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  1. graham from hull

    Visa option

    Hi. I have a skilled work visa as a glazier to work in Christchurch NZ. its on the NZ and Australian skills list. 333111. would I be able to apply. For Australia, and if so would I need a sponsor or employer. thanks
  2. graham from hull

    Hottest decade ever 2001 to 2010

    it's been bloody hot working out doors in it, especially when I build large commercial glasshouses. 30c out doors, try inside a glasshouse more like 50c. Sweating like its raining, but love it.
  3. graham from hull

    Turkish Airlines

    ​flew with them once and once only. Like sat in the back of a van
  4. graham from hull

    Packing home into boxes

    ​yep it will be worth the move to friends, family to the other side of the world. Just got to sell my car now. Will be putting it on e bay tonight.
  5. graham from hull

    Think this is hot....wait fir the future.

    Hope it's right about the hot weather staying . Just bought some lemon, orange, fig and cocoanut trees from the guy at the local garden centre. Promised me they will flourish with all this warm weather, but could not guarentee they will last the year out. Lol
  6. graham from hull

    Packing home into boxes

    Did not realise how stressful this packing boxes was. the bloody house is full of boxes ready for the removal men turning up Monday morning. still got beds to take apart and it's doing my head in after a day working in this nice warm sun.
  7. graham from hull

    what are you doing right now?

    ​sweating my nuts off in hull
  8. graham from hull

    If the UK had a guaranteed hot summer .....

    well it's 27c. In my back garden. Blooming lovely. Makes a change for once
  9. graham from hull

    Qatar Airlines

    flew with them 6 weeks ago. Manchester to Doah onto Perth. Brilliant. Nice clean planes. Plenty of food and drink. will fly with them again
  10. graham from hull

    Car air con

    ​I got told you need to de gas, then not de gas. Confusing. Going to do a roll on roll off from Southampton
  11. graham from hull

    Car air con

  12. graham from hull

    Car Import Approval Turnaround

    ​who did you ship your car with. Thanks
  13. graham from hull

    Car air con

    do you have to get air conditioning de gassed in your car, prior to shipping
  14. graham from hull

    457 Application

    ​think they ask if you have ear rings though. Lol
  15. graham from hull

    Super moon tonight

    ​no chance seeing the moon here. Issuing it down and thick cloud