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    Hi Amy, i saw your msg on the citizenship forum, can i ask if you applied to Brisbane regional office? how did you get through with a date for the test within a month of application. Did you apply in May 2021 or was it May 2020? My daughter applied early June 2021 and still have not received anything? Do you think she should give them a call and ask? look forward to hearing from you. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi, just need some assistance a relative of mine is applying for her Australian citizenship through the online application. She has come across two question she is a bit unsure about what to enter : 1. Date the applicant's first Australian visa was granted (if known) 2. Date the applicant first arrived in Australia on that visa (if known) She originally visited Australia in 2016 for a month on Visitor Visa, then she returned to her home country and then later after a year in 2017 she entered Australia on Spouse Provisional Visa 309 and then after a year got her permanent residency visa 100. So for the first & second question she is not sure to put the visitor visa date from 2016 or the spouse visa date which got granted in 2017? If anyone had a similar application can assist in answering this would be much appreciated? Thanks in advance,
  3. @amsaini15paid by my family thru BPAY
  4. @nitz & @AlwaysVet Did anyone check with dept of home affairs, if we can travel to Australia once we have been granted visa 143? Are applicants who are granted visa 143 categorized under Permanent resident which allows them to travel to australia or are we still under the people who are restricted to enter australia?
  5. Hi everyone , jan 16 visa 143 applicant here , got the 2nd vac yesterday , paid same day , got the grant email today . Thank you to everyone on this forum for all your help and assistance thru the whole process. I wish everyone all the best.
  6. @nitzmate any update, did you get through with the visa yet?
  7. I am from 15th Jan 16 mate
  8. Still don’t understand how people who have applied in early jan 16 have not received 2nd vac while people from feb 16 are getting it. I have emailed the pvc team few time’s and it’s been over a month but had no response . I am surprised @Bigtrevthat the case officer replied to your email.
  9. i am a Jan 2016 applicant and i haven't received the 2nd VAC email either.
  10. Did anyone else get the 2nd VAC email or request?
  11. Big news nitz, congrats
  12. maybe that explains why the department is not asking 143 applicants to pay the 2nd VAC as the quota for the 143 visas might be over and as you mentioned wont start till 6th October when the budget is presented in the parliament
  13. nitz u have to be patient till mid next year to get the 2nd VAC request, as far as i know department is not requesting 2nd vac to any parent visa applicant who is offshore and i think that will be the norm till mid next year.
  14. Nitz I told u many times but u are not ready to accept the facts that Aus won’t grant overseas 143 applicants visa till mid next year when borders re open.