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  1. Hi all, I know there is a separate section for banking on POI but it looked like it was pretty specific to NAB so I thought I would post here. I'm moving to Brisbane 2 weeks tomorrow and as far as banking is concerned I have the following information to make a decision: I've already opened up a free bank account with ANZ as the removal company put me in their direction. The cards will be available to collect from the branch when we get there. As far as I could see there are no hidden charges but very possible I could have overlooked as only skim read. I currently bank with First Direct in the UK so originally wanted to go to HSBC Australia however when I called they said the fee would be £100!? I thought this was extortionate but a friend of mine said it was worth paying although he couldn't really say why other than he can see all of his accounts, both UK and Oz, on one screen. I am wondering if I just walk into one of the their branches in Brisbane and open an account in person will it A. cost me less than £100 and B. still be able to see my UK accounts via the same internet log in? Don't know anything about NAB other than they seem to be the preferred bank on here - can anyone give me more info? Any advice/comments welcome! Thanks
  2. AlloVera

    Salary question - how to value yourself?

    Thank you, that was very helpful
  3. AlloVera

    Salary question - how to value yourself?

    Thanks, I have been surfing seek already, think I have an idea but always good to get thoughts from others if possible... Just out of curiosity, I'm guessing by your PIO name that you wakeboard... My OH and I normally ride at either Grendon or Boxend park, don't suppose you have been there before? Not that many boat lakes or cables in the UK so thought I'd give it a shot as quite often it's a small world!
  4. Hi All, I know salary is a very subjective thing for different industries and occupations but I could do with a view on what a fully qualified management accountant/finance manager with 6+ years experience might be able to get... I am applying for a job in Brisbane, they haven't given the salary bracket and they want me to divulge what my current salary is and what salary I am seeking so I don't want to under or over value myself! I've read on here that using a ratio of 2.2 is good so was considering doing that and adding 9% for super? Any advice is very welcome. Many thanks
  5. Ok great, thank you both for your replies.. We plan to fly with Singapore airlines so we can take advantage of the double baggage allowance. If we needed to get the visa label I'm guessing the airline will still be able to see that it is our first entry into Australia on that that visa?
  6. Hi, 175 was granted in Oct-12 and we are going to book our flights over the next few days for Apr-13... Handing in my notice at work tomorrow and I can hardly contain myself Do I need to do anything to get the visa stamped into my passport before we get to the airport? I couldn't see anything from the grant notice letter but just in case I have missed anything I thought I'd better ask. Many thanks
  7. AlloVera

    CPA Australia Study?

    Hi summers1261, Do you mean where can you study CPA in the UK or ACCA? If they've asked for 3 more core modules specifically from the CPA syllabus maybe you can ask them which ACCA modules are comparable? Sorry if I have read this all wrong!
  8. AlloVera

    Who else is moving to Oz in the next year?

    Hey melanie79! Yeah I should get involved in that section as well... I tried to get some feedback within the jobs & careers section but all seems quiet in there! I know what you mean about saving. Luckily we had already been saving as it was either buy a house or move to Oz so now we have visas I guess we'll move to Oz I notice you're a mental health nurse.. My other half works in mental health care but he's not registered. We're hoping he will find work ok tho as he's a 32 yr old big strong male with lots of C&R training and years of experience. Don't suppose you've come across any good websites that could give us an idea of what job options and salary he would be looking at?
  9. Hey... Now that our visas has been approved I want to get talking to all those making the move in the next 12 months... I know there are other threads already but don't really want to trawl through the lot of them! Can anyone post a link please? Of course if anyone wants to chat on this one then I'd welcome it Me and my boyfriend are heading to Brisbane next year on a 175, waiting for December bonus time to come and go before I hand in my notice. Been keeping up to date with jobs posted on SEEK, just found a winner based in Mooloolaba which looks amazing! As scary as it is, I can't wait to start our next chapter!
  10. AlloVera

    PIOs 175 Lodged June 2012..

    Hey Katiem and melanie79, I'm headed to Brisbane as we have friends and family there already & like the sounds of the weather Katiem, think I'm going to have to take a leap of faith as not planning a hol before we go. I will apply anyway tho and see how I do. I noticed that your app was via the new Skills Select process, even more congrats as you'll be one of a few at the moment I'm guessing!! How many points did you claim? EXCITING TIMES AHEAD!!
  11. AlloVera

    PIOs 175 Lodged June 2012..

    Visa was granted this morning, so happy!! Just got to keep it under wraps until I hand in my notice but that isn't until Xmas so better bite my lip!!
  12. Hey Iron Chef... Trying to work out if we should delay our plans by 4 months next year so I can bring my car over. Both of us want to leave our jobs and get going ASAP and had agreed on end of March next year but I will have owned my car for 12 months in mid July.. Got friends who moved out last year and they said it's def worth doing, but would like an expert opinion please Details are as follows: - year of manufacture 2006 - make, model & variant BMW 1 Series 120D M Sport - body type (coupe, convertible, etc) 5 Dr Hatchback - engine size & fuel type 2 ltr Diesel - transmission Manual - drive type (4WD, front wheel drive, etc) Rear wheel drive - mileage 60000 miles / 96560 km - any special features, options or modifications full leather seats, M Sport pack (steering wheel, door handle lighting, stiffened suspension, tuning, door sill trim) auto wipers, auto lights, stop start ignition - does it have aircon Yes - realistic current UK market value £8000 - Australian RedBook value (www.redbook.com.au - click through to the page with 'Private Price Guide', 'Trade In Price Guide' and 'Price When New' listed, then tell us the 'Private Price Guide' range) $19,300 - $21,900 - Australian market value (http://www.carsales.com.au/all-cars/search.aspx - search for the closest matching vehicle) $21,500 - $23,985 - which Australian state/city Brisbane
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    What does happen to my Student Loan??

    Hi nicolac34, I also pay £220 a month over here in the UK but can't fathom how they calculated your £41 a month in Oz? From what I've read on their site the earnings threshold is still £15,795 and then 9% on anything over that is what you pay back so I would have thought the monthly amount is more as you earn more GBP in Oz than you do in the UK? Did they give you a breakdown of how it was calculated at all? Be nice if it was only £41 per month!!!
  14. Hi All, The day that we get our visas granted is in sight and now I feel like the real planning starts! The thing that plays on my mind the most is finding employment once I get out to Brisbane next year and I wondered if people would share their experiences on here so I can get a feel of what to expect. I am a qualified accountant with around 6 years experience working for two very large corporates and so far have progressed every 1-2 yrs within my profession. I've never been out of work so the idea of handing in my notice and taking that leap is terrifying, but as I have no children yet I feel like this is the time to do it. What do you think? Big thanks
  15. AlloVera

    New Cat 4 July 1st 2011

    Morning all, I was assigned my case officer this morning, they've asked for meds & PCs. Please add me to the spreadsheet