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  1. Even I need to get points test assessment for my Degree done as all my work exp is in IT however the degree is from commerce background. How much time does it take to get the points test for the degree and also where can i start whats the procedure as my application is under process already. Please help fast Also, before lodging my 190 Visa and after getting my Victoria SS, I hope I can claim the points for my degree as well by editing the EOI. So to increase the chances.
  2. noob

    ACS, IELTS Validitity and Visa 190

    Thanks again for response. I would however have to get there medicals and PCC done. Please suggest. Also, my kids are below 8 years old do I need PCC for them as well. Plese suggest. Also, my wife had 3 operations two for the kids and 1 for an ovarian cyst. Can that be an issue ?
  3. noob

    ACS, IELTS Validitity and Visa 190

    Thanks a lot for resolving my query. I am waiting for my Victoria SS, its been 4 weeks so was just wondering as my ACS expires in May 2 nd. Also, one last query I had added my dependents in my EOI and Vic SS application. Now, however due to some family issues, my wife has to stay home to take care of her mother since her son cant support for at least 3 years and he is not in the country. So, my question is, is there a way I can exclude them from my 190 application ? I do want to show them as non migrating dependents if possible but not pay the visa fee for them as I am the only one who would be moving there. Please suggest.
  4. Hi, I have filed by 190 Visa for Vic, however my ACS and IELTS are to expire in 1.5 weeks. Will it have any impact on my Visa application. I am so worried after such a long journey What should I do please please suggest.
  5. noob

    State Sponsership

    Hi - I am going to file SS for Victoria today, can I also file SS for other states like ACT or SA in the middle because Victoria SS would take 3-4 months and than they would inform me whether its positive or negative. I would loose lot of time. Please guide me.
  6. noob

    ICT Systems Test Engineer - ACS Approvals

    Can anyone please respond ?
  7. Hi, I have filled ACS (RPL) under - ICT Systems Test Engineer. Wanted to check if anyone else has filled under this occupation. If yes, have they received their results as I am still waiting its going to be 2 months. Would be great if someone could share there experience. Best Regards, Avi
  8. noob

    acs skill assessment processing time ??

    Since late Dec 2012 and till today, its taking either exactly 2 months or +- 1 week, I know many people who have got the results in 2 months time line . I my self filled mine on 12th March, its exactly 6 weeks today. If I go by your estimate the case should have been finalized by now but it has not Wish you were correct. I am tired of waiting as well.
  9. noob

    Doubt for IELTS in South Australia GSM List

    Kapil can give me your e-mail address, I have filed ACS under the same job code. I wanted to check with you some details. Please.
  10. noob

    visa options for dependent parents

    thanks all for sharing information. I was with my agent earlier today. He said they can stay with you on tourist visa for 12 months go back and come back again and then you have file for contributory parent visa. Please suggest if this seems to be the right way ? or any other better way.
  11. noob

    visa options for dependent parents

    My agent says he can get it done some visa subclass where they charge 40k for each parent not sure which is that visa can anyone guide me for that ?
  12. noob


    Yes most of europe, asia, south america and th US she loves travelling
  13. noob

    visa options for dependent parents

    Thanks, I am worried I cant leave them here. Are there any tourist visa they could take every year.
  14. noob


    I was thinking that she could get into travel agency. She was planning to get IATA certifications.
  15. noob


    Guys any suggestuon woukd be very very helpful. We would be in SA.