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  1. 99redballs

    Renting property

    We were paying $200 a month for electricity,gas and water. I take it your $400 a week is for a house 20km out of Melbourne ? We looked at house contents in case of being robbed but we couldn't afford it it was $700 a year and that didn't even include being robbed. That was just in case of fire. I think ins depends on where you live, if your in a high fire risk area. Council tax is included in your rent. No tv licence to pay, but I'd rather pay that than watch the drivel on Aussie tv! If your looking at living in Melbourne I would look for a house with a log burner as heating the house cost us $100 a month to heat. And we seldom used it as it was so expensive . If you have thick duvets and electric blankets and throws bring them all! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. we came out in aug last year
  3. 99redballs

    Importing a caravan

    i feel your pain , unfortunately its the same in melbounre , I'm finding aussies are very lazy!
  4. 99redballs

    Caravan Shipped update Feb2017

    oh and we were charged GST too, had to make a fuss to get that sorted.
  5. 99redballs

    Caravan Shipped update Feb2017

    we had a nightmare with our caravan importing it in. we used ship fromuk.com and paid to have it externally cleaned when it reached the port from our house . we paid to have it loaded onto a tailer from our house , but when they picked it up he came in a van with a tow ball, so it was towed down . when the van finally reached brisbane it got held up in do to it having grass seed and silver birch seeds all over the top and round the leg braces, so they took my money but didn't clean it . so i have to pay a fee to clean it and to get the inspectors back out to inspect it. Once released we applied for a unlicensed vehicle permit at queenlands roads , as it took so long for the caravan to arrive and clear, we had been in brisbane for 2 1/2 months and could find work but hubby had ben offered a job in Melbourne so we had to tow it all the way down from sunshine coast to melbounre in 5 days (never again) using very expensive UVP's all the time. by the time we had driven all that way in a short space of time (with no air con for most of it in 36c heat! as the compressor went) and living in the caravan for 2 months , we decided we had had enough of caravanning lol- plus we couldn't find a house with a driveway big enough to take a van and a car so we had to pay storage fees which we couldn't afford. so we managed to sell it 6 months later- not very quickly i might add. we had a nightmare trying to get it all compliance. the electricians and gas fitters didn't know what needed to be done even though they had been advised that it was a caravan so they could have done their research. in the end , after several gas fitters and electricians we had the van certified and a chain fitted. if we could have stayed on sunshine coast we could have got it all done in one place, however as soon as our caravan was freed we had to 'move on'
  6. 99redballs

    Taking mud to Australia

    if you really wanted to take the risk put it in with your toiletries and cosmetics. they don't look at every box and its not even looked at a customs depot at the port , its all done whoever does the move in australia, they have to look at 20% of the boxes mainly picking out 'shoes' 'tools' marked ones, and in my experience they didn't even take anything out just opened up the boxes looked at the top items and taped it back up again. my guess is that this has been treated and it would be allowed. i spoke to the people that do this in australia and the stuff that i threw away would have been fine.
  7. 99redballs

    Essentials to bring :)

    its costly, and aussies dont tent to do Garlic like us brits do unfortunately
  8. 99redballs

    Essentials to bring :)

    Germoline (antiseptic and anethetic in one) cream lol i cant find a suitable replacement for it . also PROPER CHEESE!. stick it in your hand luggage! it is allowed as long as it's in its sealed packaging . Oz Tasty and Coon cheese is really not cheese. god knows what it is- makes a hell of a mess in the pans and on washing up sponges!
  9. 99redballs

    Getting car insurance question.

    car ins double the price in melbourne compared to sunshine coast!! was such a shock when i changed my address
  10. 99redballs

    Quilts & pillows

    duck feathers are fine if treated which duvets are. i brought two-one i thought i left at mums cause it is so warm and thick i thought i wouldnt use it. but oh yes i use it more than i did in uk! bloody freezing in melbounre at night- the houses dont have insulation or double glazing!! eeek!
  11. 99redballs

    What to bring...such a conundrum!

    bring your good stuff and leave cheap stuff, or even put cheap stuff to the side if there's room. cheap kettles, toasters, knives and forks are the same price here as in uk. if youve got nice denby set ect bring those as you cant buy denby. ive found theres not a mega difference in price for white goods and the fridge freezers look nicer and cheaper than the one i bought in uk. plus theres the potential for it to get damaged i transit. if you can flat pack sideboards, darwers ect then do, as they push them onto two legs to wrap and they get damaged, also they will have a lot of weight from all the other boxes piled ontop of them.
  12. if i was you i wo uldnt listen to the reps that come out and quote and tell you what yo can and cant take. do your own research on gov sites and ask on here. one old guy told me my table my get pulled as it had a small hole in it from a pin, he said they will think its wood worm and also it didnt look like it was treated. he was talking absolute rubbish, no way would they think it had wood worm-even if they bothered to look at it in Brisbane, and the wood was absolutely no problem passing. so the fact i was up one night til 2am sanding it down and re vanishing two days before packing was a total waste of time. yes you can take wooden articles and even wicker. i was told i couldnt take candles, but i had read that they were fine so i argued with them and the removals men plastered in large letters "candles' all over the box. candles are no problem.
  13. We used PSS and had very bad service from one of the removal men, so arrogant and rude. had me in tears and was very rude to my daughter age 15. they also told us NO aerosols, and left behind a cupboard full of stuff. most of items were broken or damaged due to bad packing. had to claim for over £4K worth of loss. removal man told us no need to transport brackets of washing machine, even though we said we have kept them and wont take 2mins to fit. when we got to OZ the machine was making a bad noise and had to be fixed!
  14. holiday inn on the park has two double beds in all rooms, plenty of room for 4 adults (although they wont say or allow that). lovely hotel in a great spot off nathan road
  15. 99redballs

    Dismal England reactions?

    im from cambridgeshire, and i can confirm that east anglia is the driest county in uk. if fact when we moved to Melbourne we couldn't believe how much rain we got