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  1. gibbon83

    Hostels along western australia

    Cheers for the reply. I am only planning on staying in a hostel for as short a time as poss. I want to get earning as soon as I get there and hopefully as a brickie, in which case I would look for something private. How easy/hard is it to rent an apartment or something and what would you advise?
  2. gibbon83

    Hostels along western australia

    thanks for the reply, very helpful. Have you guys settled over there now? I am constantly looking into permanent residence just incase I want to stay as it would be best gathering all references in now etc. Have you gone through the skills route?
  3. Hi, I have just been granted my WHV and plan to fly out the perth on january 2013. I am a qualified bricklayer and will be coming with a white card and some hand tools hopefully. I know that I am best off to start in a hostel. Could anybody 1st of all give me an idea of what hostels are like? Also I understand many of them provide work opportunities, does anybody know if they have links to trade jobs? Any help would be great , thanks. Ian.
  4. Hi, Just been granted my WHV and plan to fly out in January 2013. I would like to know if anybody can provide me with any relevant information on any of this. I am a qualified bricklayer from the UK. I was wondering if any of you know where the best places for work would be for bricklayers. cheers, Ian.
  5. gibbon83

    Flying to WA

    Hi, Just been granted my WHV and plan to fly out in January 2013. I am thinking of staying a few days to stop off before I get to Perth. Any advice would be great. I am thinking of stopping in either Thailand, malaysia, singapore or hong kong. I am quite flexible about it all and have looked into flights, accommodation etc. cheers, Ian.
  6. gibbon83

    Granted WHV

    Hi Everyone, Just been granted my working holiday visa and plan on going to Western Australia on January 18th 2013. I am a qualified bricklayer from the UK. Can anybody give me any advice on the best places to find work in my trade? p.s. Any advice would be brill, even if it's not related to this topic cheers, Ian.
  7. gibbon83

    Accommodation in WA

    Hi, I will be landing in Perth Jan 2013 on a working holiday visa. I plan to take tools as I am a bricklayer. Can anybody advise me on what I am best doing for accommodation?e.g. flat share, hostels, etc. Cheers, Ian.
  8. Hi, I will be flying to Perth January 2013 and plan on staying in Hong Kong for a few days for 2 reasons. My Dad used to live there as a boy so I've always wanted to go there and plus it will hopefully cushion the blow from the Jetlag. Firstly has anybody out there stayed in Hong Kong and is there any advice you can offer me? Also can anybody tell me about the Jetlag? Cheers, Ian.
  9. Going to oz January 2013. Looking to spend most of my time in Western Australia. would love to get to know a few people who are over around the same time. I'm 28 and enjoy drinks, food, sport, anything really Cheers, Ian.
  10. gibbon83

    jobs on working holiday visa

    Just for the record I already have the funds needed and have another 6 months to keep saving but I've never worried about this as I have a good work ethic and planned on working straight away when I get over. I think it's bled into many British that we have got it harder than everyone else. I realised this when I worked in Greece. They work min 12 hr days, 7 days a week and don't complain, insist on working with the flu, etc, and are always happy. They laugh at the English for complaining at minor hurdles and can't understand why there's always a problem. Think this may be why we are so negative, as the media grinds us down constantly (bills will rise!it will be showers for 3 weeks! etc etc). I got out of this frame of mind a long time ago. As I said before, if you set your mind on something and go for it then you should achieve it. Think some people go to oz and think they're owed something and just have to turn up. I have every intention of working my stones off and doing what it takes for a better lifestyle. Just a quick one, is it booming everywhere? It's just that WA appeals to me the most and I would like to get an idea of the areas where most of the work is. I like the look of mandurah?? cheers, gibbon.
  11. gibbon83

    Clean tools

    Yes I've heard they only do single trades ha. I got lots of recipts, and evidence. What sort of interview do they give you in the self assessment? I'll prob go without an agent as I'm pretty good at doing my research and dealing with these sort of things. I believe for myself it'll prob cost around 2k. Thanks for the advice anyway. cheers, Ian.
  12. gibbon83

    jobs on working holiday visa

    Now this is what I like to hear. My only query with working as a brickie on a WHV is that would I need an ABN number and transport, etc? and is it possible to get an ABN number on a WHV? I'm not the type of person to worry about little potential problems as I've lived away before and the way I see it mate, if you're willing to work hard and have ambition, you'll overcome any hurdle! Thanks for the good advice anyway. I don't hear much about sponsorships with brickies but I suppose you have to get working over there 1st and put your name out there.
  13. gibbon83

    Clean tools

    Hi, I am going to WA on a working holiday visa jan 2013. Was just wondering if you could tell me about the visa process. I'm pretty sure I will want to move to oz permanently as I want out of the UK and love sun, and laid back lifestyle etc. I just want to know how strict they are on the skills assessment. Age is on my side and the Ielts test shouldn't be a problem but I'm worried about the skills assessment. I have nvq levels 1 and 2 in bricklaying so I'm fully qualified but only have about 2 years experience and no site experience as I've always worked on private properties. I am also a multi-trader and have mainly done groundworks (flagging,brickwork,foundations, etc). Any help would be great. Cheers, Ian.
  14. gibbon83

    jobs on working holiday visa

    I think it's still on the regional list which would be my best option, say if I wanted to settle in WA. I've been doing alot of research these last few days and luckily I have age on my side. I also intend to do my Ielts test only after I have thoroughly revised. My English has always been good since school so I'm quite confident I can get points from this. It is just my work experience I worry about but hopefully it'll all be fine. As for the flying, it isn't really the UK i'd miss. It's all early days yet but I'm determined and excited for the future. I do know that I can't settle in UK. Just too miserable mon-fri
  15. gibbon83

    Skills assessment

    Could you tell me the general process please? How detailed do your references have to be, along with the interview, etc? I have about 2 years bricklaying experience but have worked in the building industry for approx 10 yrs. During this time I have mainly been self employed but have photo evidence of much of my work and could get references from clients.