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  1. lindsaypu

    RSMS visa conditions?

    Those 2 pages were all I received. I have also checked at the immi website with my visa number and there's still no condition listed. I have sent an email to the case officer and hopefully will get an answer soon.
  2. lindsaypu

    RSMS visa conditions?

    I did have another read but there's nothing regarding obligations. Can anybody please help me check the grant letter in below?
  3. lindsaypu

    RSMS visa conditions?

    On the granted letter, the Visa Conditions says NIL. BUT someone told me that I have to work 2 years at the same employer after visa granted otherwise it will be cancelled. I have actually been working for my current employer (sponsor) for 2 years, but only 4 months from visa granted. Is there any risk leaving my employer now?
  4. my 485 was rejected half a year ago and is currently under review... i have applied for 119(regional sponsored migration scheme) at the same time. now the case officer is requesting my medical report and Form 80. im a bit worried that my 119 will be rejected bcuz the rejection of my 485. does anybody know if one rejection has negative effect on another visa approval.
  5. lindsaypu

    RSMS timeline

    Does anybody know how many days the CO will give the offshore (119) applicant to get out of Australia once medical result is submitted?
  6. lindsaypu

    DRC ( RSMS/ENS ) Timeline

    119 offshore, non DRC, currently the applicant is onshore does any body know how many days CO will give the applicant to leave Australia once medical report is submitted?
  7. lindsaypu

    RSMS timeline

    Is it normal that I lodged nomination (Non-DRC) to DIAC in Jan 2012 and still waiting?
  8. lindsaypu

    Salary requirement for RSMS

    Is there any salary requirement for RSMS??
  9. lindsaypu

    RSMS (857/119) Non-DRC Timeline

    can everybody share your Non-DRC timeline here. Mine is lodged at DIAC in Jan 2012 and now still waiting for CO....
  10. lindsaypu

    DRC ( RSMS/ENS ) Timeline

    should i lodge my visa application before nomination is approved?? im NOT applying via DRC. My nomination was lodged at Melbourne on Jan 24th 2012 and I am now still waiting for approval on nomination. I wanna submit my application before 1st July 2012 even if the nomination is still not approved. Anybody knows how risky is this (I mean the risk of losing the application fee if nomination is refused)
  11. lindsaypu

    DRC ( RSMS/ENS ) Timeline

    DIAC is helpless!! they never send a serious reply...AUTO REPLY ALWAYS!!!!!
  12. lindsaypu

    DRC ( RSMS/ENS ) Timeline

    OK, here's the processing dates I received from DIAC today: Parramatta Centre of Excellence (COE) ENS cases which were received on 18 October 2011 Parramatta Centre of Excellence (COE) RSMS cases which were received on 24 October 2011 Melbourne Centre of Excellence (COE) ENS cases which were received on 19 October 2011. Melbourne Centre of Excellence (COE) RSMS cases which were received on 26 September 2011. The Perth Centre of Excellence (COE) ENS cases which were received on 21 November 2011. The Perth Centre of Excellence (COE) RSMS cases which were received on 23 December 2011. How come the processing dates go backwards?!!?!?!?!?!?
  13. lindsaypu

    DRC ( RSMS/ENS ) Timeline

    should I submit my application along with the nomination docs to DIAC?? Received lodgement acknowledgement on 24/01/2012 but still not been allocated a CO yet. (I applied by myself, not DRC) Is this because I didn't pay the application fee? I've sent a few emails to DIAC to ask about the processing time, but the processing date never changed!!! DIAC has been processing the nomination lodged on 26/09/2012 for more than 1 month!!!
  14. lindsaypu

    DRC ( RSMS/ENS ) Timeline

    anybody knows how long a non-DRC normally take??