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  1. Hey guys unexpectedly got my grant after just 6 months! Submitted and CO assigned 14 November, granted 21 May! No agent, CO was SV and she has been so professional and helpful. I am so happy and hope that lots of people get early grants
  2. Bit concerned to see SV grants are taking longer than others I've got the 8-9 month wait.. really hoping it doesnt take 9 months
  3. Hi I submitted my application last week! Bit sad about the new 8-9 month processing time, I really hope they are being pessimistic. So tired of being away from my partner!
  4. Hi there, currently wading through all the material needed for an offshore defacto partner visa - it's quite stressful! :arghh: (I am applying offshore) We've had lots of friends who have offered to write statutory declarations for us but I am a bit confused as to what I should ask them to write! 1) Can they use this form or is this out of date http://www.ag.gov.au/Statutorydeclarations/Pages/Witnessingastatutorydeclaration.aspx The link to the 888 form on the partner migration booklet doesn't seem to work - does anyone have a working link? 2) What should they write? Are details of how they know us, social activities we've done together etc appropriate or are they just meant to write that they confirm that we are a real couple? Thanks for any help you can give!!!
  5. Hi all, so happy I found this forum! I am applying for my unmarried partner visa offshore and I have some questions about medicals and police checks. 1) can you submit these later than the rest of the application? I know that they normally expire after a year. I see some people mention front loading their application by sending these in first but can you submit them later? 2) does the Australian partner need a medical and police checks too? My partner and I both lived in Japan for two years so I know I need to submit a Japanese police check but I am not sure if he needs one (I didn't see it mentioned in the Aus gov helpbook but have heard that for a defacto visa for NZ both partners need it done so wanted to check if it's the same). Good luck to everyone in the application process. The amount of work involved is somewhat daunting but it'll be worth it!
  6. cherrysherbet

    Should I apply for a de facto or prospective marriage visa?

    Thanks for the quick reply! That's encouraging. We have lots of evidence like bills and a joint rental lease. I will look into whether it is possible to set up a joint bank account. Do you happen to know how soon do you have to enter Australia once the de facto visa is granted? I just tried calling the immigration office in Australia to ask (I am in Australia visiting my partner at the moment) but was told it is best to speak to the consulate in London so I will give them a call when I am back.
  7. Hi all, I'd really appreciate your advice! I am currently in the UK looking to move to Australia in May 2013. I am thinking I should get the ball rolling on my defacto visa but I am concerned that it will be declined because my partner and I are going to be living apart for the next year. We have been in a relationship for 3 1/2 years and lived together in London for just under 2 years. We are currently living apart with me in the UK and him in Australia because his working holiday visa expired in February. I have stayed in the UK because I have one more year of my training contract left until I get my accountancy qualificiation (I will complete it the end of May 2013). I originally intended to apply for a skilled migrant visa but I realise I won't be able to start that application until I've finished my qualification and it sounds like skilled migrant visas take a lot longer to come through. I am therefore thinking I should apply for a 309 Offshore de facto visa with my partner, however I understand that they tend to give you a certain date that you must enter Australia by? I am also concerned that the fact that we are going to be living apart for the next year will stop a visa being granted. My partner had a lot of difficulties finding work in the UK and we hadn't been living together long enough for a UK defacto visa (they ask for 2 years). I am employed in the UK in a 3 year training contract and have a year left to go until I am a qualified Chartered Accountant. We have lots of evidence of our relationship and rented a flat in London together. Does anyone have any advice or can offer an opinion on our situation? What is the normal length of time this kind of application takes? Being away from him for a year is hard enough, I don't want to have it extended by waiting for a visa Also, regarding the prospective marriage visa, do you have the whole 9 months to enter Australia (i.e. can you enter Australia 8 months after the visa is granted and marry in the last month) or is there a shorter deadline for entering? Thanks in advance for your help!