How can I work with children, what qualifications do I need? What do they accept? Will I need to take a course out there etc etc? I'm so confused by websites I have read I need to speak to real people so they can explain to me! Please help any advice is much appreciated Many thanks x